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Ezra is Two Months Old!

My little angel cakes is two months old!  He actually turned two months on the 4th, but I hadn't taken his pictures yet, so I waited to post.  I also wanted to wait until he had his doctor's appointment, but it's not until next week.  So, in order to not get too far behind, I 'm doing it now.


My Littlest Love,

What an amazing two months it has been since you have joined our lives.  You continue to be the sweet little lamb that you seemed to be in your first few weeks of life and we feel so blessed by your presence each and every day.  Your disposition is a lot like your big brother's, so I am eager to see how you two will differ as you continue to grow.  I do know this - you are uniquely YOU and I can't tell you how much your Daddy and I LOVE YOU!


You are eating 4 ounces every 3 hours, but sometimes you'll surprise us and want more.  You slept for almost 6 hours straight one night last week, but it's definitely not consistent.  Most nights you sleep for 4 or 5 hours before waking up for your first feeding and then every 3 after that.  And then some nights, you want to eat every 3 (like last night).  


You are so very big and alert that sometimes I forget you're only two months old.  You seem much older and when you were about 6 weeks old a lady asked me if you were four months old.  I laughed and when I told her your true age, she couldn't believe it.  You are such a cuddly little love!


You love to be cuddled and held, and you love to hold hands.  The other day in the car you were screaming and I reached back there to rub your little head and you reached up and grabbed my hand and held it the rest of the way home.  MELT MY HEART.  You are so very sweet.  I can't get enough of you!


I also can't get enough kisses and I smother your chubby little face with them all day long.  I can't help it! It's like your cheeks have magnets in them that my lips are drawn to!  I could snuggle, kiss and love on you all day long.  Such a cuddly little bug!


You are becoming so very aware of your surroundings and you grin ALL of the time.  Sometimes you even giggle.  I can just make eye contact with you and you will start smiling.  It's just precious.  You love to watch your big brother and you love to be sung to.  You especially love "Your Song" that I sing to you.  Your big brother and Daddy sing it to you now, too.  You smile, coo and kick every time.

"Ezra ... Ezra Ray
You are my sunshine.
Ezra ... Ezra Ray
You are my light."


I love that you recognize this song!  You angel.

You went to the Church nursery for the first time last week.  I have been keeping you with me during Church, but you have become too vocal.  You coo and grunt and make all kinds of precious noises.  It made me sad leaving you, but the women said you did great and especially loved staring at the mobile above the swing.


You are such a sweet, content baby.  You are a big blessing and a joyful delight.  My days are sunnier with you by my side, little one.  


I love you with all I am,



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  1. Such a sweet post! I feel the same way about my little guy. He is 7 months and I must kiss him a thousand times a day! I can't get enough :)

  2. oh my goodness, I could just eat up his cuteness! Love the pictures! :)

  3. He is just precious and handsome. Happy two months!

  4. Wow, he is all you!! What a little sweety. I feel like Vaughn is older then he really is too.. hes on 3 months but hes about 18lbs and in 9 month clothing!

  5. what a little cutie. He does look much older though, he's so advanced for his age :) But my littlest one is a peanut. She is 12 months (today!) and is wearing 9 month clothes.

  6. woah! 2 months!! Where has the time gone? He is such a cutie!

  7. Your kids have the cutest, sweetest little faces--they are so incredibly expressive! Happy two months, Ezra! :)

  8. Love those bright blue eyes!

  9. This is crazy, my baby is also two months and named Ezra, but what's most "scary", he was born on 4th April too. Amazing that two Eras have come into this world at the same exact time.

    All the best to the lovely baby Ezra of yours.

  10. I can just make eye contact with you and you will start smiling. It's just precious. Cialis Generic


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