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Disney Extravaganza: Day 3 - Magic Kingdom

We woke up early and grabbed breakfast at our resort and then headed back to Magic Kingdom to spend another day.  The big boys had a 9:30 appointment for The Pirates League and got to dress up like a real life pirate!

We bought them a pirate shirt to wear while they got made over, and it was the absolute CUTEST thing in the world.  Seriously so much fun.  And so exciting for the little ones!


First they spun the wheel to choose their pirate name.  Levi was "Johnny Sharkbite", and the rest of our time there they only referred to him by that name.  Fun!


We had a great guy working on Levi.  He was so funny that Levi couldn't stop laughing.  He was lots of fun and definitely made our experience extra memorable.


There are several different faces they can choose from, and then they get an eye patch, bandana, earring, pirate treasure, tattoo, sash and a sword!



Levi was almost unrecognizable when they finished.  My precious little pirate!



After we rode a few rides, we took a snack break by the castle.  So of course, I took lots of pictures of those willing to participate.  ;)


Mom and Ezra took a little walk.


I love the look on Ezra's face!

Husby and I tried to get a face shot with the castle in the background ... to no avail.


Me with Mom & then me with Dad!



We spent most of the day in Tomorrowland, and we rode the Buzz Lightyear ride, Dumbo, a few rollercoasters, and some others.  We had a quick meal for lunch, and we met the one and only BUZZ.



Check out that look Ezra's giving Buzz.


That evening we headed to the Polynesian Resort for a WONDERFUL meal at Ohana's.  Seriously, one of the best meals in the history of ever.  It was SO good and there was SO much food.


Salad, bread loaves, pot stickers, noodles, chicken wings, skewers of chicken, steak, pork, shrimp, and the most amazing dessert!  Man oh man was it GOOD.  My Dad and I were talking the other day how we wish they'd put one in Tulsa because we were craving it.  Hands down the best food we ate there.


Ezra loved it.

Levi liked the Hawaiian dancing and games they played with the kids.  Check out his eyes.  Looks like we put eyeliner on our child.  (Let's just say the pirate makeup is near impossible to get off.  I don't know what brand they use, but I gotta get me some of that!  It LASTS. HA!)


Levi and Glam*mama shared a special Hawaiian dance together.


Ezra loved the leis.



That child kills me!

We all had a great time and it was just so yummy.  After dinner, my brother and his family headed back to the resort and my parents and my family headed back to Magic Kingdom.  We got some silhouettes made of the boys that are absolutely PRECIOUS.  I have them displayed on my mantle. :)  And we took some evening photos by the castle all lit up.

And we had a snack. :)


It was such a fun day ... our last in Magic Kingdom.


As we walked back to our bus late that night, we got to watch the fireworks over the castle again.  I don't think I could ever get tired of that castle ... even if I saw it every day.  Love it and it's my DREAM to stay in it!

We crashed hard that night and rested well for out next stop : Hollywood Studios!

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  1. I found your blog via Blue Eyed Bride, and as a 23 year old lover of all things Disney, I have LOVED your posts! My family and I are actually heading down there this week for a final vacation before I start pharmacy school. Your posts are making me even more excited!

  2. Hi Whitney! We live in Florida and have passes to WDW! LOVE IT! My husband recently turned 40 and he chose O'hana for his bday dinner! After recieving the $200 for 4 dinner bill, we agreed we will only go there with Dining Plan from now on! It is possibly the best food in the entire world, though! I just wanted to add that although the Art of Animation resort is considered a Value resort, it is the only one offering the Suite type rooms. The rooms at the other Value resorts are TEENY TEENY TINY!! While the theming is still incredible, they are way to small to be comfortable for a family of four :)

  3. I love all these updates! I doubt we'll ever get across the pond to visit so I'm living through you! Your boys are gorgeous and it looks like they loved their time away!

  4. LOVE all of your updates (read them out of order) and it makes me so excited to take Hadley there some day! I told husband we need to start saving now so we can get in one amazing trip! haha! I just want her to feel like a princess :) The pirate pictures are my fav of Levi!


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