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Girl Talk.

I've got a question for all you ladies out there.

Where do you put on your makeup?

Growing up, my parents had a long counter in their bathroom with a sink on either side.  I have vivid memories of my Mom hopping up on the countertop and sitting with her bottom on the edge and her feet in the sink, putting on her makeup.  I thought every Mom did this!  She had free range of the massive mirror, lots of great lighting, and could get as close up to her reflection as she needed.  She perched atop the bathroom countertop like a squirrel on a fence, dolling up her face and talking to me about my friends, school, church .... just life.  Great memories.

She later graduated to an armoire with a seat and a lighted makeup mirror.  Functional, yes.  But probably not as fun for her.

My makeup area is neither fun, functional, nor memory making.  Frankly, it's flat boring.

I put my makeup on the living room couch every single day.

I'm not sure why I chose this spot, but I've been powdering my nose on the couch ever since we said "I do".  It's probably for the lack of space we once had in our teeny tiny apartment as newlyweds ... and maybe it stuck so I continued doing it when we moved into our house.  I don't know.  But that's where I put it on.  I flip on the overhead light (still not optimal lighting), and get to paintin'.  I'm usually tearing an eyeshadow palette or blush brush from the baby's hands, so I wouldn't say it's the most calming or relaxing area for me to retreat to .... but this is a nearly 8 year habit in the making, and old habits die hard.

My dream of dreams in my heart of hearts, is to one day have a grand and luxurious bathroom.  And in that grand and luxurious bathroom, I will have an over the top vanity fit for a princess and it will be mine.  All mine.  It will be perfectly feminine and a spot solely for me.  After all, I am the queen of the castle, right? ;)


If I had this vanity of which I speak, I would sit at it each night and brush my hair until I reached 100 strokes.  And then I would slip off my satin slippers and silken robe and crawl into my billowing bed laden with the softest sheets and the fluffiest of pillows.  I would lay and read Tolstoy until I fell asleep, dreaming happy dreams of open fields and breezy days.

Ya know, instead of tossing my hair up into a tangled up bun, throwing on one of Husby's oversized t-shirts and scooting Levi's "Wolfie" out of my way (that he left the night before when he snuck into our bed at 4am) as I lay my head on my super-flat-because-I-need-a-new pillow and poke myself with a Hot Wheel that someone left as a surprise for me.  Oh, and yes, reading a biography on Walt Disney.

Yes.  That's what I would do.


And at this vanity of mine I would set fresh flower bouquets every few days.  I would perfectly arrange all of my perfume bottles according to size, and I would have an antique dish to place my jewelry that I took off each evening.  I would make Husby fasten my necklaces around my neck as I sat on the petite chair, having important conversations while looking at each other through the mirror.  I would order the perfume bottles that you have to puff on yourself, and insist on transferring all of my scents into those delicate little fancies.

Ya know, instead of a TINY bathroom countertop smeared with dried yet still gooey toothpaste. And it's orange toothpaste so it leaves weird orange stains in the sink that make you gag because for some reason every time you see it you think of salmonella.  Who buys orange toothpaste and where's my Crest?  And the clutter is starting to overtake the entire bathroom and you think if you see another travel size of anything you are going to explode and start throwing things. Who needs 18 travel sized deodorants and 172 travel sized toothpastes?  Us.  Apparently.

Yes.  That's what I would do.


And if I ever get this bathroom of which I dream, I just might have an oversized tuft.  I will sit on it and maybe even lay on it.  And I will lotion my limbs whilst humming delicate tunes.

Ya know, instead of sitting on the edge of the bathtub rubbing lotion frantically all over my body before a tiny visitor or two starts banging on the door.  And then I slip and fall because the floor is wet from my shower and my feet are wet from the lotion and why oh why do I not have a tuft?!?!

Yes.  That's what I would do.

But until then, my friends, I will remain perched upon my couch.


Telling stories as I spread my foundation.
Singing silly songs as I apply my mascara.
Reciting memory verses as I pinken my cheeks.
And smiling brightly at my perfect little boys running around me as I color my lips.

I have a feeling that if I ever get my dream bathroom with my oh so glorious vanity, it probably won't live up to my expectations.  Because what I have now is pretty doggone perfect.

Now tell me ... where do you put on your makeup?

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I too perch on the counter, feet in the sink ;). I thought I was weird. Lol what a relief!

