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Let The Wild Rumpus Start!

Little Maxwell's nursery theme is "Where the Wild Things Are". It is my brother's all time favorite book from his childhood and since the day they knew they were having a baby, that was the theme of their nursery, whether he be a boy or girl.

And they just so happened to have Maxwell right around the time that a movie was made of the book. The irony!


The little boy in the book's name just so happens to be MAX!

So, when I planned the shower, I scoured the web and stores high and low for ideas.

Now let me show you how it turned out.

We bought a copy of the book, picked pictures out that we liked, ran to Hobby Lobby and had them framed! Perfect decor for the shower, and a great wall grouping for their nursery! Woo Hoo!! (Oh, and pardon the chairs in front of them. I needed living room seating for the shower!)


Here is where the Mom of Honor was seated. (I took this picture before people arrived, so trust me, she had plenty more than just 2 gifts, hehe!)


One of my friends walked in and thought the stuffed animals on the mantel were part of my Fall decor. Oh gasp! Can you imagine?! HA!


Here is the table before the food was placed.


I found these adorable letters at Hobby Lobby! Hollie had mentioned she wanted to hang his name over his crib, so I thought this would go great on the table as part of the decor, and then she could use them after!


The Diaper Cake was ordered online and these tiles came from Hob Lob as well. Love that place. And love how they do 1/2 price sales!!


Here's the cake I made.


Just kiddin'. A local bakery made it. Did I have you going for just a second?

This was one of my favorite details! I found these little tiles with scenes from the book on Etsy. How cute! I hung them on a little tree type thing. Loved it!


The napkins and cups with his name on it. Also came from online. The plates came from Pier 1. Cutesy.



Here is the party favor station. Party favors were all found online, too. I wasted many a day on the WWW finding links to unique favors. Well, I guess they weren't wasted if I found some cutesies!


These are actually hand towels. Adorable? Yes.


Mini Gum Ball Machines and little Jars of Honey. Do you remember how before we knew Levi was Levi, I called him Baby Lovie? Well, my mom called Maxwell "Baby Honey" before we knew that he was Maxwell. So...this was appropriate.


The food was then placed....


All the details were covered....


And the party could now begin. (Does anyone notice something in the background of this picture? LOL)


After the Guest of Honor arrived with her Mother, I snapped a picture of them, sat my camera down and failed to get a picture of anything else after. Hey, don't blame me; I was too busy hostessing. :)


Hollie and her Momma. We had a great turn out, great laughter, great games, great gifts for baby, and an all around wonderful day for little Max. If only he could have experienced it with us. Soon, my little nephie. Soon.
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Amazing. Simply amazing. I'm in awe of your party styling talent! What an awesome idea to frame pages from the book. They turned out gorgeous!

    (that's my favorite children's book too. I can recite it from memory!)

  2. You did a wonderful job. You have such an eye for detail. We love the book too. Good things Max was a boy though as I can't imagine a 'Where the Wild Things Are' nursery for a girl!

    I think the baby shower is such a wonderful American tradition. We don't really have them here in England, much to my regret. I would have loved one.

  3. How beautiful and perfect! I am sure momma Hollie enjoyed it :) I hope I'm blessed to have such a great hostess in my future!

  4. Oh Whitney!! Are you sure you didn't go into party planning/decorating?? I'm throwing a baby shower in Jan and this just totally raises the bar! WOW. You did a wonderful job!! I bet she loved it :)

  5. Okay between you and C of Wedded Whims, I can't take it! You guys have such great ideas! If I ever have to throw a party I'm asking you two for help! You really did a wonderful job!

  6. i LOVE everything you did. it looks fabulous :)

  7. Girl - you could give Martha Stewart a run for her money. Your parties always look fabulous! What a fun theme and I love how you did everything.

  8. so fun, very creative! you said the diaper cake was ordered online? where?

    i like all the details, it shows love! Praying the little guy gets home soon!

  9. That looks like an awesome shower! It turned out so well! And I love the theme!!

  10. Geez, girl. You throw a mean shower! I love all your ideas! I would never be creative enough for that!

    Say, I have to throw my sister a bridal shower in the spring. Wanna do it for me? Thanks!

  11. This is by far the cutest baby shower I've ever seen! I especially love that you had the book pages framed, so sweet! :)

    I just found your blog yesterday, and so far I LOVE it. Can't wait to read more! ;)

    Best wishes,

  12. Oh my goodness. You are too talented! Your home always seems so put together, and now this party?

  13. Everything was beautiful, I really like the cake.

  14. It's perfect! You did a fantastic job! I bet Hollie loved it all.

  15. Aww it looks like it was an amaing shower. You did such a great job and everything look just wonderful! You are a great party planner!

  16. Oh my! You did a WONDERFUL job. I wish I could throw something together like that. Exciting to say the least.

    Congrats again to your sis-in-law.

  17. LOVE the decorations! All of the details worked together seamlessly to create a beautiful yet fun shower.

  18. What a great theme!! Love everything!! How unique :)

  19. What a beautiful and amazing shower! I love the theme and all of the sweet details you included!

  20. I definitely fell for the whole you making the cake thing. I was amazed!! :-) I LOVE the decorations!! I'm already starting to plan a baby shower for my cousin in January. I can't wait! And she's planning a wedding shower for me in April.. busy times!!

  21. Wow, very creative! I looove the pictures framed from the book pages. So much better than the normal baby shower themes!

  22. This is just WAY TOO CUTE! And props to your brother and sister-in-law for coming up with the Where the Wild Things Are theme for the nursery! SUCH a cute idea!! :-)

  23. I can't get over how precious how everything turned out! My husband would fall over for this - that is is favorite book of all time. *lol* Where didyou find the stuffed toys at?

  24. Oh, I bet she loved the shower. How cute!!

  25. Love love love everything!!!

  26. Such a cute idea. You really did a wonderful job with all the little details.

  27. That looks like an amazing shower! You used the theme so well! I can't believe how much thought much thought you must've put into all those little details!

  28. You did an amazing job! I love that you themed everything out so well. You should be a party planner!

  29. Woa. Awesome. I love the stuffed animals of Where the wild things are. The leopard plates too are soo cute!! Love it.

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