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Weebie Wednesday: Little Buddy

Levi has never before been attached to a certain stuffed animal, blanket or anything like that. He likes them, but he hasn't ever really cuddled with or taken to them like some kids. I tried to make him like Dumbo, which he does like, but after the novelty of his ears wear off, he's done. I tried to make him cuddle with those soft silky blankets ... nope. He chunks them across the room. I have no real reasoning for pushing these stuffed animals and blankets off on him, except for it just being cute.

Seriously, what's more precious than a baby in his jammies carrying around his favorite stuffed animal? Or his favorite blanket. I mean, Charles Schulz didn't create Linus for nothing y'all. It's cute!

Well, in my failed attempts at getting Weebie to have a favorite stuffed animal to cling to in the night, I realized that I just didn't have the right one. Over the past few months, Mr. Weebs has finally found his match. His partner in crime. His fluffy soul mate, if you will.

And his name is Ernie.

Actually, according to Weebie, his name is Ernie-Ernie. (And the same goes for Elmo-Elmo. The kid likes repetition, k?)


Ernie-Ernie is his must have sleep time companion. They count sheep together, go on night time adventures together in Dreamy Dream Land and they snuggle together. The first thing out of Levi's mouth every morning is "Ernie-Ernie", and is often the last thing on his lips at night. Levi doesn't have much to do with him during the day, but when it's time to get in bed, Ernie must be there.

I love seeing Levi give him sugars and hug his neck. It is absolutely precious. Weebie & Ernie-Ernie ... friends forever.

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  1. How sweet!

    I tried to push cuddlies and blankies on my older two children to no avail. Like you, for no other reason than the cuteness factor! Finally, in my third child (currently 17 months old), I've got that cuteness! She loves her large muslin squares and won't sleep without one. She drapes them over her face to sleep, so I'm glad she didn't take to a thicker blanket! When she's tired she will drape it over her head or wear it round her shoulders and you often find her dragging one behind's so adorable!

    I really ought to do a blog post about it. You've inspired me!

  2. Too cute! It makes me laugh because we have photos from a family vacation in Greece twenty years ago and my (at the time) five-year-old brother is holding Bert and Ernie dolls in every single picture. Has Levi met Bert yet?

  3. Whitney-

    Cute nickname "weebie", and adorable pictures of Levi! I tried giving my son a stuffed white goose bc his nickname is Little Goose or Silly Goose. He was very taken with his lovey and didn't want anything to do with the goose at first, but he eventually came around and now he has to sleep with both. He associates them with sleep and that is the only time he wants them, unless he is sick.

    Too cute!

  4. Well, if that isn't the sweetest thing?! I love the picture of Levi & Ernie-Ernie in the crib together - precious.

  5. Aww! You're right. Every kid needs a stuffed companion or blanket. I had a teddy bear I called "Grey Teddy" and I actually STILL have him. He sits on a shelf in the closet in my bedroom. :)

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  6. Too sweet! My lovie was a Minnie Mouse that I got on my second birthday. My mom still keeps her on my bed back home :)

  7. I've been calling my baby Linus all week. He has a blanket (we call it a wubbie) that he loves, sleeps with, needs when he's hurt, etc., but this week he's been sick so he's dragged it everywhere! So precious!

  8. That's adorable... I love love love the last picture.

  9. That last pic is pretty sweet. He looks so grown up!

  10. That is adorable! Even better? I had the same Ernie-Ernie (plus a matching Bert!) when I was a baby.

  11. That is soo precious! I love your Weebie posts!!!

  12. I love that last picture! Just a cutie. You should get some Ernie and Bert books to read to him. There's an older book called "Don't Forget the Cookies" that I used to read all the time. He would love it!

  13. This is so sweet. My son also isn't much on lovies, pacifiers or anything like that. I'm still looking for that perfect pal though.

  14. So cute because I can't find a lovey for my Henry either. I guess I need to just keep searching for the right one. :)

  15. What a precious last picture! So cute...
    I still have my doll...she's in the closet in a basket wrapped in a blanket so she doesn't get cold.

    Is that weird?!

    Haha!! Glad Levi has "someone" now :-)

  16. Whitney, those are the cutest pictures! So sweet that he found his lovey :) Mason is the real-life Linus-- blankey in tow and thumb in his mouth pretty much all day long!

  17. Ernie-Ernie and Levi-Levi are so, so, cutie-cutie!! You have a beautiful little boy :)

  18. Oh that picture of ernie peeking out from under a sleeping babe makes me melt into a pile of goo! We're just introducing a little transitional object to the Pie, a knitted green giraffe. I love peeking in on her sleeping and holding the little guy. I'll have to snap a pic one of these days.


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