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Our Big Fun Cousin Sleepover!

The other day we had cousin Maxwell over for a sleepover and we had the most fun day! :)

If you follow me on instagram (whit_neenee), then you'll have seen most of these pix, but if it's all brand new to ya, then read on!

It began with lunch at Braum's and then a giant banana split to get the party started!


None of them had ever had a banana split and it ended up working out that they all loved a different part of it.  These three were destined to share banana splits for all eternity.

After lunch we put Ezzers down for a nap and the big boys had craft time.  I picked up these "create your own superhero capes" at Target, and when they opened it and started creating, Levi said "these look more like a bib".  Ha!  He was right.  They were itty bitty!


When they were finished with their masterpieces, it was time to try them out.



Yup.  They worked just perfectly!  Instant little superhero powers right there!


After craft time, we had culinary class.


They LOVED it.  I doubled the recipe and it worked out perfectly because they each got to put in some of each ingredient.


Watchin' it spin.  Their favorite part was turning the mixer on and off.


And the final product was excellent.  A giant plate of Monster Cookies!  Yum!


After culinary class, I cleaned up and they played with some toys I picked up for them while Ezra finished up his nap.  As soon as Ezra woke, we went outside for the rest of the afternoon for some good old fashioned pool time!


They went up and down that slide probably 200 X's a piece - no lie!  We LOVE this pool!


Such fun!

Ezra was loving all the water fun.  He's so handsome, my baby!


Check out those wild baby curls!



These little boys are simply the best of friends.  Just so happens they're cousins, too. ;)



They dried off in a much bigger cape than the tiny ones they made - The Flash towels!


We came in after several hours in the sun, waited on Husby to get home, and dressed for the evening event.  Our small town festival! They were SO excited!


We kicked off the festival with foot long corn dogs and some curly chips.  MMMM!


Then we rode ride after ride and had a blast.


Too cute for words.


At one point, they were in such a daze I thought they were going to face plant and fall asleep.


But they hung in there and kept up with the fun!

Precious little Ezra loved watching his big brother and cousin ride rides together.



We beat the heat with some snocones to cap off our evening, and they were delicious!


At around 10pm, we headed home and threw the boys in the tub.  They got in their superhero jammies and we read our Bible story while they barely kept their eyes opened.



And then, they crashed.


The sweet little ones had a big fun day and they rested like angels that night.  Pretty sure Husby & I had as much fun as them!

A perfect day, indeed.

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