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A Day Out With Thomas

Levi has been telling me for over a year, "Mommy, did you know that there is a REAL THOMAS in this world?"  We saw a commercial a few weeks ago that Thomas was coming to our state and so we quickly snatched some tickets to take the boys to spend the day with Thomas.  Levi was beside himself!
Ezra was excited, too.  He just didn't know why until we got there.  :)

(I took about 15 pictures of them by this sign and this is the only one that Ezra didn't have his finger shoved up his nose.  And, of course, the only one where Levi wasn't looking.)

There were lots of fun "stations" for the boys to go to, and fun things to do.


There was fair food, a station full of train tables with trains, a puppet show station, balloon station, video station, gift shop, climbing toys, bounce houses, and a photo op with Sir Topham Hatt!



We got a family picture made with Sir Topham hat because Ezra was absolutely petrified of him.  He was clinging on to me for dear life and then when we left he turned around, waved, and said, "Bye, Hat!"  I died laughing.  What a booger.


Hands down, the highlight of the day was watching Thomas roll in!




The boys were thrilled!  So so precious.

And then we boarded him and took a ride on the REAL THOMAS!  We chanted, "push, Thomas, push!", and then on the way back chanted, "pull, Thomas, pull!"  So sweet.




The boys were worn out from all the fun and got a little sleepy on the soothing train ride.  It was a nice rest time for all of us. :)



We got a professional photo with Thomas, too, but I haven't uploaded it.  There are no people crowding the background of that one! :)


We had such a fun day out with Thomas!  It is absolutely a "must" for little boys!




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