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Costume Favorites!

* The year I was Rapunzel (with glasses ... because I so desperately wanted to be a kid who wore glasses), and my super long wig dragged the ground and caught up hundreds of leaves, sticks and creepy crawlies.  My awesome friends rushed to my side, scooped up the end of my wig hair and carried it behind me like I was a bride.  Best. Friends. Ever.

* The year I was Little Bo Peep.  Hands down my favorite costume of all time.

* The year I was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.  I was obsessed with my leather vest and blue/silver pom poms.  I wore my hair crimped, of course.  I need to inform the DCC these days that crimped hair makes that uniform really pop.

* The year I was an Minnie Mouse.  Probably my second favorite costume of all time.  I think every little girl should be Minnie at least one Halloween of her life. :)

* The year I was an angel.  I was in 2nd grade and my two front teeth were gone.  Every time you hear a bell, an angel loses her teeth.

* The year my friends and I decided to dress up in wigs, tons of glitter and gold spray painted trash bags and go trick and treating.  And we were seniors in high school.  I still had glitter in my car in college.  So much fun.

These are some of my most memorable, favorite costumes of my childhood.

What was your favorite costume?

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  1. The year I was pippi longstocking!!!! I have red hair and freckles and my dad did pigtails and braided them on a wire hanger to make them stick out!

  2. Queen of Hearts. 2nd grade. My mother sewed the most amazing dress. I can only imagine what she thought when I told her that's what I wanted to be.

  3. My junior year of high school I dressed as Carmen Miranda (aka the Chiquita Banana lady.) My fruity head-dress was so tall I had to slink down in the driver's seat of my car as I was driving! Good times!

  4. Aw, I so wish we celebrated Halloween in my country! That dressing up sounds like so much fun when you're a child - or even now! We have something a bit similar on Palm Sunday before Easter but you're only supposed to dress as witches.. And a very specific looking witch at that... When we have kids (one's coming already!), we want to move to the States or UK for a year or so, so they can learn the language and all and I'll be so excited about Halloween because it'll probably then be the only one our kids'll ever have and we'll go totally over the top, I know it, haha! Enjoy yours every year for us that can't :)

  5. Hands down my favorite costume memory was the year I was a giant tennis ball. It was Brenna's and I thought it was cool to wear my older sister's costume. I trick-or-treated with Audra and Cassie and we rode around in the back of Doug's truck. Every time we got out the stuffing from my tennis ball fell out. We spent more time restuffing me than anything. Hilarious. But then I also loved the year I was Wilma Flintstone. :)


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