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Great Lake Days.

I'm like three weeks behind in things I want to blog about, so bear with me as I play catch up.

I'm pretty sure our favorite thing about Erie is the lake.  I've told you before, but you guys, it is absolutely beautiful!  We get out to the beaches as often as we can and like to plan our weekend activities around being outside, whether it be on a boat, on the beach, or exploring around Presque Isle.  Presque Isle is where all the beaches are (11 of them!), and the boys and I spend a lot of our days out there while Daddy is at work.  They beg to go and absolutely love it!


Here's an ariel view of PI, that obviously I didn't take, but just so you get an idea of what it's like.


See the sandy beaches the entire way around?  That's where we go.  We pick a new beach each time to try to find our favorite.  Levi likes Beach 8.  :)


Isn't it beautiful?

Anyway, we spend a lot of time out there.  (And I have more freckles than I think I've had in my life. Haha!)  It is a state park and there are tons of bike trails, hiking trails boat rides in the lagoons and several other fun things we have yet to do, but can't wait to get out there and explore.  We better do it before winter comes....!



I'm not sure how we didn't know about Presque Isle before moving here, but we didn't!  Also, I had ZERO idea that I would be as obsessed with this Great Lake as I am.  It's seriously like we're at an ocean when we're out there.  So FUN!



Early into our time here, we took a 90 minute boat ride out into the lake and learned a lot about the waters and the area.  For instance, there is an island we drove by that people aren't allowed on because of all of the endangered birds that live there.  It was gorgeous!

And we also learned that Lake Erie is 125 times more dangerous than the Bermuda Triangle in terms of boats lost.  YIKES!!



This is us on the boat ride.  Nothing better than blowing through the fresh water with the breeze in our hair!  So fun.



I'm so grateful to have this beautiful area at our fingertips this year.  It's giving us so many fun summer days and such great memories!

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