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The Day I Was Bossed.

Ohhhh you guys.

The other day I had to run into the restroom and check the mirror to make sure I didn't have the words "BOSS ME" written across my forehead in bright red ink.

Everywhere I went, everyone I ran into felt the need to tell me what to do.

It all started at swim lessons.  It was the fourth day of lessons and by that point all of us moms had established our "seats", and we all returned to the same place every morning.  It's not like we had to sit in our spots - we all just happened to.  Creatures of habit, I guess.

This particular morning, I was one of the first ones there and saw that my spot hadn't been claimed, so I walked over and began to throw our things on the chair and make myself comfortable.  An older lady (clearly a grandmother), who had never once been to these lessons appeared out of nowhere and said in a rude, loud, and curt voice, "Um. You can't sit there.  My daughter is sitting there."

I apologized, gathered up my things and sat a few seats over.  I thought she could have been about 1000 times sweeter/kinder, but hey - that's just some people.  Authoritative and down to business.  Clearly.  And if she had saved it for her daughter that was absolutely no biggie - I didn't care - just be nice about it.

So, I kept my eye on her throughout the lessons, waiting for her daughter to take up residence in my beloved chair.  Finally she came out to sit down and guess where she sat?  On the OTHER side of her mother, leaving MY chair completely free!

I got bossed.  For no reason whatsoever.  What I wanted to do was gather up my things and plop myself down in that chair.  But I didn't.  I just huffed and puffed and let my blood pressure do it's thing.  (Sky rocket.)

Husby told me I needed to do a vlog from swim lessons for you guys and call it "Swim Moms", a spin off of Dance Moms.  ;)

After lessons, we headed to get Levi's hair cut.  It was a circus in there - kids riding tricycles every which way, jumping down slides and throwing toys.  One little boy, probably 7 or 8 rode right up to me and just sat there.  Staring.

I looked at him and smiled.

He continued to stare.

I smiled again, and he just sat there.  Staring at me like I was one of the characters on Monsters U.

We had a weirdly awkward staring/smiling session going and then he pops off in the rudest tone known to man, "WHAT?"

COMPLETELY taken aback as to what had just happened, I replied, "Oh, I was just smiling at you!"

What I wanted to say was, "What do you mean WHAT?! You're the one staring at ME you little hoodlum!"

Manners.  It is the most refreshing thing in the world speaking to a child with manners and a respect for adults.  A lost art, I'm afraid.

So, at this point I'm like "what is UP with people being flat out rude today?  Grandmas & children alike!"  By now I am putting all my faith in the middle aged.  You know, people my age that can relate to being a mom of little ones and have a sympathy for the crazy busy shopping trips.

And then I went to Target.

In the midst of wrangling the babies - one on my hip and the other one running every which way asking if he can have everything, I was trying to get all my things onto the conveyer belt and properly check out.   Ezra had HAD it and was ready for a nap - squiggling, wiggling, squealing and DONE.  In order to appease him for just a few more minutes, I put him in the buggy so I could contain him and handle the cashing out process.

He stood there (in the big part, not where your legs dangle) playing happily and laughing as I put my few bags in the buggy with him.  I then hear the cashier say, "Did you HEAR me?  I SAID it's not going to be safe much longer with him in the cart with those bags you're putting in there."

Yes.  The five bags I had were really going to cause a catastrophic event for my child.

Irate at her tone of voice and her need to tell me what to do with my child, I ignored her.

"Did you HEAR me?" she asked again.

And I ignored her again.

I'm such a good example of Christ, aren't I?  (NO!)  But at this point I had absolutely HAD it with everyone telling me what to do in super rude voices that I knew if I opened my mouth it wasn't going to be polite, so I just played the hard of hearing card and went about my business, fumbling with the debit card machine and acting far too interested in the questions it was asking me.

Rubbing my forehead all the while, hoping to smear off that blasted boss me sign someone had obviously written on there that day.

I mustered up the strength to tell her "thank you" when she handed me my receipt and after that, I decided it was time to call it a day and go home.

Where I'm the boss.

