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Disney Extravaganza: Day 4 - Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is a GREAT park.  Lots of fun stuff for both the adult and the child. And if your children are fans of the Disney Jr gang like Special Agent Oso, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, the Little Einsteins, Sophia the First, Handy Manny, etc., then this park is the place to be!


The first thing we did was watch the Indiana Jones show.  Then we booked it over to catch a Disney Junior show and the Little Mermaid show. There are lots of shows to be seen in Hollywood! :)

The boys were so excited to see all of their favorite characters during the Disney Jr. show!



It was so interactive and things kept falling from the ceiling and there was lots of dancing.  My little dancer (Levi) took every opportunity to bust a move!



And I just can't get over Ezra sitting there watching it.


So sweet!

Levi saved a gold doubloon that fell from the ceiling for his Glam*Mama.  Angel.

We saw Handy Manny standing there when we got out, so we ran over to say hi! :)  Here we are in line to see him!



He was so nice! :)

Midway Mania is the new Toy Story ride and the fast passes run out at like 10am each day.  Luckily we grabbed them and were able to ride it.  Lots of fun!


Maxwell was HALF AN INCH too short to ride some of the big rides, and my brother really wanted him to get to ride the Star Wars ride, so he cut some diapers in half and stuffed them in his shoes to try to give him an extra half inch.  Hilarious.  And it worked!


I love this picture of Levi and  Maxwell.  This was during the behind the scenes tour.


That was a really cool tour and at the end, the waters opened up and came rushing toward us!



Levi was thrilled that he got to see the REAL Superman cape!


We had a character meal lunch at Hollywood & Vine.  It was probably the best character meal we had as far as interaction with the characters.  They EACH came to our table 3 times!


Levi was most excited to meet Oso!  I just love this picture!


Ezra was ALL about the characters at this point.  He even tried giving Jake a kiss! :)


We love Jake!


We saw Handy Manny again, and Ezra did not want him to leave!


And Levi had a little crush on June from Little Einsteins.  She was so sweet!


Such a fun lunch!  Levi got up and danced with all the characters and he is still singing that song he learned there.  Too funny!

We did lots of fun things that day, rides, a Walt museum and short film, lots of shows, and more rides.



Ezra was all tuckered out.


Sweet babies!


My Dad is a pharmacist, so this pic was a must!


I HAD to take the boys through the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids exhibit.  I remember going to it when I was around 13 or so, and I just remember it being awesome.  And, it still was!  They LOVED it.



Note the giant Oatmeal Creme Pie behind me and Ezra. :)



I laughed as Levi slid down the film.  Who uses film anymore? ;)  He didn't even know what it was.


Momsy & me taking a break!


We had supper at "The Real Life Pizza Planet" as Levi and Maxwell kept screaming.  They were SO HAPPY!




We had pizza and the best cupcakes!  And then we played games. :)



Such a fun place!!

We ended the day with some of us riding the Tower of Terror, some the Rockin' Roller Coaster, and some watching the babies and browsing the shops.  Then we all watched Fantasmic! while enjoying some snacks.

Ezra enjoyed his the most, and ruined his adorable outfit forever.



Another truly perfect day!!

Next stop: Epcot!

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  1. I wish there was a way to transport that cupcake through the Internet into my hands right now! Yummy :) these posts are seriously making me consider another trip to disneyworld sooner than later. My little ones are checking out all your photos. The hubby and I may have to talk when he gets off work today ;)

  2. Ezra trying to kiss Jake is priceless! And the diapers in the shoes...hilarious!!

  3. Ahh! This all makes me want to go back again! Disney really is the most magical place on earth!

  4. I need to tell you, but I adore your Disney posts. My husband and I have been debating on going to Disney to take our almost 3 year old - but we have one on the way currently. Reading these I have a horrible itch to just take off and go! Keep 'em coming, you have such good tips and hints!

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