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It Was Fate.

It is fascinating to me how you can go your entire life not knowing someone and then when your lives finally do become entangled, you can look back and see fun little coincidences and happenings that just blow you away of how your lives crossed paths without you even knowing it.

That is exactly what happened with Husby and me.

I went 18 years of my life not knowing him, yet our lives were strangely intertwined time upon time. The hand of God just blows me away. I think He gives us those moments to show us that He has always had a plan for our lives. And with each little step, we were getting closer and closer to our destiny. Our destiny with each other.

Husby grew up in another state and his grandparents live where I grew up. They have been a part of my Church years before I was even born. I grew up knowing and loving Husby's grandparents before I even knew Husby existed! When Husby and his family would come to town to visit his grandparents, he was always at my Church. Even in my Sunday School classes! The funny thing is, I don't even remember him. He remembers me, but I haven't the faintest recollection of him. He remembers me sitting on a table singing something. (I was probably trying to showboat for the cute visitor.) ;)

My Mom has always been a part of a women's Bible study at Church. She can recall time after time sitting in prayer group with Husby's grandma and praying specific prayers for him that his grandma asked they pray about. My Mom prayed for my Husby for YEARS without the faintest idea that he would one day become her son-in-law and husband to her daughter! Incredible!

The first time I met Husby was at a national Church conference within our denomination. He was best friends with one of my best friends and when we all met up, we were introduced. I don't remember much about him except his smile. And how friendly he was. We had only a very brief time together, so neither of us made a lasting impression on the other.

We were both in Branson, MO. with our families the weekend the Lady Diana was tragically killed. I wonder if our paths ever crossed?

His cousins often visited our Church and I was great friends with a couple of them.

He went to Church Camp with my youth group one year and that was the one year I chose another camp over the one I usually went to. Apparently, we were not supposed to meet yet. :)

I was just about the only person in our youth group who didn't know Husby on some level. I chose another camp to be a part of for the summers, and he went to the one a lot of my youth group went to, so he was good friends with a good chunk of my friends. I only knew his name. And faintly remembered his face. Again, we were not supposed to meet yet.

I see all of these "almosts" in our lives and it just makes me laugh. It's funny how our paths crossed time and again, yet they were only brief, faint encounters. The Lord had a divine appointment for us, and the timing of that fateful meeting was absolutely perfect.

Not long after we were married, we were at Husby's grandparents visiting. They have a lot of eccentric art work and doo-dads hanging around their house, and this specific one caught my eye.


A hand-stitched picture of all of their grandchildren. They had this made when most of the grandchildren were born and then added a name each time a new one came along. My eyes immediately searched for Husby's name and I gasped at what I saw.

Husby's name is the little boy on the left - bottom corner. Look who he's holding hands with. It just so happens to be one of the only blank spots on the entire picture, and he's holding hands with a little red-headed girl in a green dress.

That's ME!!!

Coincidence, folks?

I think not. :)
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. That's pretty darn cute! God does work in mysterious ways, but it's fun to look back and see His hand in life!

  2. Awesome! My Mom and her younger sister are 16 years apart. When they first married my parents happened to live in an apartment above from where my Uncle (who my Aunt eventually married) lived.

    My Aunt was 5 and use to visit my Mom and they would see that little boy on his tricycle outside--never knowing he would one day be a part of their family!

  3. Awesome story! My husband and I went to the same small, liberal arts college but didn't meet until 5 years later when we started going to the same church which is far from where either of us grew up (and our alma mater!):)

  4. So cute! Funny how life works out sometimes. I met my husband's entire immediate family before I even knew he existed!

  5. I love that the little girl has red hair AND your favorite green dress! This piece of cross stitch will truly be a keepsake!

  6. Very cute. It is so fun to reminisce and be nostalgic about the past!

  7. That is CUTE! And like you said, Divine.

    Yall are so precious together! I can't wait to see what the sex of this baby is.

    I love all your posts! Looking at your decorating techniques or your mother's. Or even the family get togethers. I only wished for a family like that.

  8. Love these kinds of stories! Me and my husband had the same kind... so much fun to look back and see all the times we could have met but didn't. God's timing truly is amazing :]

  9. awww. It's very funny how you meet your significant other. My hubby and I vacationed in the same town for years. Hubby worked at the local park that I went to all the time with my grandma. My grandfather was the Judge of the town and hubby's dad knew him but I never remember running into hubby, ever, not once, though we must have seen each other in all those years we were just down the street all summer long.

  10. Wow! I love when little things like that all add up to something amazing! I had a similar situation happen to me over the weekend. I want to share it with everyone, but I just need to keep it to myself. I prayed about a few things and within hours I found answers to my questions. Truly amazing!

  11. My husband's name is Darin too! He hates how its spelled and insisted our children have names that were spelled the "correct" way! :)

  12. We had the same sort of divine plan. Several times we could have met and did not. We even talked once and my now husband announced I was going to be his girl on a phone of our friend. Never did I once think of that conversation until our paths crossed years later. Gods plan is amazing if we trust and rest in it.

  13. That cross stitch is the neatest thing!

  14. Just covered Ruth 2 in our Bible study today. "Happen-chance" or "coincidence"? I agree ... NOT!

  15. Oh please post more on your life long love song blog!

  16. Cute, I like to read your blog. It's an awesome love-story.

  17. I'm a Believer in Gods Timing! My Husband had been attending my church ( mid sized about 250-300 people) for 6 months before I even Noticed him. And I swear that I saw him, But he didnt 'look' like anything worth knowing to me. It took me seeing him away from our Church to see that he was JUST my type. Not only that but I remember us seeing each other while driving and checking each other out! But we met at the Perfect time when HE said it was right, not us.

  18. Not even gonna lie, my mouth clicked open as my jaw dropped...Stuff like that gives me the heebee jeebees...but NEAT too!

  19. that is so cool! I never knew all of this!!! Ironically, Andy and I have a similar story! We were supposed to be in the same place at the same time a hand full of times for about 4 or 5 years before we ever met, but, like you guys, we weren't supposed to meet! And now I know why...our meeting was absolutely perfect, magical, and quite the fairy tale! :)



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