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Delectable Treats and a Question for You!

I made these fantastic cookie bars this weekend and they made my family ooh and ahh. They are called 'Festive Caramel Bars'.

They are filled with oats, caramel, M&M's and other yummy goodies!

This dessert even won an award at a local festival! I got the recipe from a friend who clipped it from the newspaper.

Dying for the recipe? I guess I could give it to ya.... because I'm nice.

32-36 Individually wrapped caramels
2/3 C. Evaporated milk
1 C. Flour
1 C. Oats
1 C. Nuts (I used chopped pecans)
1/2 C. Brown Sugar
1/2 tsp. Baking Soda
1/4 tsp. Salt
1/2 C. Melted Butter
1.5 C. M&M's

1. Combine caramels and milk in heavy saucepan. Cook over low heat, stirring occasionally until caramels are melted.

2. Combine flour, oats, nuts, brown sugar, soda and salt in a bowl; add melted butter, mixing until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Reserve 1 C. of mixture and press remaining mixture into bottom of a greased 9X13. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes.

3. Sprinkle 1 C. M&M's on partially baked crust. Pour caramel mixture over M&M's. Sprinkle reserved crumb mix and remaining 1/2 C. M&M's on top. Continue baking for 20-25 minutes.

4. Cool slightly and chill for 30 minutes. Cut into bars.

Now for a Question.

For you!

I am a candy dish lover. I love walking into someone's house and finding a dish full of goodies for me to taste. It is so inviting and so welcoming. I just love it.

I try to keep mine replenished at all times so that guests, whether planned or drop-in's, always feel welcome. I have had everything from starbursts to mints to chocolate to hard candy to bubble gum to...everything. It is fun switching it up and having different things available. My least favorite thing to keep in there is mints, because honestly, you can't get more boring than that (no offense). I would rather have a stock of fun, unique treats. I like to put a lot of thought into it and change it up every time I need to refill.

I am also obsessed with seasonal goodies. Keeping red and green reeses cups and candy canes at Christmas, and orange and gold and brown and black Fall/Halloween treats in October, and pink and red sweet tarts for Valentines....and...well, you get the gist. The seasonal candy aisles are my FAVORITE! I can not contain myself.

Right now, I have my favorite treats in my candy dish. Err... I guess mine is a candy stand.

My favorite treats are the peanut butter and chocolate bon-bons. AH! Be still my heart. Can you tell they are my favorite? There aren't a ton left. The pile was heaping. Oops. Hehe.

I also have some Rolo's in there because they were gold and lets face it - it's my favorite color. Oh, and I threw in a few left over caramels from the above recipe.

Do YOU have a candy dish? If so, what is your favorite thing to keep inside?

You may just give me a new idea!!
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I love keeping peanut M&M's in mine and reese's PB cups too. I always have it somewhere but have to keep it away from the kids!

  2. Latest obsession is Sour Skittles! Yummy for your tummy...

  3. I share your love of a well-stocked candy dish.


    I have a ninja chihuahua who can climb onto and get into anything. I have left a candy dish of Hershey's kisses on my coffee table and came home to nothing but wrappers. So, if I am really set on having a candy dish (around the holidays) then I put it on the bar in the kitchen.

  4. I also like to put seasonal things in my candy jar when possible. Lately though, it's had assorted Lindt Lindor truffles in it since I couldn't think of a good "summery" candy.
    Thanks for letting me know where to get the dessert plates. I can't wait to get some :-)

  5. I have a pretty crystal candy dish, but it's empty. If I put candy in it, no one is here to eat it but me and my husband, and we don't need to eat that much candy!

  6. Yes! To me, a candy dish is a welcome sign also! I have a crystal dish that I'm using right now but I'm in the mood for a different. We've an antiques shop in town where I want to go find another!
    Normally I keep candy *I* like (I know, selfish) and candy that's wrapped like Ghirardelli thin mint chocolates.
    Your dish is very pretty!

  7. I love a candy dish full of goodies, however, at this time I have a 14 year old son with a voracious appetite. I can't keep him full! If I put out the candy dish, it would be empty in about 2 seconds. Esp. when he gets home from football practice. Guess I'll wait for the holidays and try then.

