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Flow of Thought!

* I just realized that my last 6 post titles end in an exclamation point.  I am a very excited person, apparently.  !!!!!

* I need to learn to control my exclamation point usage.  Sometimes I text my friends and I'm like, "Guess what!", and they're like, "WHAT?!!?!", and I'm like, "I burned my chin on a pizza roll." And then they're super disappointed because it wasn't something exciting.

* Something I am NOT excited about is this sick season.  Ugh!  It seems never ending.  I, for the first time in my 29 years of life, am ready for the cool air to disappear and the warm air to arrive.  With warmth brings health.  Plus, if we're not getting snow, what's the point?  Cold just hurts.

* Pizza roll innards are H-O-T.

* Time is going TOO FAST!  Our Spring is jam packed with great great things and it's all coming so fast that I can't even think straight.  And, I mean, my BABY will be ONE in two months!  STOP IT! I can't even handle it. I can't.

* In addition to my exclamation usage, I probably need to tone down my caps lock.  I type like I speak.  I have a friend who always laughs at my emphasis on words.  Haha!  Better than being monotone, right?  She says I can't say "terrible" without saying, "terrrrrrrrrrible".  And at that, I kind of go silent in the middle of the word.  Like, "terrrrr*trails-off-for-a-second*ible".  The more you drag it out, the more meaning it has. ;)

* I'm currently in Downton Abbey mourning.  How did the season go so fast?  What am I going to look forward to on TV? Well, there's always Teen Mom.  My .... how vast are my tastes.

* Lady Mary Crawley vs. Teen Mom Janelle.  I'd like to see a verbal throw down with those two.  Or better yet, Edith and Teen Mom Amber. Both make horrible facial expressions. I would LOVE to hear the Dowager Countess' commentary on that.  Ha!  Oh! Oh! What about Lady Violet vs. Barbara?! HAAAA! The thought of that has me laughing out loud.

* Confession!  I don't really even know what the word dowager means, but I like to use it because it makes me sound like I know what I'm talking about.  I'm gonna go google it.

* I worked for a strange man one time who had an even stranger relationship with a teen employee.  I came home one day repulsed by his behavior and told Husby, "she was in his office and he was googling her!" Confused, Husby was like "what do you mean, he googled her?"  I said, "she just stood there flirting and he was GOOGLING her!"  Apparently I meant ogled her.  Ya know, looked her up and down.  Husby got a good laugh out of that one.  And to this day he'll point someone out and say, "look Whitney, he's googling her."

* I'd like to say that is the extent of my verbal slip ups, but it's not.  I'm especially bad with idiomatic expressions.  I can NEVER get those right.  Ya know, like "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater", and stuff ... I'm always mixing and matching all those clever phrases.  I've had Husby in tears with some of those that have come out of my mouth.  How do people remember them correctly?!

* My Mom made my little family a delicious home cooked meal and delivered it in a heart shaped Le Crueset the day after Valentine's Day.  It is TO DIE FOR.  Adorableness all around.  She comes up with the sweetest ideas.  And one more meal that I don't have to think about or cook is priceless!

* I used to love going to the grocery store.  Now it's a rat race with two little munchkins and a Momsy on a mission!  I let Ezra hold my wallet last week in the store and I went to check out and guess what was missing?  Yup.  My wallet.  In a TIZZY, I took off flying through the store backtracking and praying aloud.  No lie - I said, "Lord, please let someone honest find my wallet.  Please.", and no less than 1 second after I stopped praying my name came over the loud speaker telling me to come to Customer Service.  PRAISE GOD!  The woman at the counter told me that a little girl found it on the valentine aisle and turned it in.  Bless that beautiful little girls heart.  What an answer to my prayer she was!

It made me laugh because I envisioned us going down the valentine aisle and little Ezra seeing all of the pink and red greatness and just throwing my wallet out in an excited frenzy.  I like to think that's what happened.

* I have Bless Your Beautiful Hide in my head and can't get it out.  I don't know what that song even means.

If I can shut off this brain of mine, I'm gonna hit the sack.  Goodnight, folks!

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. pizza rolls and Downton Abbey/Teen Mom smackdowns? Best post ever.

  2. Bless your beautiful hide from seven brides for seven brothers!

  3. lol yes on the pizza rolls, I nibble the corner off to let out the steam first. love that googling bit though haha

  4. 2 words: Grocery Delivery. I started having mine delivered when my twins were 2 (grocery nightmare!) and I have never stopped. We use in Seattle but I don't know if you have Safeway's by is awesome! You choose the time and day of delivery, they bring it to your counter, they don't accept tips, delivery is free and everything is fresh and delicious! Say goodbye to impulse shopping!!

    Your life will be soooooo much easierrrrrrrrr! :)

  5. Whiteny, you are HY-sterical! I often get such a chuckle out of your writing. And, I over use exclamations points too!!!! (andy maybe CAPS sometimes too) o:)

  6. LOL! I type that way too! Just like I talk. It's also hard for me to type something like good looking. Cause I would say it, good lookin'. So that's usually how I type it too. Heehee! Fun post!!

  7. We ain't met yet but I'm willing to bet, you're the gal for me! Love you Whitney! this post made me smile.

  8. Love this post! I use exclamation marks wayyy to much as well. You really can't help it! I actually have a set of parents who are deaf and when I email them about their daughter I have to go back and delete all the exclamation marks before I send it because they consider it yelling. Found that out the hard way! So even at the end of "Thanks" it has to be "Thanks." How boring is that?! But I know that it respectful so it will always be done. :)


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