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14 Again.

If you guys have been reading my blog for any lengthy time, you probably know about my love for the greatest band in the world - Hanson. They have been my favorite since I first laid ears on them doing crunches in my bedroom when I was 14 years old. And a little later when I laid eyes on them, forget about it - I was LONG gone. ;)

Little Levi so preciously gifted me with two Hanson tickets for my birthday this year and when I told my best friend she was going with me, she freaked out. See, she is just as obsessed with me. You should have seen our bedrooms when we were teenagers. They looked more like Hanson shrines than anything. It was unbelievable.

Last night we met up for dinner before the concert and laughed hysterically hashing out old memories together. We were giddy with excitement of seeing them again! It had been six years since we last saw them in concert. Actually, it was the night after I got engaged to Husby that we saw them last, and it was on my birthday when I turned 21. Wow, it had been FAR too long to say the least.


We rushed up to get the closest spot we could to the stage and ended up with an amazing view! We were so close! When they took the stage, we absolutely lost it and screamed like little school girls again. It was total deja vu from our teen years and it was a BLAST! We sang along with every song and kept looking at each other and dying laughing. These boys were SUCH a part of our childhood. They consumed our every thought and we have so many memories of stalking them/running into them/planning out our lives with them. Ha! I just knew I was going to marry Taylor and she just knew she was going to marry Isaac. ;)

Three-fourths of the way through the concert, I started to feel dehydrated and our feet were KILLING us. We had been standing in the same spot for 3 hours and were getting a little irritated at the loony girls dancing wildly next to us. They kept jumping up and down and I was paranoid they were going to break my toes! We decided to go buy our t-shirts, get a water for me, and take a break. When we plopped ourselves down on the lone set of bleachers, I guzzled my water and she looked at me and said, "we're not 14 years old anymore, are we?'


I died laughing. Grabbing my stomach I laughed and said, "Not at all. This pregnant momma has about had it!"

Just then, they started playing Amber's ABSOLUTE favorite song and we took off running back to the stage screaming and freaking all over again.

They were absolutely incredible last night. They are better now than they were when they were huge. I was just astounded at what a fantastic concert they put on. This was our 6th Hanson concert together, and you can be sure there are MANY more ahead of us!

We'll be 90 and still MMMBop'in with the best of them.


It was the best evening with the best band in the world and the best friend at my side.
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  1. That is awesome! I love Hanson. Mmmbop is on the mix cd that is in my car right now. :)

  2. "First laid ears on them"!! That was too cute!! Love your blog, girly!

  3. I had posters ALL over my room of them! Ha. That is hilarious. And I would have loved to see them!! I was going to marry Taylor too! :)

  4. I'm so jealous! I LOVE Hanson! I haven't seen them in concert since 2001. So definitely WAY too long ago. Glad you had a good time!

  5. this made me laugh! i too was Hanson OBSESSED as a kid and my room was literally a Hanson covered box (even my ceiling was postered). I've seen them a few times in concert too and even dragged my husband once or twice. so glad you got to see them again, they are still amazing!

  6. I love it! It feels good to return to the teen years for a few hours every now and then! Fun!

  7. Hanson hit it big at the end of my high school years, so I didn't get in on all the obsessing. However, I've done a little mmmbopping in my time. It's such a catchy tune. :)

  8. I absolutely love Hanson! I've loved them since childhood as well! Not many people understand it, but I totally think they are the most underrated band of all time. They rock! <3 It is on my life list to someday see them in concert! Glad you had fun!


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