  2. I truly thought I was the only one who put sat on the counter & feet in the sink! ha! My husband just commented yesterday that maybe in our next "dream" house (years and years away) that I could have a vanity area with a little chair. And I told him "no" :) Even if I had that, I would probably hop right up on those dream granite countertops and keep putting make up on the same way I've done since I was 14.

  3. The house in which we currently live and the one we're building both have built in vanities in the bathroom. They're not super girly ;), but that's probably because I'm not super girly. Still having had a vanity, I refuse to go back. I'm spoiled. I'm also impressed that you can put on your makeup in the living room with two kids running around. That takes talent!

  4. I loved being able to sit on the counter and put my make up on but now our bathroom is TINY and the counter is non-existent so instead I lean over and get as close to the mirror as possible or go sit at our kitchen table with a mirror.

  5. We have a nice big mirror and plenty of countertop space but I still sit on the counter, feet in the sink... This used to be no big deal but at seven months pregnant I'm starting to look for a new spot... at least temporarily!

  6. I have a nice drop down vanity in the bathroom that's part of the sink area. A lovely drawer under the counter to keep my makeup. A cute vanity bench to sit on. I use all the nice, lovely, cute in that it beats sitting on the toilet backwards with my lighted makeup mirror on the tank top of said toilet at our old house. :D

    I made sure when we built this house that i'd have a vanity area in the bathroom.

    Now ask me all the positions i've gotten into when we travel trying to get close enough to the mirror to do my face. haha. Kinda like your Mom.

    Jake's a Girl

  7. I stand in front of my bathroom mirror with all my goods spread on my (toothpaste smeared) countertop. I think I might be a little boring now..... Usually one kid is watching me sitting on the toilet :) and the other has climbed from the toilet and is standing on the countertop watching me.
    Obviously not too relaxing an experience because I am trying to keep my children from falling or breaking anything between applications :)

  8. I do mine in front of my master bathroom mirror. My next house will have a makeup vanity in the huge master bathroom for sure!

  9. I have the tiniest of counters that already house all of my perfume and my husband's cologne. No room to climb up there, and I don't think I would try because it seems flimsy. (20 year old mobile home. Would you try it?!) Instead, I spread my makeup out on the counter and lean over. Or, if I'm feeling lazy, I will hang a small mirror on the wall above my bed, and climb up there to apply my makeup. Much more room up there!

  10. Sweet post, fun read! IF I put makeup on I'm usually standing in 1/2 bath downstairs with my makeup bag sitting in the wet sink, or maybe at entryway mirror but most likely I'm in the a light! :)

  11. I have a bench that I scoot as close to my sink as I can. I'm squished because it's not made for this and my knees knock into the cabinet doors under the sink. When I was working I used my own sink. Now that I'm home with my boys I spread all the way across the two sinks in the master bath. I dry my hair and do my makeup on my side but brush my teeth and straighten or curl my hair on my husband's side. Because I'm often rushed and don't put everything away it drives him nuts!

  12. I use the guest bathroom because it has better light. Our master bath has a bigger better mirror and a big countertop where I could sit on too, but no natural lighting in that room. I SO wish we had a big window in there.

  13. I had my husband install a lighted makeup mirror in the bathroom that pulls out of the wall. LOVE it! I've installed on in every place I've lived. Worth the investment!

  14. I'm a counter percher too! I would love to have my own vanity but we sadly don't have the room for it :(

  15. I sit on the floor in front of a full length mirror that hangs on our bathroom door:)

  16. If I'm not scrambling to get my make up done in the car (hello, Sunday mornings) I always do it in our master bathroom. One sink for the both of us. Luckily we're never in there at the same time.

  17. I always put mine on in the car. Just because if I don't I forget to bring it. I like knowing it's always there. It was more convienent in Tulsa because of all the dead traffic. So now, in Shawnee, it seems as if I primarily put it on when I get there because I won't put on eye make-up while the car is in motion. But with so little traffic stops most of it gets put on in a parking lot.

  18. Honestly? I don't really wear makeup on a regular basis. But when I do, it's standing up in my bathroom, using the vanity mirror

  19. I used to stand at the sink, but I got really fed up when I started spending more money on makeup -- high end products ending up in the sink is not fun. At Christmas, Tim gave me a vanity and I keep that in the bedroom with an OttLite mirror.

  20. I, too, sit on the counter in the bathroom with my feet in the sink. Honestly I thought every woman did! I don't know how on Earth you do it in the living room and you do a beautiful job!

  21. in my car, at stoplights... which is a step up from doing it while driving before I had kids.


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