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I've dreamed of being a housewife since I was a little girl. In the first grade video that our teacher made of us talking about our future, I shyly yet boldly stated, "I don't want to be anything when I grow up. I just want to stay at home and be a mom." 

I think back to that moment and smile because I knew what I wanted, and that never changed throughout the course of my life. However, I realize now that I was pretty naive in my thought process. I wasn't growing up to "not be anything" - in reality, being a homemaker is being everything. 

I met my husband our senior year of high school, and we dated all through college, long distance. We got married a month after college graduation, entered the work force, and he later went on on to Medical School and we eventually started our family. The day my first son was born is when my dream job began. 

We have two wonderful sons who are an absolute joy to bring up. The adventures of motherhood are ones I would not trade for the world. Family life is everything to me and my passion is everything related to the home. I consider it an honor and a privilege the Lord has allowed me to live out my dream, and I pray every day I do it with joy and intent. 

I love creating new "challenges" for myself to feed my creative side, and break up the monotony that being at home can bring. My current challenge is my State Cooking Tour on Instagram. My children roll a coin onto a US map each week and whatever state we land on is "where we go" (from the comfort of our own kitchen). I research that state and find what meal and dessert they are best known for and then I make it, video the process, and post it. It has been one of the most fun ideas I've ever had, and my family absolutely loves it! Along with new and adventurous dishes, we are creating the best family memories through this challenge. 

I was a long time blogger back in the day, and recently decided to pick it back up. After I had my babies my hands were full, my days were busy, and it was easier to just upload a quick picture to social media with a short little caption. I love documenting family life and memories, and we're just so fortunate to live in an era where ways to preserve them are seemingly endless. But for me, opening up the laptop and telling a story in full detail and unlimited characters just can't be beat. I've missed that aspect to blogging desperately.

So, there is a little bit of history behind me, my family and my blog. Ultimately, I hope I can be an encouragement to someone out there to love and enjoy the beauty that is being a wife and and a mom - whether at home or outside the home - we all have a special, unique, and most excellent calling!