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As The World Turns.

I saw an adorable couple announce their pregnancy on social media the other day. The camera was perfectly perched to provide the best view for us as the wife surprised her husband with the news. It was super sweet to watch and I know they’ll forever cherish having that moment documented. I certainly would!


it got me thinking back to my pregnancies and the moments leading up to telling my husband. This was pre-smartphone, before we had video/cameras in our hands at all times. Had we had them, I’m sure I would have documented it. But you know, I’m glad we didn’t. 

I have those two moments, realizing I was pregnant with each of our sons, etched into my mind and heart. Every detail - every thought and feeling, it’s all still there. Sliding slowly down the wall in my bathroom in complete shock - quietly taking a moment for myself to let everything sink in and to thank God, and then jumping on the bed to wake up my husband.  And then a few years later impulsively grabbing a test on our way home from a Friday night dinner out and just minutes later telling my baby boy he was about to be a big brother. I could go on and on. Every detail. Still there. I can play them like a movie in my mind. 

And there’s something so precious to me that those moments are ours. Mine and my husbands. Not shared with or seen by anyone else but each other. Private. Sacred. 

This newfound world of documenting life so easily is certainly amazing and I'm so grateful for it. I wouldn’t trade being able to capture so much of my boys childhood for anything. But I also wouldn’t trade the days before it. When we lived life in the truest form - without even a thought of documenting it for ourselves, much less anyone else. 

I think those of us who are on both sides of the spectrum of smartphones - having experienced life before them and after, are the ones who struggle with them the most. Or maybe it's just me; I don't know. But if you're old like me, we know and remember the simplicity of being without them, and we know the fun and good of it as well. I mean seriously - I certainly don't miss the days of printing out 28 pages of Map Quest before going to a new city! But man, exploring that city with nothing but my eyes to take it all in and my mind to remember it all sure was easy. 

The older I get, the more I understand those who came before me - romanticizing their days of youth. You  miss the simplicity of how things used to be and know that you're never returning to that way of life. As the world spins, technology advances, and everything changes. You can change or control how things are for yourself and for your family, but you can't change the world and the ripple effects these little devices have on society.

often wonder if anyone else feels this way, but I think that life before cell phones felt more real. Less blurry. More free. More like … living. 

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I’m a bit older than you. Digital cameras were not easily accessible when we had our first in 2000. Due to a difficult delivery and a wonky camera, there are not photos from his delivery or hospital stay. I’m grateful that I have the memories of learning we were expecting but I’m glad I wasn’t able to video or record those moments because several times would have meant that the heartbreak of saying good bye way too early would have been necessary. My kids are in high school and college and don’t want their photos plastered over social media. So I take less photos of them and more of the animals and nature. I capture photos just for our viewing and have come to truly believe that our lives don’t need to be lived in social media. On Christmas Day I took photos but way less than normal because I was just absorbing the moments and cherishing the time. I’m learning I want to be present and not always trying to catch a good shot. Of course each family does what is best for them.

    1. YES! Such good thoughts. Thank you for sharing them. ❤️

  2. Nope, not just you Whitney. We're the same age and I definitely miss the simpler internet days. Just going out with my friends and not being on our phones. I miss Instant Messager and just growing up before social media. Most of my awkward teenage years aren't documented anywhere but in my head, ha. I don't have a lot of them but I love the pictures I do have, printed out, and in albums from when I was in high school and college.

    My daughter is only 7 and I'm a little scared for what high school and social media will be like for her. It was such a blessing to grow up in the days before Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and whatever else kids are using. Yes, kids will always talk about other kids behind their backs but it wasn't shared on the internet with the world. It was in the notes "we" passed back and forth that got thrown away at the end of the day. I never shared me telling my husband we were going to have a baby with the world but he sure remembers me telling him because I told him on his birthday.

  3. I'm more in the age range of your mom, and my daughters are about your age. I heard recently that young people are under so much more stress these days when your mom and I were younger. I think the reason is all the access to social media. While I love the positive side of social media (online Bible studies, zoom talking, decorating and shopping ideas), the negatives are difficult. I pray a lot for my children and grandchildren.

    Nice to see you post again.

    1. I believe this 100%! Just seeing the change of how things are from when I had MY kids blows my mind.

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