Well, until Husby gets home, that is.  :)

And let me tell you, he got an ear full that night.  And when he didn't have the over-the-top incredulous reaction I was hoping to get from him .... I bossed him and told him he needed to freak out more.


Gotta love my level headed, even tempered Husby!

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Perhaps the GM was elderly and struggling. The child needed love and attention. And the cashier was trying to be helpful. Maybe worth a heavy sigh but not a freak out.

  2. LOL! The gma was in better shape than me and attention was exactly what I was giving the child. Too funny. Guess you had to have been there. :)

  3. I needed this post today! Not in the same way but I have been struggling this week with people just being downright bossy and rude to each other at work. We are professionals in corporate world, we should know to be kind. I just told HR I am going to have a management meeting to remind people you catch more flies with sugar!

  4. Awesome perspective, Mrs. Lemon! I love that! Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. You know what I love about your blog?? Is that you not only include your best moments (awesome parties, adorable pictures of you family, vacations...) but you also include the not so great moments. It makes you REAL. And the fact that you aren't afraid to show everyone the moments when you not being a great example of Christ, because NO ONE is all the time. I think that someone who is having a hard time in their faith would feel more led to Jesus by someone who admits to making mistakes rather than someone who claims to always do the exact right thing. So, thank you for having such an amazing blog!!! And being REAL!! And of course, being such a great example of Christ, maybe not all the time...but most of the time!

  6. I would've felt just the way you did if that's worth anything. I understand that the others may have had issues and/or problems, but my guess is more along the lines that gm was just used to telling others what to do, the kid needed a lesson in manners, and the cashier needed a lesson in customer service. I taught school for ten years and spent a lot of time trying to teach the importance of courtesy. Unfortunately, common courtesy is becoming extinct in our society. And while you may have not been exactly Christ like, at least you didn't go off on anyone. That's my take anyway . . .

  7. Hilarious and oh so frustrating! Ty usually reacts that exact same way to my rants. Maybe because they deal with people like that ALL day long. Is it too much to ask for them to get all worked up with us?! haha.

  8. That is really upsetting :( I'm sorry that you had such a terrible day with rude people. Makes you appreciate the acts of kindness and politeness so much more, like when I was trying to grab a drink out of a refrigerator at our local bagel store this morning, holding my baby boy, the cans fell on the floor and this lady who was waiting for her food ran over and picked them up for me and jokes about my hands being more than full. It was so refreshing and unexpected. A single act of kindness or a smile really makes someone's day. Hope swim class goes more uneventful next time :)

  9. My blood is boiling for you! People can be so rude. My fiance is much like your husby - it takes a lot to get much of a reaction out of him. Would it kill him to just be annoyed with me? ;)

  10. Oh my gosh.

    Have had those days too...

    Next time respond "don't you know who I am". That will leave them busy looking for clues.

    Hope tomorrow goes better!

  11. Ha! I was going to use the exact same words as Nessa - my blood is boiling for you! I think when your patience has reached its end, the smartest thing you can do is to stay silent. Well done! Ugh. People just love telling others what to do, whether they know best or not, whether they use manners or not. Here's hoping you have a day where everyone you run into has impeccable manners!

  12. Oh, I'm right there with you! It drives me crazy when people give me an attitude when I've done nothing to them! I try my hardest to just laugh it off because you never know what's going on in someone else's life, but it's very difficult! Sometimes I will say "Wow, you need a hug!" LOL. I also have to agree that I really appreciate that you share the great and not-so-great moments. None of us are perfect and it helps me to remember that other Christians have rough days too :)

  13. I would have been boiling, too! Good for you in just keeping quiet and ignoring the rude cashier comments!

  14. sometimes when I'm telling my hubby a story like yours... which, btw... OMG! So uncalled for, ESPECIALLY from the Target lady... if Brad is only so/so in his reaction, I'll say, "Seriously? That's it?" and then he'll say... "Let me try again..." and then he'll do an over the top reaction for me, which will either make me laugh or tick me off even more.. and it's anybody's guess which one it's going to be that particular time. ;-)

    Sorry you got bossed around


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