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Is it just my imagination or are the specialty holiday Oreos 10 times better than the original?


I'm partial to the red Christmas ones ... they are unmatched in my humble opinion.  They are amazing!

But, I just polished off 5 orange ones and they were delectable!

It could be a genius marketing strategy, but in my mind the holiday Oreos are fresher ... sweeter ... all out BETTER!

Then again, you can't really go wrong with an Oreo.  Well, unless it's double stuffed.  GAG ME! As it is, I could do with half the amount of stuffing in a regular Oreo.  My favorite part is the cookie! If they sold just the cookies, my dreams would come true.

Anyway, the colors.  Are they better?

What do you think?

Double stuffed or regular?

Dipped in milk or dry?

Oh, Oreo.  You complex little cookie, you.

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  1. So true, though I am a fam or double stufed-I think it is the perfect ratio pr cream to cookie, but there is something about the seasonally colored ones. Same with Pillsbury seasonal sugar cookies. Normally I wouldn't buy cookie dough, I'd just make my own sugar cookies. But I am a sucker for the dough and cookies decorated with American flags for the 4th pr Easter bunnies or Christmas trees and I will buy buy buy and eat eat eat!

  2. Last year our local grocery store came up with a knock off peppermint "Oreo" type cookie for Christmas. Now normally I am adamantly against all knock off Oreos but these cookies were unbelievable. I could've eaten the entire bag in one sitting.

  3. There is a Mennonite owned store in SE Iowa (the Dutchman's Store) that sells bulk products...including just the cookie part of Oreos. It's pretty amazing.

  4. You can eat them with my son! We recently discovered almost a whole package of just the cookies...icing eaten right out of the middle and the cookies put right back into the package. James and my father-in-law call that "junk." Hilarious!

  5. I LOVE the orange ones, they are by far my favorite Oreo!! I think they absolutely taste different....and so much better than regular Oreos.

  6. I've never bought any colored ones because they sort of skeeve me out! Maybe I will now, per your recommendation. to the store later today...

  7. I love oreos! I prefer the double stuffed...I love the stuffing! My husband would tell you, though, that they aren't "double" stuffed. It only contains 1.86 times as much as the regular ones. He likes to throw that out there everytime I sit to eat one (or 5!).

  8. Doubled stuffed please :) and dipped in milk!! Yum!

  9. I like regular. The holiday ones seem to have too much stuffing - like inbetween regular and double stuffed, and I prefer less filling. Even with cake, I prefer the cake over the frosting.

  10. I love Oreos. I can not keep them in my house because I have NO will power when it comes to them. I like the Holiday ones. They do taste better. I have come up with a genius way to dip in milk and keep my fingers clean. I put a fork through the cream and dip that way. Now that's serious oreo eating!

  11. Holiday Oreos are the best, the cream definitely tastes better! I'm partial to the Halloween ones myself.


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