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* You know those deep fried Oreos I posted yesterday?  I can't stop thinking about them!  Maybe I will try my hand at making some.  The only thing I've ever fried is chicken and pork chops.  I wonder how hard it could be?  Time to google a recipe and whip out my ole cast iron skillet.

* Do you own a deep fryer?  Paula Deen has one custom built into her countertop.  You have to be pretty serious about fried foods to have one of those bad boys.  Then again, it's Paula Deen.  She probably has her own butter churner, too. 

* I think it's fun for kids to dress up on Halloween and find no harm in trick-or-treating, but my goodness, this year it has been a battle trying to keep "scary" things away from Levi.  It really affects him, and I'm not even safe with cartoons like Dora!  I'm beyond ready for Halloween to be over so these scary masks, cartoons, and even billboards will disappear.  I despise the "scary" part of Halloween. And, so does Levi.

* We carved/painted pumpkins the other night.  Want to see them?

Here's mine! :) 


Masterpiece, right?

Husby's! (Levi requested Batman ... his face, not the symbol.)


Isn't that so good? He's a man of many talents, that Husby! 

Here's Levi's! 


Just beautiful!

And I painted one for Ezra, because he's my Sugar Boogs and he needed a pumpkin, too! 


And y'all thought I wasn't crafty.  HA!!

* Did you read Highlights when you were a kid?  Well, it used to be my favorite thing in life.  I loved when I got mine in the mail.  Levi has recently become OBSESSED with mail, and I subscribed him to the "young" Highlights.  It's called High Five, for ages 2-6.  He will be so happy when he gets his own special magazine in the mail.

* One of my favorite parts of Highlights was Goofus and Gallant.  I wonder if they still have that.  I never knew how to say Gallant though.  

* Speaking of magazines, I've been wanting a new subscription.  I used to get Real Simple and Rachael Ray.  Now I get Southern Living and I buy People at the store.  I love Reminisce, and need to subscribe to that.  It's fantastic. I read it at Mom's house.  Maybe Readers Digest?  I like RD because it's a little bit of everything and chock full of great stories.  I love good stories. 

Anyway - what magazine(s) do you subscribe to? 

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. My magazine subscription list is embarrassingly large, BUUUTTT they're all free subscriptions so I feel less bad about it. :) I get Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Saveur, Parents, Marie Claire, and Woman's Day. I've really cut back!

    I love the lion pumpkin. So cute!

  2. I subscribe to Mental_Floss! Their tag-line is "where knowledge junkies get their fix"! They have stories on so many cool things.

    They have a nifty blog is a post on fun facts about classic Halloween candy

  3. I get Real Simple & Food Network. Also, Highlights magazine is online and they have a Goofus & Gallant online comic. It's a choose your own adventure style!

  4. I get Cooking Light, Bon Apetit, Family Circle, Parents & Readers' Digest. I'm not renewing Parents & Bon Apetit, so I'm looking for another mag or two to add to my list again!

  5. I get a bajillion magazines because I'm a Willow House consultant and I sell them AND I collect Coke Rewards points and get some for free. My VERY favorites are Southern Living, Good Housekeeping, and Garden&Gun.

  6. PS - James started getting High Five a few weeks ago. It's fun!

  7. Relevant! Well I did for two years, but I never renewed it. It's a good'un.

  8. Cute pumpkins - Ezra's is just too cute! I loved Highlights as a kid too! i'm sure Levi will be thrilled with his subscription! I get a couple of quilting mags, Cooking Light, Bon Appetit. I used to get Traditional Home and Real Simple, but the magazines were piling up and some things had to go!

  9. Fried Oreos sound like they would be amazing. I need to look into that.
    I always loved Goofus and Gallant too. And like you, didn't know how to pronounce Gallant.

  10. I only subscribe to Women's Health and Food Network Magazine. I love them both!!

  11. I have been getting Better Homes and Garden forever! I am really setting some unrealistic expectations for my home, but a girl can dream :)

  12. i love getting magazines in the mail (lucky Levi!)

    I subscribe to Vegetarian Times, Country Living, Runner's World, Real Simple, Town & Country, Oprah...and I adore Whole Living.

  13. Ahhh, Goofus and Gallant! I totally remember them! And ugh, I hear you when it comes to scary Halloween stuff. When Caleb was two, we walked into Lowe's (of all places) and there was this huge Grim Reaper with an awful face and these freakish eyes that lit up whenever you walked by it. Caleb SCREAMED and collapsed on the floor, sobbing. And he doesn't scream or sob. He's the quiet one. We had to pick him up and run him out of the store. It was so awful. I wanted to punch that Grim Reaper in the face. We still keep that stuff away from our kids as best we can. I agree, I can' t wait for it to be over!

  14. Here's a really great article on how great of a celebration Halloween can be, including the scary stuff!

  15. My friend make fried Oreos for her husband's bday party and they were amazing! Surely they're floating around Pinterest. I subscribe to Martha Stewart Living, Country Living, and Southern Living and I LOVE all of them! Great recipes, decorating ideas, and articles.

  16. I hear you on the Halloween thing. My five year has come in my room scared so many times in the past few weeks. So ready for things like pilgrims and turkey.

  17. My.daughter use to get high five but now she has progresses to highlights, it's not her favorite so she takes her brothers high five. It's a great magazine with little crafts and " cooking" son loves the animals in the back of the magazine along with the That's Silly section and both love the hidden pictures.. they usually fins them before me! Levi will LOVE it!

  18. I'm annoyed with all the scary stuff as well. Gooner sees it and gets so scared! Even the little frowns at the Halloween stuff! I LOVE LOVE LOVE fitness magazine.

  19. You should do a subscription to People. It's sooooo much cheaper than buying in the store. I don't read nearly as many magazines now with Pinterest around!

  20. Your pumpkins are so cute! We are house trapped thanks to Sandy, so i think I'm going to let my toddler paint ours tomorrow :)


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