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I think I want one.




Would I use it?

I know nothing about them except that they make cool designs and I could save so much $$$ on future parties if I made my own stuff. :)

So, enlighten me.
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Pros - they're super easy to use. You don't need a computer. There's no software to figure out.

    Cons - for every different thing you want to do, you have to go out and buy another expensive cartridge.

    The Silhouette does the same thing, basically, but you don't have to buy cartridges. Instead of shelling out $70+ for one cartridge, with half of the shapes that you'll never use, you can spend a dollar or two for one shape that you know you will use. Also, if you have computer knowledge and can use a photo editing program, you can make your own shapes.

    I think both machines can cut all true type fonts now. Before only the Silhouette could.

    So basically, if you want something where you just cut and go, and you don't mind buying the cartridges, the Cricut is great. If you want something where you don't want to keep spending money on cartridges and don't mind doing a bit more work, the Silhouette is your best bet.

    Either way, the things you can do with these machines (shirts, signage, vinyl, scrapbooking, party decor, etc.) makes them worth it in my opinion.

  2. I have one and I really like it. I use it more for parties and school projects then scrapbooking. The cartridges can be expensive, but the trick is to find friends that have a Cricut also and borrow cartridges. I also buy off ebay.

  3. My daughter who is 15 has one and uses it alot. She makes signs, cards, posters, and scrapbooks galore. She figured out how to use it herself and loves it. I think you would as well.

  4. I love mine and if you get one I recommend the expression for using it for parties, etc,
    but as the previous person said you have to but cartridges which Provocraft just increased prices on.
    There are other die cut machines that are getting really cat lynx or something, the silhoutte (a friend has this one and just gets to choose the cuts she wants) i would google die cut machines and see what would best suite you.
    You could probably land an expression on craigslist for a cheaper price or a deal at some online stores...if you need good ones email me (keenerfamily at gmail dot com).
    check out the cricut community boards at
    Good luck.

  5. I have a Cricut Expression - which I purchased from {gasp} the Home Shopping Network in March 2011. I chose a bundled package which came with 4 of the mentioned cartridges, 3 cutting blades, a 12 X 12 cutting mat, a tool to remove your work from said mat, double sided tape and a few other things. The cost, including shipping, for my bundle was $350. Better deal than purchasing from a store.

    I also purchased the Sure Cuts A Lot software so that I can use ANY design that I choose with my Cricut without having to purchase those cartridges. The software is user friendly, and I've been pleased with what I've created so far.

    If you have more questions, feel welcomed to contact me!

    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

  6. I LOVE my Cricut Expression. There are programs you can buy for the Cricut that are computer based and allow you to use any font/'picture' on your computer or that you can find online...the only thing is it voids your I would wait a year JUST in case. I think with the program you can also 'design' your own cuts...I'm looking into getting one of these programs now that my warranty is up =)
    I buy my cartridges online and I am super picky about the ones I buy. I love it though and use it often for ALL sorts of projects. it came in really handy when I was making the scrapbooks for each famil after our wedding last year =)
    I would also suggest looking into the silhouette...just to figure out which you would prefer =)

  7. I have one and I love it! Super easy to use. My sister likes to use it to decorate her son's room and for parties. The cartidges can be expensive, but there are a lot of really cool features on them. For example, I made a baby scrapbook for a friend and used zoo animals on each page. My cricut cut out the main animal shape, but also cut zebra stripes, lion's mane, giraffe spots, and elephant tusks in different colors. It turned out really cute. And each cartidge has many shapes on them. I buy mine at Christmas time and they go on sale for about $20/cartridge.

    My sister-in-law has the silhouette, which is great too. I have used hers (before I got my cricut) and liked it, but it didn't have all the options that my cricut does.

    My advice if you get a cricut is to get the bigger one, that does 12" paper. Mine only does 6", which is great for scrapbooking, but not most other projects.

  8. I think you should buy it!!
    I wish I could afford to buy one...
    I'd love to have one too!

  9. I want one too...but right this second, I don't have enough reasons to purchase one. I plan to start homeschooling in the fall...I think one might come in handy then...we'll see.

  10. I have a Cricut, and when I use it, I LOVE it, but I find that it's very time consuming and I just don't have enough time in the day... however, I do work 50 hours a week and am a full-time grad student, so that might be why. :)

    I hated having to buy the cartridges, although you CAN find good deals on them off of Ebay, so I bought a cutting program (Sure Cuts a Lot) that lets you cut any svg file. You can find thousands and thousands of them on the internet, and some of them were made by people specifically for the Cricut, and they're FREE! I have great websites for svg files if you do get this program!

    I've actually used my Cricut for cutting vinyl and fabric more than I think I have for paper. It can make some awesome stuff, though.

    If you get one, I'd suggest you make sure you have a big space to work with it.

    Wow, there is NO organization to this post whatsoever. Sorry! :)

  11. LOVE MINE. Sure, there are lots of cartridges to buy, but you can find them super cheap on Ebay. I have a 4 or 5 font ones and a couple decoration ones and I'm pretty set. I usually pick up one if it's on sale or on ebay for a good price, but I rarely pay full price. Wal-Mart has cartridges for $35 full price too, by the way.