  8. Like you, I love the holiday candies!

    At Christmas time, I have a small snowman shaped jar and a Christmas tree shaped jar that I fill with the Christmas colored M&Ms. sigh.

    M&Ms are my favs! I love the Valentine and Easter ones too.

    I definitely want to make your recipe, so thanks for sharing that.

    But about the "unique" idea...I don't know if you saw my birthday present from Kenny?..M&Ms with sayings to me for my birthday, and also some with my picture on them.


    That would be a very unique candy for the holidays...Personalize them with your words and a picture of you and your husby.;)

    Just a thought.

    One more thing...Does your mom keep a candy dish out all the time too?...I certainly hope so, seeing as how I hope to be living there in a month or so.;)If she asks, tell her M&Ms will be fine for me and my family...Tell her not to go through any trouble though.;)

  9. Oh yes, the candy dish is always full at our house. We always have something different. In the fall I love putting in candy corn and the caramel-apple flavored taffy..I LOVE those things!

    My favorite, of course, if chocolate. I especially love Dove's smooth chocolates, but they're not my son and hubby's favorite so I tend to eat them all. They prefere m&m's or just a mixed assortment, which is what is in there right now.

    And I agree on the one ever eats them.

  10. I could never have a candy dish in my house because we would eat it all!!! I would have to keep something in it that I don't like just so I would keep my hands off of it.

  11. OK I just read your comment on my blog - SKY DIVING??? Oh my - I would be worried too. I may have to come to you for moral support in the future b/c that is one one my hubby's dreams as well. He wants me to come along (haha yea right). I told him I would just keep my little feet on the ground and pray! Hope it goes well for you (and him)!

  12. I can't have a candy bowl in my house! I would be such a fatty! I have no self control! Although at Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter I always have a bowl of the festive holiday M&M's! I love them! My mom always did this so I guess it is one of our traditions that I have kept on doing now that I have my own place.

  13. Wow, thanks SO much for including that recipe. That looks absolutlye delicious!!!

    I don't keep a candy bowl - because I would eat all of the candy in it because I have zero self-control. But, if I did, it would be stocked with Werthers, Hershey's kisses, and Starbursts. Seasonal candy is also fun!

    My mouth was watering at your caramels. Yum!

  14. thanks to my dog, kelso, if we keep candy in the house, it has to be stored out of sight and high up where he can't get to it. you do get chocolate when you walk into my house, but it's of the labrador variety!

  15. Gosh, I am so craving something sweet now. I try not to eat candy around bc we don't have a lot of guest and I end up eating it all...right now I have a huge jar of blow pops in my kitchen. Darn Sam's Club!

  16. No candy dish here and it's not because I am lazy and forget to refill it, no. With a toddler running around, nothing is safe and the candy wouldn't last a day. We have a candy cannister but I don't really pay close attention to whether or not it's full or empty, bad I know. I love going into people's houses and raiding their candy dishes.

    I also like when people have candy dishes at work!!! YUMMY.

  17. Hi Whitney...those bars look scrumptious..I'm going to make them this weekend. Thanks for parting with the recipe!

    I keep a candy dish on my desk at work...I can't do it at home cuz I'd eat them ALL. Right now I have caramels and old fashioned dots, those candies on papers (can't remember what they're called cuz they're gone!), anything I can find that doesn't break the bank!


  18. First of all, thanks for the recipe! I love it when people post recipes that they've tried and they KNOW are good. Yummy! As for the candy dish, I am no help. I would love to have one for guests but seriously, I would eat it all before anyone ever came over!

  19. I dont have a candy dish! Too dangerous! BUT those bars look yummy. When they cool are they still really gooey (as in not a good treat to take to someones home)?

  20. I can't keep a candy dish around or I'll eat everything in it all by myself.

  21. We do have a candy dish! It is my self-appointed responisibility to keep it stocked. Right now we have a variety of mars mini candy bars in it but I'm heading to Sam's soon to restock it. I don't know if I have a favorite or not but reese's cups are always somewhere in the house. ;-)

  22. oh yes, i have one. my sister got it for me at crate & barrel. i don't keep it filled all the time, cause the husband can't control himself and eats all of it :) but over the summer i put lemonheads! my biggest obsession is reeses cups or pieces!

    thanks for the recipe!

