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Ezra is 10 Months Old!

Dearest Littlest,


How is it possible that in two short months you will be one year old?  The years before you came into our family are becoming a bit blurry simply because you bring so much life to our household.  You continue to be our funny, precious little lamb - sweet, content, tender and HAPPY!  I'm so in love with you! We all are, Ezra.  Your daddy, your brother and your mommy love you more than anything. You are our blessing.


I love seeing you come into your own the older you get.  I can't believe how hilarious you are.  You are always mimicking the things we do, and once you get a laugh, you do it over and over.  You have started grunting a lot over the past few weeks and you get such a kick out of it.  You grunt and then make the funniest face and then look at me to echo you.  You are so expressive with your face, and you can melt your Mommy's heart with a simple little glance.  You are a heart throb!


You are a little people person and your stranger anxiety hasn't seemed to last long.  You will go to anyone and flash them your million dollar smile. You're so loving and everyone who meets you falls in love with you.  At a birthday party a few weeks ago, everyone wanted to take you home!  You are truly a delight.  An absolute pleasure to be around.


You are a vocal little thing!  You're saying "Momma", "Dada", "Glam*Ma", "Baba", "Where's Dada?", "Hi", and we have heard you say what sounded like Levi several times, too! :) You have such a great understanding of what is going on around you and you do the things I ask you.  Sometimes it startles me that you actually do things I say to because I think you're too little to understand.  But you do!  


You are SUCH a Mommy's boy.  And, I love it.  ;)  If I leave the room, you cry and try to follow me.  You are always crawling up to me, tugging on my legs and reaching up to be held.  Oh, I love holding you and loving on you.  As soon as I pick you up, you nuzzle your head in my neck and just lay there hugging me.  How precious are those moments to me, baby.  How priceless!  I love being your Mommy more than anything in this world, love bug.  You are my heart!


Your favorite game is Pat-a-cake and Peek-a-boo.  You laugh so hard like it's the first time you've ever played it.  You also love This Little Piggy.  You sleep with your little bear every night and when I come in to get you in the mornings, you're standing there holding your little bear with your packie in your mouth, smiling as big as life, and it's the cutest thing ever.  I hope I always have that image in my mind, because it's one of my favorites. You love your dancing Mickey Mouse, but your brother is your very favorite toy.  You and him play like best buddies and you're always in Levi's room playing with him like a big boy. He is so good with you, Ezra.  You two sure are blessed with the brother and friend you have in each other.  I pray you always nurture and treasure your relationship.


You are in size 4 diapers, you have 4 teeth (bottom two and top two - and they're SHARP), you wear 12-18 month clothing, weigh 22.5 lbs and are 30.5 inches long.  You are the fastest crawler in the west and you're cruising around furniture at warp speed!  You continue to be the strongest little thing I've ever witnessed, and your giggle the cutest.  You are eating baby food and table food, but you definitely prefer to eat what we are eating.  You are THE BEST sleeper.  Thank you for that.  No for real, thank you.


If I tell you "no no", you shake your head no and then look at me and fake frown and then you make a fake whimper.  It's hysterical.  And if you crawl up to something that you know you're not supposed to touch, you'll stop, stare at it and start shaking your head no before I even say anything.  I laugh every time.


Your new favorite trick is snapping.  The other day I was on the phone and you started to chew on a chord, so I snapped to get your attention, and you dropped the cord, started laughing and tried to snap yourself!  You do it all the time now and you think it's hilarious.  I think it's adorable.


Ezra, you are my handsome, brilliant, joyous little boy and I thank God for you dozens of times a day.  I count it a joy and a privilege to serve you as your Mommy - to teach you, to guide you, to pray for you, to love you.


I love you, angel boy.  I love you and cherish you, and I will all of my days.

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