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The Long Weekend.

A couple weeks ago, only two weeks in to our time here, Husby had to up and abandon me for almost five days!  Ugh!  It was torture.  He had an event to work out of town and we were left here alone, so we set out to make the most of it.

We did things like go to Chuck E Cheese, the movies (Planes: Fire & Rescue), we went to the lake and out to eat at some of our favorites.  But one day we set out for adventure.  Just me and my babies.

We went to a local farm to pick berries and when I got there I asked what I needed to do to pick.

"Do you want to pick strawberries or corn?", the lady asked.


"We don't have strawberries ready."

*Crickets.  Crickets.*

"Okay thanks, catch ya later!"

I mean, what on earth?!

From there I googled the best place to pick berries.  And next thing you know I was in No Mans Land, NY.  To this day I still don't know where we were.  But boy did we find us a marvelous little blueberry farm!  It was so charming and the couple who ran it were wonderful.  We had such a good time and the weather was gorgeous - we could have stayed all day!


I reiterated to the boys to pick the biggest and bluest berries to find, and to leave the little green ones on the bushes.  Levi picked a whole bucket full of the prettiest berries there.  And Ezra?  Well, he picked a lot of green ones.

photo 1-10

And they both ate the fresh berries along the way - claiming that they were the best blueberries they had ever tasted!

photo 4-7

After we finished up, we checked out a local ski resort and then stopped for ice cream.  At a desolate, lone, store that sold pizza, ice cream, and homemade fudge.  I ordered us three hot fudge sundaes and  we waited.

It was taking an unusually long time so I peeked behind the counter to check things out.  I saw this girl microwaving something and attempting to stir it with her spoon.  It looked like mud ... but not runny mud.  Thick, ugly, chunky mud.

And next thing you know, our sundaes were ready! ....


Oh my gracious sakes, you guys.  I can't even explain it.  It was CHEWY and tasted like Baker's chocolate.  It was a disaster.  We trashed them and headed home!

Actually, we headed to the beach and the terrible hot fudge sundaes were long forgotten. :)

A beautiful day with my beautiful babies!

photo 3-5

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