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7 Little Moments {Week 5}

Friday, April 15


Here are Husby and Mom after her LASIK eye surgery. He didn't have to go in to work until 7pm, so he took me to Mom's appointment so that I could be her "seeing-eye-daughter" for the next couple of days. I drove her around like a chauffeur and doctored her eyes like a nurse. It was freezing cold that day and they wanted to run to the car instead of posing for a picture. But since I am the picture nazi, I insisted they pose for me. :)

Saturday, April 16.


Nothing says the initiation to spring like a cook out! These burgers and hotdogs were absolutely delicious. I just love the smell of charcoal on a crisp, cool evening!

Sunday, April 17.


I had a brief memory lapse and forgot to take a picture that day. I will tell you that we were super pumped for the second installment of Masterpiece Theatre's newest series - a remake of the 1970's original Upstairs Downstairs. It is so good! I am absolutely addicted to Masterpiece Classic.

Monday, April 18.


I snapped this picture of Husby making Levi laugh by reading him a story. The look on Levi's face is so precious! He loves his daddy so much.

Tuesday, April 19.


My best friend in all the land came for a visit with her husband and little girl. We snacked and laughed, and laughed and snacked. The older I get, I realize more and more what a treasure our friendship is. From the 6th grade to now, she continues to be my kindred spirit. What a joy!

Wednesday, April 20.


My life was made complete because CANDACE CAMERON tweeted me! I had tweeted that I had a dream that she told me that my wedding ring was ugly and that I know in my heart she would never tell me that in real life. She wrote this to me in reply!!! I swear, I almost died. D.J. TANNER talked to me!! My heart still races just thinking about it! Next on my list, Dawson Leery. :)

Thursday, April 21.


We were out to dinner with Husby's parents and I overheard the table next to us telling each other to call an ambulance. I turned around and saw a young guy seizing at the table. I blurted out to them, "my husband's about to graduate medical school!" and at that point Husby saw what was going on and jumped up to help. It was quite terrifying!! Moments like that really make me cherish every minute of life.

And there you have it, my seven little moments.

Happy Weekend, Loves!
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Oh that is a fun little thing to do - post seven little moments. How cool! Scary about the seizure but awesome husby could jump in and save the day!

    You'll have to update on the Lasik. I have always wanted to do that. Glasses don't look right on me!

  2. First, my mom just has Lasik a few weeks ago as well! I want it now ha.
    Second, OH EM GEE!!!! How cool that Candice actually tweeted YOU :] How exciting.

  3. Wow, that seizure must have been scary to witness.

    Also LOVE upstairs downstairs. I'd never seen it before (3 channels growing up) but it still plays over here on the BBC. I can get it on the BBC iPlayer (iPod/pad compatible)I don't know if it's zoned for watching in the states but you might give it a try! Loads of cool old school BBC productions (I love me some Jane Austen)

  4. I love your 7 Little Momentseries. It makes me think how I need to start remembering my week! I've been in a daze since the baby was born (12 wks ago) and I need to remember these times. He is growing SO fast! s

  5. I would totally die if DJ Tanner tweeted me, too! :)

  6. The tweet is AWESOME! I would have flipped. Did I ever tell you about the time Jodie Sweetin and Danica McKellar called me for Christmas when I was sick? I didn't believe it was them and I totally blew them off! It took a ton of convincing from my mom before I finally believed it. Haha!

  7. Ha ha, I love that DJ Tanner tweeted you! I'm loving her book, "Reshaping it All". How fun!!

  8. (Uh, I meant to put "DJ Tanner" in quotes ... and thusly feel that I need to justify that her name is, of course, Candace Cameron, not DJ Tanner!!)

  9. I hope your mom is loving her new eyesight! Lasik is one of the best things my parents have ever done for me. It is something else to be able to wake up in the morning and see the alarm clock without squinting. :)

  10. I love Candace Cameron! How cool that she tweeted you-she seems so sweet!

  11. Hi Glamorous Housewife...I am the Glamorous Army Wife! Saw your blog and just had to come check it out. You have some delish looking things on here. Yum.

    Come visit if you can...
    ~The Glamorous Army Wife

  12. Awesome moments! I love this idea for the blog. You are a smart one!

  13. wow, what a week!!!! I loved DJ Tanner too, I would have freaked out if she Tweeted me!! What a scary moment at the restaurant.. I hope your hubby was able to help. Have a great weekend!

  14. how cool that Candace Cameron Bure tweeted you!! I love following her. My fiance use to be an EMT, I love having someone there who is good in a medical emergency - very reassuring!

  15. DEEJ! That's awesome. And I am now craving a cheese ball and crackers...yum!

  16. I also want an update on the Lasik. I want to do it but am a little apprehensive about it. I'm gonna have to check out Upstairs Downstairs. Glad your husby was able to help with the poor guy having a seizure. How scary!

  17. Oh yeah . . . almost forgot.

    DJ Tanner tweeted you! Insert girly scream here. So exciting!

  18. Whitney! I wish you had a search on your blog. I want to search for iphone to see what photo app you're using for most of your pictures! HELP! ;) Great blog, girl!

  19. I actually follow you and Candace on twitter, and so I saw when she tweeted you. I had a little squeal moment as well, but mine was just over the fact that I KNEW someone she was tweeting.

    Cool iphone pics, what apps?

  20. First, I hope that young guy was okay!! It's so wonderful that your husband was able to help. I also am so jealous that Candace tweeted you back. OMG! She was in Columbus a few weeks ago and I tweeted her asking if she was going to do any meet and reply :( I think I would just babble on if I met her IRL. Love DJ Tanner!!

  21. fun post! :) I have been considering LASIK for so long, almost got it but couldn't bc I was still breastfeeding! Love grilling, yuuuummy. That pic of L and your Hubby is adorable, that expression is so cute! Ahhh, how fun that CC tweeted you back, that is so funny! and so wonderful that your Hubby was able and willing to help!

  22. Wow what a crazy week! DJ Tanner and witnessing a life being saved. So glad you all were in the right spot and the right time!

  23. Haha that's so awesome that Candace Cameron tweeted you!!! (o: I would have gone through the roof if that happened to me too! Fun!


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