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Ezra Ray: 16 Months!

Dear Ezra,

Oh my littlest Ezzers.

How I love you so!


You are the most precious little person in the world.  You are so cuddly, so sweet, and so CUTE!  Sometimes I just want to kiss your face clear off your head from all your cuteness.  I just can't get over your precious cheeks, your adorable nose, your bitable chin, your beautiful eyes, your preciously pink lips, your sweet little ears, and your magnificently white curls!  You little doll!


You are becoming such a vocal little thing.  You can say a LOT of words and a few sentences, too!  I have those documented in your special little journal that I write in for you, but I'm just so happy to hear your little voice babbling away.  You've got the cutest and sweetest little voice, and it fits you so perfectly.  I love watching you become YOU.  I fall more in love with that little person every single day, my love.


You love to identify body parts, and you're likely to make Mommy a pirate soon with the force you use while pointing to my eyes.  You love singing songs, wrestling daddy and brother, taking baths, playing outside, and child, you are obsessed with BOOKS.  You love to learn and you laugh so hard when I count out loud.  You also think the alphabet is pretty funny stuff.  You, my sweetheart, just have a great little personality.  You are so full of smiles and joy.  It just pours out of you!


You are hilarious and you are fully aware of it.  You make your daddy, brother and me laugh out loud all of the time.  And as soon as we get to giggling, you just take off louder and harder doing whatever it was that makes us laugh.  From what I can gather about your precious little personality is that you are going to be super laid back, easy going, a little bit shy, and always making everyone laugh. I can't wait to see how you grow and learn and become.  You are absolutely a delight to be with.

You are a momma's boy who loves to be cuddled and loved on.  You will crawl into my lap for hugs and kisses and you walk up to me so many times a day and say, "mmmmm-wahhh!", sticking your lips out for a kiss.  I am always eager to grab you up and smother your baby face with as many kisses as I can.


Your favorite thing is Tomcat on our phones and you walk around saying, "tat-cat" all day.  You handed me my phone the other day and Siri said, "Cat?  I can't understand what you need."  I died laughing because you had been telling Siri you wanted the cat! You are funny!


You also love real cats because we have some kittens that keep showing up in the back yard.  The other day you were standing at the back door pointing and saying, "key-cat .... key-cat...." and Glam*Ma & Papapa were over so I was talking to them and not paying attention to what you were doing.  Glam*Ma said, "what is he saying?", and walked over to you and sure enough there were 3 "key-cats" (kitty) on our back patio!  This was the first we had ever seen of them and died laughing that you had been telling us they were there.  You precious little angel!  Now every time you go to the back door you say "key-cat" and point and most of the time they're not there.  But sometimes they are! :)


You are super sensitive and you HATE noise!  If I call your brother's name from the other side of the house, you take off running to my legs, throw your arms around me and start crying.  You also don't like being told no.  It crushes your little spirit and you drop your arms, hang your head, frown so big and then just cry and cry.  It's pitiful to see.


You are so brave!  You think you are much bigger than you are, and you aren't timid or scared to try anything that you see your brother do.  You can dribble a soccer ball like a superstar and you've got an arm on you!  You were born strong, but you are every bit as gentle as you are mighty.  How I love you.


Your brother is your hero and you two have the sweetest relationship I have ever seen.  He bonked his noggin the other day on a brick wall and had the biggest goose egg I have ever seen with my own two eyes.  As soon as it happened, YOU started bawling as if it had happened to you!  And then when you saw his little head, you started crying again!  You two have something special.  If I discipline you, Levi tells me that you didn't mean to do it - even if it's something you did to HIM that I'm disciplining him for!  You are truly each other's biggest fans and the best of friends.  I pray you always treasure, value and nurture that relationship.


Oh, my baby, I could go on and and on and on about the amazing little boy that you are.  You brighten my life and you warm my heart.  We are SO BLESSED by you, and every single day, I thank God for you.

My little Ezzers.  My sunshine.

With my whole heart and my whole life, I love you.


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