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Diet Cravings!

When I diet or cut something from my diet, I ALWAYS crave the same four things.  When I make it past Day 3, I don't crave it near as hard, but my goodness, the first 72 hours all I can think about are these things:

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1. Donuts.


I LOVE DONUTS.  I rarely eat them, but when I diet, I ask myself why I didn't have them every morning for breakfast every day of my life from birth to present.  Seriously, they're like the ultimate.

I'm not choosy.  I am an equal donut opportunist.  Til death do me part.

(But my forever love will always be the chocolate covered glazed.  With sprinkles.)

2. Oats.


I cut all gluten & diary when I want to lose weight, and from doing so, I've discovered that I should probably always cut gluten.  My body is so very different and works better (like it's supposed to) when I am gluten free.  I'll spare the details, but gluten & dairy give me problems.  Anyway, when I cut them, ALL I WANT IS OATS!!!!

Oatmeal (which I don't even like!)
Oatmeal cookies
Oat cereal
Oatmeal cake


Well, for the first 3 days, anyway.  :)

3. Homemade flour tortillas.


I mean, really.  There's no explanation needed for this craving.

4. Queso.  Lots and lots of queso. With salty chips, of course.


I typically prefer the white queso over the yellow.  But goodness gracious, when I diet, all I want is the yellow.  GIMME THE YELLOW QUESO AND NOBODY GETS HURT!

Phew.  Glad I got that off my chest.

So next time I feel like falling off the wagon, you'll likely find me hiding in a corner with queso in my hair, glaze on my fingers, oats scattered to and fro, and a hot tortilla (with butter!) stuffed in my mouth.  You may be frightened at first, but you'll soon realize what a beautiful sight it really is.

Oh, the woes of childbirth and aging.  I should write an ode to my glory days of eating.  It was a good run, Whitney.  A deliciously good run.


What do you crave when you diet?

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  1. You do know that oats are gluten-free, right?! :-)
    You would have to buy a fancy brand though (organic), because most mainstream oats are cross-contaminated.

  2. Ughhhh, I so relate to this post. I'm 31 now and I just had my first child 12 (almost 13) weeks ago. I miss the days of not having to diet...ohhhh how I miss them. Please write that post :) I'm trying so hard to get back in shape!!!!

  3. I crave allllllll the foods when I am dieting! Mainly pasta. Or pop. And suddenly, the salads that I always enjoyed before taste like dirt and I can't/won't eat them.

  4. Pizza....I always want pizza.....and a side of ranch with everything

  5. A few times I haven't been allowed to eat for 24hrs for medical reasons, and that reeeally makes you crave stuff. Like hamburgers - and I don't even like hamburgers! Donuts are suddenly also very important all of a sudden. Luckily, I have never needed to actually diet yet, phew! I'm 25 and have one child.. We'll see when I'm in my 30s, right? Eeh... But I have the same problem with gluten. I don't think I have celiac but especially wheat just doesn't always agree with me.. Oh, and the same with dairy but guess what - unpasteurized dairy products have always worked great. However, I know it's like impossible to get them there...

  6. Would love if you could do a post on your healthy gluten- and dairy- free meal ideas or recipes, thanks!

  7. Yes, yes! Flour tortillas. WHY do they have to be so unhealthy?

  8. Oh, I shouldn't have read your post. Now my tummy is growling!

  9. Bob's Red Mill makes gluten free oats! I find them just in my regular local grocery store. I can't tell the difference.

  10. McDonald's....and donuts.
    It always comes back to donuts and McDonald's (both of my pregnancies included too many trips to McDonalds) and we endulge in "Donut Friday" every week. :0)


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