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He Gets Around.

Okay Moms, I have a warning for you.  So get ready.


Okay, here it is.

Your kids turn 4 and they're practically little adults.

No, for real.  Ever since Levi turned four, he has become such a little boy!  It's bittersweet, but so much fun all at the same time.  He is an absolute blast!

This video Husby took of him on their bike ride the other day just tugged at my mommy heart.  So, I had to set it to music and watch it a billion times and then send it to everyone I know.  And now, I'm forcing you to watch it, too.  DO IT!  NOW!

Such a precious little thing ... dominating the neighborhood!

This video to me is the essence of a little boy's childhood.  Presh.

Weebie Gets Around from Whitney on Vimeo.

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  1. Your little man is so adorable! I've followed your blog since he was a tiny baby and I cannot believe how big Levi has grown. Having older boys I can say four is a very fun age...super fun!!! As a pediatric RN (and all due respect to your husband) please have him wear a helmet to protect his sweet head.

  2. That is awesome! I'm super-impressed with kids were less than go-getters when it came to taking off the training wheels (it took them turning six and being bribed with $20 for the first time they could do a full lap of the neighborhood).

  3. Okay how cute is that! And he is so good on his bike for a four year old! I mean no training wheels, come on :)

  4. Although completely adorable and it does show the innocence of childhood,
    Im shocked that Levi isnt wearing a helmet. It may not seem necessary all the time but I have done many presentations on helmet safety and brain injuries and I can assure you it has happened just from a child riding their bike in the driveway, and falling down and hitting the curb the wrong way...the damage lasts forever.


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