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Newbie Faves!

I like looking back on the posts I did when Levi was a baby, seeing what we liked for certain stages of life.  This newborn stages is a rather simple one, since they don't require much, but I thought it would be fun to post about the things we love for our little Ezra! 

Plus, I've found some pretty great items through other mommy's who do posts like these, so maybe I can help someone out! :)

Our Newborn Favorites! (Not paid reviews, just stuff I like!)

Aden + Anais


I l.o.v.e. these swaddle blankets.  They are nothing short of amazing: soft, light, cool, warm .... perfect!  I have probably 12 or so, and I use them every single day.  They are the perfect weight and I love the large size. I wish I had one of these in every design!  Love!

dribble bibs

Their "Dribble Bibs" are equally amazing.  They are formed to fit perfectly on your shoulder and they are the perfect burp cloth.  They also have a snap and transform into a bib!  I have several of these as well, and wish I had more.  I don't think you could ever have enough of these.

Angel Care Video Monitor


This is a new item and wasn't out when we had Levi.  They had the regular Angel Care device, but not the monitor.  I am so thankful for this monitor because it gives me such peace of mind.  The large square part goes under the baby's mattress and is HIGHLY sensitive to movement.  If the baby stops breathing for any significant amount of time, alarms go off and you can go in and wake the baby.  Ours has actually gone off a couple of times with Ezra and my heart races 90 to nothin', and I'm at his side in .02 seconds flat.  I am able to sleep with such peace of mind.  I recommend this to everyone.  It's pricey, but in my opinion, 100% worth it!

Soft Baby Mat

HCGMG-HwdHK-UwtrE-blue bear mat

My BFF got this for Ezra and it has been wonderful.  We have hardwood floors, so I am able to lay him on this on the floor and it's so plush that it is very comfortable.  He loves it and has fallen asleep on it many a time. I have the tiger one, and it's adorable.  Levi even lays on it, too.  I would, too, if I could fit! ;)

Baby Gowns


There's nothing sweeter than a baby in a gown. My absolute favorite brand is Kissy Kissy.  The gowns are unbelievably soft and great quality.  They are so easy for middle of the night diaper changes and they just look so soft and sweet in them.  Love love them!

Moses Basket


This actually belonged to Levi, but I didn't use it much with him.  I use it ALL of the time with Ezra.  It's the perfect little place to take a nap and I can pick him up and move him around in it.  It's easy for travel and he just loves it.  I dread when he outgrows it, because we love it so much, and no matter where we are - he always has a place to take a nap.  I wish I would have used it more for Levi ... I didn't know what I was missing out on! You can also put it on the couch/bed and not worry about him rolling off. I think everyone should have a Moses basket.



This is a fun new item and it's great.  With Levi, we had a giant swing (that he hated), a bouncer, and a big seat thing.  I feel like this replaces all of those things.  It has all kinds of different settings that produces different movements, like "car ride", "kangaroo", "tree swing", "ocean wave", etc.  There are also many reclining positions, different sounds and you can even plug your iPhone/iPad into it!  Ezra loves it.  It's a space saver and a great item.  Highly recommend! 

Boon Grass Drying Rack


This drying rack is the best!  It's super cute and roomy enough to throw all of your bottles and toppers up there to dry.  You can buy accessories with it - like trees and flowers and those are perfect for hanging bottle rings and things on.  I have two flowers and a tree and I feel like it's perfect.  I love this item.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag


This is my current diaper bag and I'm loving it.  I had a different PPB diaper bag with Levi, too, and loved it.  This shape is my favorite and it's super durable.  You can wipe off the outside of the bag, which is great, and the inside is perfectly roomy with all kinds of great pockets and zips.  They just know what they're doing when it comes to diaper bags, so in my opinion, no mom should be without one! ;) This particular design is the Sashay Satchel in Delightful Dubrovnik.

And there is a quick peek into a few of the things we are loving right now for our little baby bear! 

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  1. Such fun, functional stuff! I love seeing all the new gadgets they have for moms and babies now. Especially like the Mamaroo.

  2. They dont sell the Aden + Anais blankets where I live and I went on a manhunt for them! I ended up finding them 1/2 price at a baby show here and I actually cried. Seriously.

  3. I'm so glad you posted this! I have the blankets, burp cloths, and drying rack on my registry. Good to know they are all great products! I've got my eye on a kissy kissy convertible gown, and after reading your post I think I need to purchase it. :)

  4. Love Aden + Anais and I definitely treat myself to a new diaper bag with each baby. :) But, other than that...I think I actually have fewer things with each subsequent baby! Ha!

  5. You are right...that is hands down the BEST drying rack! I got it with my second and was so mad I didn't have it earlier!

  6. Ky will be a year old on Thursday and he (and I) are both still obsessed with the Aden & Anais blankies... He sleeps with one every night/nap!! And with baby #2 due any minute now, I stocked up on a bunch more for her as well... Best blankies ever!!

  7. We have a few of the item you showcased. The Angel care monitor is awesome. We used it with our daughter 6 years ago and with our newest daughter. Never had it go off with our eldest, but it goes off all the time with the youngest. She's a mover and gets off the sensor.

    I've been looking at that diaper bag, but I'm an overpacked and I'm worried it won't be big enough.

  8. The swaddle blankets are my favorite!! So happy for you & your sweet family.

    (I'm blogging again-- formerly wanderingdc)

  9. Fun stuff! As my third baby is turning one, I'm finding it fun to look back at the things I wrote about with the first two kids at this age. What kind of stuff were they doing and what did they like/dislike? It's fun to compare their different personalities and development.

  10. Wow! So these are the stuff for babies these days! My baby is twelve years old now so....:)

    Enjoy every minute with your baby! Babies grow up so fast. Makes me sad sometimes.

    I'm praying I'll have another one soon! May the good Lord bless me with at baby girl this time.


  11. I have heard so many good things about Aden & Anais swaddle blankets! I'll have remember those when I have a baby. Thanks for sharing all of your favorite things, I'll remember them :)


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