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Kid Chores!

I am starting to implement chores into Levi's daily routine.  He does all the things he is told to do - pick up his toys, throw away his trash, put his dirty clothes in the laundry room, puts his dishes in the sink, and simple things like that.

He also helps me with random chores around the house - helping load the dishwasher, throwing clothes in the washer and dryer, "dusting" (the fireplace is his thing), etc. - but that is simply because he likes to and wants to.  I admit, sometimes I would rather just do it myself to get it done faster, but I know it's important to let him help, so I try to.

He's three and a half, so helping is still fun!  Well, except for picking up his toys.  He gets very distracted and ends up playing! :)

I recently heard that it's a good idea to start teaching them now to make their bed and to LET them - no matter how it may look.  Oooohhhh....that's hard for me to leave alone!  But I think I'm going to start having him make his bed each morning. That seems like a good start. Ha!

And, I want to get one of those cool chore charts and let him put stickers on it.  Because a sticker is a good incentive to do anything, right?  Stickers to kids are like check marks for mommies.  I love a good old fashioned check mark on my to-do list!

So, other than these things, I'm not sure what other daily "chores" he is ready for.  I think there's a balance for instilling a good work ethic, but still letting them be a kid.  You know what I mean? I'm just trying to find that balance.

Do your kiddos help around the house?  What kinds of things do you have them do?

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  1. Great idea to start chores early. How about emptying the little waste baskets (like in the bathrooms), emptying the silverware in the dishwasher, flatten boxes (if you do recycling).

  2. Caleb is in charge of making sure George the Cat has water and Naomi is in charge of the food. Other than that they have to dump their plates and cups in the sink after meal time, take their shoes to their rooms after they kick them off when we get home, etc. Just small things that have, for the most part, become habitual. Good luck!

  3. This is great!! My daughter is 20 months old and she very recently has started helping me put toys away in her baskets (it's 50/50 if it works right now) and I just gave her the job of getting her own bib out of the cabinet before meal time. She loves it! Although she usually bring me all 5 bibs on the hook, and not just one- it's progress! She also will run items back and forth to my husband and I while we're setting the table or cleaning it up. So cute! Oh and she LOVED helping us unload the dishwasher.

  4. Such a great idea! They, and you, will appreciate this as they grow up. We started doing small chores here and there when we were little as well. :) And stickers are always a bonus!

  5. Hmm, you've got lots of great ideas here! When my nephew was that age he LOVED the dust buster. Do you think Levi is old enough to vacuum up stairs/ corners/ etc with a dust buster? He might be old enough to help with washing windows too. If you don't use breakable dishes perhaps he could also set the table for dinner each night (though you would need to get the dishes down for him from the shelves). I'm a big fan of chores and sticker charts, and also a fan of working the chores into simple morning, afternoon, and before bed routines. So in the morning you might have a piece of paper in a sheet protector w/ his morning routine, including getting dressed, brushing his teeth, putting his clothes in the hamper, and making his bed.

  6. I'm going to start on the bed making soon... My 4 yo LOVES to vacuum with my stick vac and he's just started getting himself dressed (apparently I was missing the boat on this one). I've got both my 2.5 & 4 yo helping set the table for dinner (they get their own forks/spoons out, napkins for everyone then after they carry their plates to the kitchen counter.

  7. My 28 month old puts away her underwear, shoes and coat. She puts away silverware (no knives). She puts her dishes in the dishwasher and throws away her trash. She puts away her toys. She sweeps (dollar store small broom!) and washes tables and chairs. She loves to scrub the bathtub (just dish soap and rinse). She also feeds the cats.


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