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Weebie Plays Soccer!

Husby grew up playing soccer from a very early age all the way up until he graduated high school.  He moved to my little town when he was a senior and our school system didn't offer soccer, so he joined a league in Tulsa and drove an hour each week to play.  He just loves the sport!

Our town has a community soccer league and the youngest little team is for 3 and 4 year olds.  We got Levi all signed up and he was beside himself with excitement for the first practice and the first game!  Bless his precious little heart, he just gets so excited for all the new things that life brings.  Love him!


His first game was Saturday and it was an absolute blast!  So hilarious! They play 3 on 3, and the kids are just so precious and new to the game that when someone else has the ball, they just run along side in a pack watching them.  So funny!


There are no goalies (it's enough of a challenge to get it in the goal) and they don't even keep score ... so, everyone wins!  :)  Yay!


Levi was cracking me up.  No matter what team scored, he would throw his hands up in the air and start jumping up and down.  I saw him several times put his arm around the other players and say something to them.  No surprise to me at all.  Always the encourager.  Our Barnabas.


Husby is helping with coaching and it is so special to me to see them both out there on the field together.  So precious.  So perfect.  LOVE!


He may be his coach, but he's also his biggest fan.  :)


Levi is hilarious.  When he, Ezra and Daddy go in the back yard to play soccer, he does his special "bull kick" that makes him "kick really long and hard".  He stands near the ball, swipes his feet back and forth like a bull before he charges, and then goes after that bad boy.  Absolutely hysterical.

I caught him doing it during the game and he got that intense "bull face" on as he swiped those feet back.  Oh, my baby.  So sweet.



We are having a great time with this little league and it's the most fun thing in the world to go out there and cheer on your little boy in his first little sport.  Ah!  Such a moment!

And ... I'm officially a soccer mom.  :)


Go Weebie!!

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