    I love mine and I use it ALL THE TIME. Totally worth the money!

  12. I've been wanting one for forever, but I really have no reason to buy it.

  13. YOu should buy one and give one away too! Hehe.

  14. Buy the software! I use Make the Cut software and I haven't had to buy any cartridges. You can basically cut any clip art you can find online. Even if you have to buy clip art online, it's usually only a couple of dollars which is much cheaper than buying the cartridges. Also you can cut ANY font on your computer with the software. I am constantly downloading new free fonts to cut for different projects.

    My favorite thing to cut with the Cricut is vinyl! I label a lot of cute things for my son with permanant vinyl and I have also cut words for my walls with home decor vinyl. Anyway, I think it's a great investment if you buy the software. Hope this helps!

  15. I have an expression, and I rarely use it. In fact I've been thinking of getting rid of it. I don't have a dedicated craft space and so taking it out is a pain. On the other hand I have a close friend who has a dedicated craft space who uses hers all the time. So I believe space considerations are key. When my daughter was in her homebased daycare I would use it to cut out letters every week for the daycare provider to use when teaching the kids the alphabet so that is another potential use for the machine.

  16. My mom wanted one and researched them. She ended up getting Silhouette. It can do everything and you don't have to buy cartridges. You do it all on your computer. Super easy. She loves it.

  17. I have a Cricut and LOVE it! I use it for just about everything. Look for cartridges the day after Thanksgiving - that's when I've found them the cheapest. I'd also watch for the best deal on the Cricut.

    I would recommend you buy the scraper tool to help get little pieces off of the cutting mat. You'll eventually have to buy a new cutting mat and blade, but I've had my Cricut since the summer of 2009 and I'm still using the originals.

    I say go for it! It is such a wonderful, wonderful tool! I've actually resigned myself to keeping it out full time. It no longer has a spot to put it away in the closet. :)

  18. My best friend has a Cricut and LOVES it. I think you will definitely benefit from it for all of Levi's parties. I would suggest checking into the SurCutsAlot program rather than the individual cartridges. (Downloading the program makes your machine no longer in warranty sure to think about that)

  19. I have a Cricut and a Silhouette. I like my Cricut, but I LOVE my Silhouette. You'll have more freedom with the Silhouette and you won't have to buy the cartridges.

  20. I have a Cricut and it's really handy. Great for banners, words, etc., and lovely for parties. I make tags for gifts and around the house and I even got a cartridge on sale to make 3-D village houses to glitter next Christmas as decorations. You can also cut vinyl and stencils for home decor.

    HOWEVER - If I were to do it over, I'd buy the Silhouette because I wouldn't have to buy cartridges. Much more versitile. Much handier. At the time I got the Cricut, the Silhouette wasn't compatible with Mac, but now it is.

    Good luck!

  21. I think the Silhouette looks very cool. However, Joann's has the Cricut on sale for $79.99.

  22. We have a Die Cutting Machine at work (I teach). I had no idea that there was such a thing as the Cricut. How did I miss this? I need one. Now.

  23. My MIL has one and it has come in handy when she's in charge of things like wedding shower favors, party invitations, etc! She has a desk, storage, and shelving all dedicated to her crafting and I agree with Holly that space consideration should be key. Good luck!

  24. I absolutely LOVE mine. And although the cartridges are pricy sometimes, you can always play swap with a friend or two. Plus it makes for awesome Christmas and birthday gift ideas.

  25. I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine. It's tearing me apart that mine is in storage while we are in a transitional moving phase right now!!

    About the 'expensive cartridges'... I've never paid more than $30 for mine. You can ALWAYS find them 1/2 off at Michael's or Hob Lob or even online. And use a coupon. They are also great to ask for for Christmas and Birthdays.

    Also, there is a program you can buy/download that eliminates the need to buy a cartridge. I do'nt remember the name but if you're interested, I can find out. I personally love the cartridges, because it gives me great ideas.

    You can cut out vinyl, freezer paper, all kinds of card stock and more. I'm a big fan. :) Can ya tell?

  26. PS- Sure Cuts A Lot was the program I was thinking of, which someone else mentioned! :)

  27. Hey Whitney :)

    I haven't blogged in awhile..but I peek in @ my favorites from time to time.. and I had to chime in- I have a Cricut Expression and a Silhouette and I LOVE my silhouette so much more! I have about 15 Cartridges and find that I only like one or two graphics from each so that is frustrating.. On my Silhouette I can cut almost anything.. silhouette even has a print and cut feature that I LOVE! I go to and use their graphics. It is super easy and way cheaper than the cartridges..

    Check out some of the other things the silhouette can do :)

  28. I have one and I love it. I have made party banners, yard sale signs, and greeting cards with it. My biggest hurrah was this guy:

    However, there is a smaller machine, the Silhouette SD, that looks amazing too. I find myself pining for it ALL THE TIME. They did not have it when I got mine but you should probably get it. Plus the blog for it has freebees ALL THE TIME.

  29. I've had a Cricut for five years and I absolutely love it! I started a Cricut blog a few months ago...check it might get some ideas:


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