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The Devil.

This man is the devil.

He is Tony Horton - the creator of Ten Minute Trainer.

Husby was dying to have this for his birthday, and so that is what I got for him. One of his friends has it and has totally buffed/toned up. It comes with 5, 10 minute sessions targeting different areas of your body (total body, abs, lower body, upper body and yoga). I watched him moan and groan while doing it last night and I laughed at him.

And made fun of him.

Hrmph - how hard could it be? After all, it was only 10 minutes of cardio. Cinch!

Ummm. Or not.

He challenged me to do it with him tonight and I almost died 4 different times. It was pure torture. But the upside is that there is a countdown clock on the screen as your kicking and jumping and squatting and running (and crying), so you think to yourself, 6 minutes left.... 3 minutes left...... 21 seconds left!

What a workout!! I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a fast and effective full body workout. Everyone can squeeze in 10 minutes!

Just remember....I warned you that he was the devil.

Time for me to hit the shower! I'm drenched!
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  1. Not sure if I want the devil controlling my workout....but this may be a good kick start!

  2. 10 minutes, even I can do that! I'll look for it at the store!

  3. Wow I might need to check that out! I can fit in 10 minutes and it sounds like it really gets you working!

  4. Okay, I need something like this--but do you think it will be hopelessly beyond me? I'm woefully out of shape and having three stomach surgeries (two c-sections and an appendectomy) in 2.5 years really did a number on my stomach.

    Do I have any hope of being able to do ANY of this workout at the beginning?

    ~ Sarah

  5. 10 minutes....I can do 10 minutes...I'll look for this one in the stores.

    Hope you and hubby are able to get out of the bed tomorrow to do another 10 minutes :)

  6. LOL!:)

    Thanks for the advice and the warning.;)

    When I get through with all of my back recovery nonsense, I will have to give this a try...I'm raising two teenage boys, so I think I could put up with the Devil for ten minutes.;)

  7. At least he's nice to look at ;)
    I'll have to check that one out. Thanks for the tip!

  8. HAHA - the whole 10 minute thing sounds great! However, I am SO out of shape I would probably go into cardiac arrest! :)

  9. i'm goin to buy it this weekend!

    bring on the burn! :)

  10. Yes, Whit. It's the first game of the season. Come now, you don't keep up with college football? I'm shocked!

  11. sounds like fun to me :)

    maybe i should endure the pain for a toned, younger looking body. thanks for sharing!

    be sure to check out the giveaway this week...its awesome! AND you get a discount on the other items :)

  12. I can just see you both in the living room huffing and puffing! It sounds like 10 minutes well spent!

  13. Hey, I'd do a devil workout or 2 to make up for some of those yummy M&M/caramel thingies you made. :)

  14. i'm heard of this! sounds like it must really work!!

  15. I just discovered your blog and I love it! I'm totally with you on your goal and love that you fit as much into your day as you do. Inspiring!

  16. This will be a good workout after I eat those great looking caramel bars from your last post.

  17. okay; SO not for me.
    It's funny reading this post and not a scroll away, your previous post.


  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. your fam hasn't been to The Blue Goose lately have they??? I was going to try out the recipe but then you had to post about the workout and it reminded me to eat healthy. :)

  20. Hello glamorous,
    I haven't bee to the gym since my brothers wedding begining of June.
    enough said.
    now that the kids are back in school, might have to go back.

  21. You're too funny :) This sounds like something I'd like, actually!

  22. Glad you got such a good workout! You deserve to reward yourself!

    He looks kinda evil ;)

    I'm BACK! I'll be by to visit daily again! I missed you glam life!

  23. I just recently added you to my blog list. I have been reading your site for sometime now. I am also on your xanga and foodie friends site. I even posted a few things on foodie friends but not much cooking has been going on around here.. for I am on a strict diet and about to have weight loss surgery in December. Wow, like you asked for all that information. Anyway, I felt like I should let you know that I added you.. to my page. I hope you don't mind..

  24. That sure looks tempting! I'm with the other commenters, though, who are afraid of this guy's ten minutes killing those of us who are far from "in shape." I may have to give it a try, though. Thanks for the tip!

  25. Questions before I'm totally convinced to go buy this for my "husby" (who also LOVES to do his workouts at home in front of the TV) has he continued to use this since you originally posted this, and if so has he seen any results?


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