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Fun at the Movies!

Some movies are just great.  Well written, captivating story lines, perfect cinematography, fitting music, etc.  Those movies are ones that win awards and go down in history as the best ever made.  But then there are some movies that are just fun.  They aren't going to win any awards, they may not produce record breaking crowds, but they stick with you as an awesome experience.

I got to thinking about "fun movies" that I have been to in my lifetime the other day, and started laughing as I relived those times. Three really jumped out at me as great memories.  

The most fun I have ever had in a movie theater is hands down Jurassic Park.  I remember vividly watching this in the theater, and I can even recall where I was sitting as I watched it.  Sure, the plot was outrageous and the effects were subpar for what we have going on today, but man, was it FUN!  The thrill of watching massive dinosaurs tearing through today's world was so exciting.  Of course it could never happen, but it was exciting for those two hours to pretend like it really could.  The entire theater was screaming and jumping out of their seats in sheer horror and it was amazing.  We all left laughing and reliving the parts that made us scream the loudest.  Great experience.

The second one that came to my mind was Honey, I Shrunk The Kids!  What a classic.  Well, if you are a child of the 80's, that is.  I'm afraid that a story like this would never get picked up in today's world, but man, was it fun back then!  Again, outrageous plot and ridiculous theory, but so fun.  Seeing this in a theater was awesome because the giant Cheerio and crumbs those kids were dodging were actually huge. It made it seem so real.  I loved this movie and liked to pretend it could actually happen.  Again, such a fun experience at the movies!

The last one that came to mind for me was Twister.  What a great one!  Living in Oklahoma, it was especially exciting to watch.  I love anything to do with natural disasters (twisted, I know), (ha! twisted - get it?), so movies like this are right up my alley.  I'll never forget seeing that cow fly through the air like a baseball as the tornado came ripping through the town.  Scary thing about this movie is that it does happen in real life.  Maybe that's why it was extra exciting.  I love Helen Hunt, too.  A fun, fun movie experience!

There are a few other movies that I wish I could have experienced in the theater, for instance, Jaws.  I can't imagine how fun that would have been!  They just don't make exciting, fun, edge of your seat movies anymore, but I'm glad I got to experience those. 

What is a fun movie-going experience that you have had?

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  1. I remember seeing the original Toy Story when it was in theaters. My whole family went, and we LAUGHED OUR HEADS OFF. Seriously, it was the first time I remember laughing at the same humor as my parents. :)

    I also saw "You've Got Mail" in the theater, and it was my first "grown-up" plot line. It was also my first time to really think about what it must be like to LIVE in New York City (sigh.....). It was so much fun!

  2. Twister is one of my best experiences too! As a fellow Okie, it just made the experience so much more real, knowing it was showing something that could and sometimes does happen in our state.

    The original Mummy is another movie that I had so much fun experiencing in the theater.

  3. I loved Jurassic Park in the theater as well! It reminds me of fun, summer times with my family! Another fun movie that I saw in the theater was "The Mask of Zorro" with Antonio Bandaras--love it!! :)

  4. I remember going to "The Sixth Sense" for a birthday party and nearly draining the life from my best friend's hand I was gripping it so hard!

    Then at one point we left for a bathroom run or something...we opened the door to go back to our seats just as the creepy, famous "I see dead people" line happened.

    I've since seen the movie again, and it doesn't seem nearly so scary now...but I don't know that I slept much that night!

  5. I loved the movie Twister.... so much, that I have it on VHS! ha!

  6. Free Willy. As a kid, that was hands-down the best theatre experience I remember. My friends and I sat at the edge of our seats chanting, "FREE WILLY! FREE WILLY!" and when he careened over the stone water break, we cheered. I totally wanted to be that kid and swim with killer whales. Now ... not so much. But it was magical back then!

  7. Mission Impossible movies. Every single one is exciting and suspenseful and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I've only seen 2 out of 4 at the theater and the huge screen makes them even more exciting. They are really intense! And fun... because none of that could happen in real life. Right?? Ha!

  8. Finding Nemo. I went with a friend of mine when we were around 10 years old and the first time Bruce showed up it scared the ever-living daylights out of us. We still laugh at how high we jumped out of our seats.

  9. I had a VHS copy of Men In Black when I was a tweenager, and I wore the tape out.

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