  23. I have a candy dish...actually several different styles I use seasonally. I also have one on the nightstands of both of our guestrooms when guests come. Those I try to stock with the favorite candy of whomever is coming to visit. The main one in my kitchen always has something chocolate in it...which would explain my thighs!!!!

  24. I would love to make the recipie! Looks delish. My only question is, how many cups of oats? I didn't see them on the ingredients list.

  25. Stopped by for the first time have a fun blog. I will def. be trying that recipe out. I don't have a candy dish out at the moment. Around Christmas I usually do. I will have to bookmark you. cherry

  26. I keep three bowls on the bar in my kitchen filled with almonds, pistachios and M&M's. My kids like candy as much as anyone, but something about it always being available makes it less of a temptation (what I just typed makes no sense - I hope you have some idea of what I'm trying to say!). People who come over (adults and kids) love to grab a handful which makes me happy. :)

  27. Ohhh that looks delicious!! And no, we don't have a candy dish. If I attempted to have a candy dish, Dave would eat it all. :)

  28. Oh my goodness, I never thought about having a candy dish in my house to welcome people! What a wonderful idea. I agree, there is nothing more welcoming than a dish full of candy (not old candy, of course, yuck).

    Thank for idea, I'm going to try it out in my own home when I get married.....two months from now, eeeee!

  29. I only put out the candy dish at home for holidays, but I keep one filled at work for everyone. I change up what I put in there, because everyone likes something different. It varies from mini candy bars, to bulls eyes, to licorice.

    I want to make those bars, they look really yummy. I have a question though. I'm assuming the oats is oatmeal. Is that right, and if so, does it make a difference if they're the quick ones or regular?

  30. I certainly do have a candy dish...I made it! I blogged about it today, come see it :)

    Your dish is so pretty and now I want candy....

    Bella :)

  31. Oh my goodness, that recipe is almost EXACTLY like one I made yesterday--except the one I made doesn't have M&Ms...but you easily could add them.

    Try this recipe, I think it is a bit less labor intensive than the one you tried, but the result will be the same. I've made this recipe twice and it is soooooo good!

    ~ Sarah

  32. Oh my goodness, I may just have to make this. :)
    Your blog is too cute - I am loving your table decorations and looking thru your posts. Thanks for stopping by!

  33. I love skittles.
    a couple of years ago when I did Young Life Dinner Club, I had a tall jar--about half gallon with left over hard candy from a pinata--and the kids helped themselves as they came in for club. That was fun!

  34. I do have a candy dish...actually a candy table in my house. Everyone who comes over loves it. I keep seasonal candy, lots of chocolate and anything else that catches my eye. I have had a candy area in my house ever since I got married.

    I remember visiting a friends house and her mom had a table set up with assorted sweets and I vowed to have the same when I had my own place because I thought it was so cool. I also have something homemade at all times in the kitchen.

    Right now I have hard candy in pretty wrappers in a dish on the table, and some Twix, Kit Kats, See's Candy, and some Tootsie Pops and Charm Pops.

    My kids never touch the stuff. They grew up with it and it's no big deal to them. Their friends go nuts and call my house, Candyland.

  35. I love candy dishes but don't keep one because we will eat all the candy and there will be NONE for guests anyway:)

  36. Okay, delicious. Candy dish must have little Reeses peanut butter cups... yum.

  37. I love the idea of a candy dish, but I'm afraid that Miss 4 would go into a sugar induced coma if she got her hands on that one!
    My first time here, cute blog.

  38. That recipe sounds fantastic! We're having a dessert contest at our church picnic next weekend. I am sooooo going to use that recipe! Thanks!!

  39. I know this is an old post, but I have a fantastic recipe for homemade candy that I love to set out for guests. You take one bag of chocolate morsels (milk or dark), melt it in a pot on a really low flame, then stirr in a bag of butterscotch (keep stirring it until its all melted). Then you put a whole pack of unsalted peanuts in, stirr it until all the nuts are covered with the chocolate mix. Take a wax paper sheet and use a spoon to form little nut-clusters and let them cool on the paper. Once they are hardened, you can keep them in the freezer (they are so good ice cold!!) or fridge, or you can eat them right away :o)


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