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Disney Extravaganza: Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

We crashed so hard we had to pull everyone out of bed in the morning to get ready for breakfast at Chef Mickey's over at the Contemporary Resort.  We jumped on our bus and headed to the Magic Kingdom, hopped a monorail over to Contemporary and made our 9:30 breakfast reservation.  This was our first character meal and we were so excited!

Levi was super excited about his autograph book and by the end of the week, he had it completely full of character's autographs.  So fun!


Sweet little Ezra was excited, too, but not too excited about waking up.  Bless him!


{If you are wanting to see lots of characters and get pictures with them, DO CHARACTER MEALS.  The characters are hard to find in the park, and the lines are crazy long to see them/take a picture with them.  We booked character meals for all the characters we wanted to make sure to see, and were SO glad we did because we never even saw Mickey Mouse in the park.}

Oh Chef Mickey's.  The love of my life.  Seriously I can not say enough good things about this restaurant.  Their breakfast buffet was to die for.  SO good.  And with it being our first day in the parks and our first experience with the characters, the entire experience was well, magical.  I'm sure you're sick of me using that word, but there's no other way to explain it.  (Can I get an amen, fellow Disney freaks?)

This will be a restaurant we go back to each time we visit Disney World.  It was great.


These Mickey waffles may look generic, but oh my gracious sakes, they were not.  They were delicious!!


Simply delicioso.  Fo' real.

They make sure that each character comes by your table while you're there.  You don't have to worry about trying to catch them.  You just sit back and enjoy yourself and they all come around to take pictures with you!

Ezra, bless his baby heart, was not too thrilled with seeing those giant life size rodents.


He is the worlds biggest Mickey Mouse fan in the confines of his own home.  But when they met face to face, well .... it was terrifying.

I love love love this photo of the boys spotting Mickey for the first time.


We met Donald Duck first, and oh, Levi was just so happy about it.


Ezra?  Yeah ... not so much.

(Blurry, but hilarious.)

Levi smiled and engaged his new furry friends.


Ezra threw a conniption.


Levi gathered autographs and gave hugs and handshakes.


Ezra acted as if we were torturing him.


Levi laughed and laughed at Goofy.


Ezra wasn't amused.

It was such a fun and hilarious morning.  My favorite moment was when we met Mickey.  He was last, and Ezra finally started to warm up to them a bit.


Mickey makes all things better.


My Mom had a "moment" when she met Minnie and started crying.  Hilarious.


I will say, I know what she means.  There is just something overwhelmingly emotional about the whole thing.  Seeing your children so happy and the pure joy and excitement (and terror) on their face and in their eyes.  It's just sweet.  I teared up the moment we walked in to be seated.  I just can't explain it.


Minnie was SO sweet.  She stayed at our table for so long!

And since Levi's birthday is this month, he got a birthday button and got a special cupcake and a birthday song with all the characters dancing around!


After breakfast, we jumped back on the monorail to enter the Magic Kingdom.


(I have some professional pics of these places, but I don't have them in yet.)


Levi and Daddy walking in!

And of course, the castle shots - I have SO many of these. ;)



The first ride we rode was It's a Small World.  Glam*Mama had told Levi ALL about this ride, months before we left, so he was very excited to finally ride it.  He had a blast.  So did she.


Ezra loved it, too!  Precious boy!


Some other ride highlights from this day were Peter Pan's Flight, The Little Mermaid, the Jungle Cruise, Splash Mountain (the picture of Levi going down is HILARIOUS, but it's on the CD I am waiting for), and Pirates of the Carribean. We rode lots of fun rides that day, but these were probably the highlights.



So fun!

New Fantasyland is super amazing!!  We didn't get to spend enough time there, but it was so neat.

My Dad is obsessed with Gaston, so we had to get this pic.


That evening we had dinner reservations at The Crystal Palace and it's right in front of Cinderella's Castle.  It was another character meal - all of Pooh's friends.  It was delicious as well, and the boys had a great time gathering autographs and meeting Pooh!


Ezra was like an old pro at this point!

But still held tight to Daddy.  ;)




Oh, such a fun day!  After dinner, the big boys and the daddy's headed back to the resort to swim while the babies and the mommy's shopped a little on Main Street USA. (Again, pictures on the CD). We got to see the fireworks show over the castle and that was a lot of fun.


And after baths, we bathed, played with new toys, and CRASHED!


A wonderful, beautiful day.

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  1. Not to be cheesy and I'm not a Disney freak, but magical is the only word to describe the place! Maybe it's for how it brings families together and takes them away from the day to day of life to just kick back and laugh...together. I didn't believe in the magic hype until my family spent 1 day there last summer on our baby's 8th birthday! While we couldn't do it all, we had an amazing time that was magical. I felt like we were taken to a different world (no pun intended) for the 14 hours we were at the park! And their customer service was outstanding! I love reading about your days!

  2. I am loving the vacation posts. I know exactly how you felt at Chef Mickey's. I may or may not have teared up a little there! I love seeing the excitement on the boys faces!!

  3. I am SO with you on getting emotional at meeting the characters. And I totally didn't expect that! But seeing your baby meet some of his HEROES is, well, MAGICAL! Tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

  4. This is great! You should work for Disney because right now I'm about to book a trip!...even though Tucker would probably act like Ezra through the whole trip around the characters!!! ...we'll wait til he's older :) Can't wait to see more!

  5. I teared up just reading about your experiences!! Can't wait to take our kiddos! Thanks for all the tips and advice. Your resort looked amazing!!!


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