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The Great Pumpkin Wrangle.

My sweet friend Lindsey told me about a mini photo session at a local pumpkin patch a few weeks ago, and since I am photo crazed, I signed my little pumpkins up!  I figured it would be easier for someone else to wrangle them for a picture than me, and I am SO glad we did it!


I ran out to snatch them up some matching outfits so that they would look extra adorable for the photos and I thought their fall colored clothes would look so pretty next to the bright orange pumpkins.  The only problem was that I had them in corduroys and sweaters and it was only NINETY-ONE DEGREES that day.

The sweet girl from Full Feather Photography scheduled the pictures early (end of September), so that they would be ready in plenty of time for Halloween, in case anyone wanted to send out photos to their family and friends.  Smart thinking!  Except, it was really really hot.

I waited until the last possible minute to slap the sweaters on the boys to avoid complaints or possible meltdowns.  I didn't try their clothes on beforehand.  I just grabbed up their sizes and figured we'd be good.

I guess I didn't take into consideration that I may not be able to get the sweaters OVER THEIR HEADS!

Levi was up first and I'm telling you, that sweater wouldn't budge.  I was pushing and pulling and stretching and praying ... that thing wasn't going anywhere except for the crown of his precious little noggin.  I was frantically looking for scissors to cut the back of the neck when the photographer thought fast and tied the sweater around his neck like the handsome little doll that he is!


I absolutely loved it!

They were going to match, but not exactly.  But, coordinate perfectly.  Love!

When I went to put the sweater on the already-terrified-because-we-were-around-strangers Ezra, he had a meltdown as I prodded and pushed, but voila - his head must be a smidge smaller than Levi's and miraculously slid over his golden locks of angel love.  I squealed.


The pictures turned out absolutely beautifully and no one would ever know the troubles that we had just mere moments before.

Levi's hair is disheveled from the Great Sweater Struggle, his shirt was untucked because we weren't expecting it to show, and his little collar was crooked from the frenzy that took place and I couldn't fix it because I was wrestling Ezra down with the torture trap that was the sweater ... but when I look at the pictures I just don't care.  Because it's real.

My real little boys in their real little boy ways.  Always on the move - running, jumping, rolling, climbing; ever curious and into things, and always surprising their mommy with one adventure after the next.

My precious little boys.


And let's not rehash getting the sweater OFF of poor Ezra.  Let's just say if he sees me coming with a sweater ... he runs.

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  1. Simply beautiful. The photographer is so talented and the boys look like weeny little catalogue models!

  2. The pictures turned out to be so precious! I love the way the boys outfits looked, especially Levi's! I'm so glad we got to see you even if just for a few minutes!


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