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A Big Day For a Little Boy.

Well folks, Levi went and surprised us all and is riding his bike without training wheels!


He has lived on his Strider bike since he was two and we upgraded him to a real bike with training wheels at Christmas.  And, on Sunday, he decided he didn't need those training wheels anymore and took off riding like a big boy!  We were so excited for him!


Besides the birth days of our two boys, I don't know if I have ever seen Husby SO PROUD!  He kept going on and on about how this is the biggest day in the life of a little boy and how his life is forever changed now that he can ride a real bike.  :)


Hubsy is an avid bike rider so this just made him over the moon happy!

And it made me happy that everyone else was so happy!


Little Levi was just so proud of himself!  And he should be!  He's three weeks into being four years old and can ride a bike!


How can he look like such a big boy but so teeny tiny all at the same time?


Oh, my Weebie boy!  What a big day in your life!  Such precious moments in your life that we will always cherish!

Here's a video of his first time riding on the street.  He practiced a few times in the grass before we let him move to the concrete.  :)  Pardon my squealing ... my baby boy was riding a bike!

Oh, and yes, that's our neighbors out cheering him on!  So sweet! :)

My Project from Whitney on Vimeo.

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  1. I still remember when both my boys rode without for the fist time (both by age 4) and it was so special! At ages 10 and 8 they are amazing bike riders and love it!!! Yay for Levi...he will have daddy riding all over the place!

  2. That is so sweet! What awesome neighbors too! Way to go Levi!

  3. Pretty great for a newly four year old!!!

  4. Okay, I have no idea why . . . maybe it was his sweet smile, or the neighbors cheering for him, or the fact that I'm a also a boy mama, but that totally brought tears to my eyes. Which is slightly ridiculous, but that is super impressive for a four year old. Good job Levi!!!

  5. I am bawling! SO sweet. He is growing up so fast! Good job, Levi!

  6. So glad I wasn't the only one crying! I just love how proud you are and how the neighbors are all into it! So sweet!


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