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I have a deep love and affection for Tootsie Rolls.  They are my favorite chewy candy - hands down.

The big ones, the skinny ones, the tiny ones, the ones wrapped in a candy shell - all wonderful.

I even like the fruit flavored ones, but ... they don't hold a candle to the classic.  That chewy goodness with a hint of cocoa and a slight underlying fruity bite - DELIGHTFUL.  I could eat my weight in them.  That's right.  I could eat one hundred and plenty pounds of them. ;)

I have fond memories of the midgees that includes me, a bath tub and a glass of ice water.  In Middle School, my "secret sister" from Church gave me a orange paper bag filled to the brim with Tootsie Rolls for Halloween.  Why I decided to eat them all in one sitting - in the bathtub - I'll never know.  But, it sure made a lasting impression because I can't eat one without thinking of that evening.

And then I suddenly crave ice water and hot bubbles.  Every single time. I classically conditioned myself in one single sitting.  Take that, Pavlov.

I have a lot of Tootsies sitting around my house right now because the children at Levi's party took the suckers and Dots, but left all the Tootsies.  Lucky Mommy.

I am using the MyFitnessPal app, so I track my calories daily.  I ate two Tootsie Rolls the other day, went to log them and was so confused.  There are so many different Tootsie sizes!  How did I know which one I ate and if the calories were right.  My head was spinnin'.


This led me on a wild goose chase studying the intricate details of the little candies.

And then I found this chart:


And this chart got me to thinking about which Tootsie Roll size is my favorite.  My deductive reasoning led to the mid-sized Tootsie (the "snack bar") as the front runner for me.  It's the perfect two-bite size.  They're thick and extra chewy (not ideal for my TMJ, but super satisfying nonetheless), and you can eat just two and feel like you've had plenty.  When I eat the regular sized ones (the midgees), I feel like I need to eat twenty.

My least favorite, by far, are the mini-midgees.  I feel like they're a complete waste of time.  They're so tiny, you need to unwrap three and then pop them all in together.  It's like a half of sick of gum - not worth the chew!

Husby's favorite size is the second from the top - the long skinny one.  This is my second favorite.  It's the girth of the midgee, but extra long - perfect for multiple bites with having to unwrap just one!  Genius.

The top one is okay, but can sometimes seem waxy and slick.  The consistency is different.  It's almost too thick.  The top and bottom Tootsies, in my opinion, can be thrown out the window.

But who are we kidding ... I'd jump out that window and retrieve them so fast you wouldn't know what hit ya.  There's no sense in wasting a Tootsie of any size, shape or portion.  Yum diddly um.

So, folks.  Weigh in.  Not literally, because my scales currently say "one-too-many-midgees".  But I gotta know.  Do you love them? Take 'em or leave 'em? What is your favorite Tootsie size?

Time to draw a bath, grab the rolls and an ice water, and soak my own little tootsies! Ta ta!

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Everyone thinks I'm nuts but my very favorite candy has always been lime flavored tootsie rolls. I like all the fruit flavored ones but not the chocolate ones (gasp!) or the vanilla, gross! :)

  2. I love tootsie rolls! They are one of the things that I have shipped here. I even tape them onto the French kids' birthday presents for a special treat. :)

  3. Love 'em. I am partial to the fruit flavoured ones. I always would eat those first from my Halloween stash. But let's be honest, I love the original as well!

    I love that I can just sit and eat a million of them. Eat eat eat! YUM!!!

    The top one is too big. It is way too thick and hard to chew. The midgees are too tiny, but they are my second fav. I like the same size husby does. Not too thick, not too soft. Perfect in length.

    We don't' get tootsies in Scotland. You've just made me crave something I can't have! AHHHHH!

  4. Second from the top and second from the bottom are my favs, I also have TMJ :(

    In reality, I like all chocolate tootsies, but I don't like the fruity ones or the tootsie pops.

  5. this is too funny! and i'm sad to say that i am a big time candy lover, but tootsie rolls are probably one of the only candies i don't like - gasp! :)

  6. I'm not a huge fan... but I LOVE the white vanilla flavored ones. Around Easter, you can find bags of just the vanilla. YUM!

  7. I LOVE Tootsie Rolls! I know they aren't really chocolate, but I consider them my favorite chocolate candy. I was using the MyFitnessPal app too, but I found one I like even better. It's called SkimKicker, and it works just like MFP when it comes to logging food and counting calories, but the creator designed it to be more like a game, where you earn points for making healthy food choices, completing challenges, etc. Last year I gained about 15 pounds in 2 WEEKS thanks to some medication I was on, and I have hated the way I looked/my clothes (didn't) fit ever since. I tried MFP to loose the weight, but I got bored with it. I started on SlimKicker, and I have dropped 9 pounds! Oh, I think I agree with your Husby, the long skinny Tootise Rolls are the best, but you have a point too about the mini-midgees being a waste of time.

  8. I am going to have to agree with your hubby on this one! I do not like the fat ones...too much energy to chew. I detest any of the fruit flavored ones.

  9. Love them! In particular the long thin one because it is easier to chew with my TMJ disorder :)

  10. I had no idea there were 2 tiny ones and I don't think I've ever had the biggest one. But of my limited tootsie roll experience I would say my favorite is the same as your hubby, the long thin one.
    I do like them but they are the forgotten candy. I seem to only eat them at Halloween and Parades :)

  11. No Tootsie Rolls for me!! I am not a fan at all! That said, I am thoroughly impressed with your analysis of them! ha!

  12. A whole post dedicated to footsie rolls...I love it! I like the long skinny ones...they are skinny, so eating 20, doesn't make me feel too bad!

  13. I like them all but one of my favorite treats of all time is to wrap the tiniest one around Sweetarts. It's amazing

  14. Tootise Rolls, original chocolate flavor, are my favorite too! My favorite size is the one you like as well...I could eat a whole bag of them myself. LOVE them!

  15. Omgosh .. I LOVVVVEE tootsies!! I love the long skinny ones, but my favorite are either the mid size chunky or the big chunky one! I also am OBSESSED with the small cherry flavored and vanilla flavored ones! Yum! Now I want one!


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