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Autumn Days.

My favorite season is upon us. I have decked my home with warm Autumn accents and now all I need is the bitter cold breeze and the leaves to fall off the trees. And...a big pot of stew with 3 large cornbread muffins. Yum.

This is the first year that I haven't decorated with pumpkins. Usually, I have them everywhere, but this year I went with berry tones and birds. And I love it!

Would you like to see my home with the spurts of Fall throughout? Sure ya do (because who doesn't love spying in at other people's homes). Let's go!

First off, when it comes to Fall, there are two absolute "musts" for my home.


A candy dish filled with gold, red and brown chocolates...


And my favorite candle OF all time. Votivo Red Currant. Pure fantasticalism.


It is not Fall without these things.

Next off, we have my coffee table. This year, I purchased a lovely acorn-ish shaped apothecary jar and filled it with sparkly acorns. Love it!


(Ignore the Boppy in the background. I am a Mommy, ya know.)


On my other end table, I put some mini pumpkin/cinnamon sticks potpourri in a small vase from Pottery Barn.


Is it weird that we've been married over 4 years and still have PB giftcards from our wedding? I'm telling you, we received a TON!


Then I found this little diddy, and loved it.


Partly because of what it says on the inside:


I just love that!

Alrighty, now let's move on to the kitchen.


This is my table. For the centerpiece, I put reindeer moss in the bottom of the vase with big pomegranates spewing out everywhere!


And I'm in love with these plates. I love birds.



I think it's a warm and inviting table. Come on over! :)


Well, that is Fall at my house. Let's see what it looks like where you live!
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. WHERE did you get those plates?!?!

    We happen upon a new similarity - I LOVE birds too! I have them all over my living room and kitchen. I'm mildly frightened that people think of me as a creepy bird lady.

    I planned on blogging about my decor last week, but my comp was being weird and not letting me upload the pics :( So if I blog my decorations, be assured I'm not just copying :)

    Everything looks beautiful!

  2. very pretty! I am loving fall myself!

    I'm hosting a giveaway this week, be sure to head on over and check it out!

  3. do you keep your table set all the time?

  4. Your house looks fantastic!

    Mine, on the other hand...

    But, one thing I've recently found that I love (ok two things) ...

    Air Wicks Warming Oil in Apple Cinnamon Medley - smells like Christmas!


    Febreeze Spray in Apple Mango Tango - Love it!

  5. Beautiful fall decorations!! They look great!! I'm so impressed! :)

  6. You have inspired me. I have had an empty dining room table for YEARS because I can't figure out what to put in the middle of it. I want a centerpiece, but I don't want it to be flowers. I LOVE your centerpiece! I'm copying you for Thanksgiving and I'm telling my family that I came up with it on my own.

    Just wanted you to know...

  7. Beautiful, elegant and glamorous as always Whitney!!! I love everything - especially the centerpiece on your dining room table. Very lovely! I'm still trying to get fall together at my house and have to admit, I'm a pumpkin nut this time of year! Love everything you did!

  8. Love the table centerpiece. Where did you get the pom branches?

  9. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! So you NEED another blog to showcase your decorating skills! I loved the way you set up Levi's room and now this! I'm not a mom, I'm not married yet but I've been so afraid that when I am I'm going to turn into everything I despise. A woman who has no taste and all she has left is that she's a mom. I see this all the time. Well seeing this, you've made me feel so much better. Please do more posts like this,you and I have very similar taste. Maybe you can include where you've purchased some of these things!

    Great post!

  10. Wow - lovely! That pomegranate centerpiece is amazing. Love your table settings as well.

  11. You are incredible. A new mommy with time to decorate her house! :)

  12. YAY! LOVE all the fall goodies!! SO pretty! AND Votivo red currant is one of my all time favs too! LOVESSSSS it :)

  13. I love your bird plates! They look like the Spode woodland series, but I haven't seen them before!

    I love your "fancy" saying box :) Too cute!

  14. Rats - you've switched your photos to Flicker and so now I can't see them - or at least not at work - guess I will have to see if I can see them at home tonight. :o)

  15. Oh I love the dinning room!! Blooming in the south did a fall decor post- check it out!


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  18. Sorry about the last few comments- (The ones that were deleted) Something happen and my computer kept putting out the same comment! oops!

  19. Wow it all looks really pretty! I LOVE the plates! :) Wish I could get mine looking so pretty!

  20. I love the acorn filled with little acorns. Super-cute!!

    And can I just say that I love how all of my friends know EXACTLY which scents they love for fall? It's amazing. I don't think that any of my friends choose the same scent. They're all similar, but different. Different brands, different scents ... but all very fall-ish! That candle sounds amazing!!

  21. I LOVE those plates! Give them to me :-)

  22. Love love love your autumn deco!!

  23. Where did you get the pomegranate sprigs? Cute!

  24. I also LOVE your plates!! You can check out my home and other fall things I love during my Fabulous Fall Fridays!!!

  25. I love your decor! It makes me want to decorate my house too! I think I will start tomorrow!! :)

  26. I loved your fall theme! So creative and elegant. :)

  27. You've got great, amazing taste and a flair for decorating! I LOVE it! Thank you for the tour!!!

  28. Beautiful! That is a lovely little saying, too!

  29. Your house is fab..I esp. love your dining room!

  30. I love the pomegranate centerpiece! It all looks great!

  31. LOVE IT all!! I get tired of the long summer with no really fun holidays to decorate for!! Fall has got me excited!! Just finished my decorating this weekend!

    2 questions...
    1. where did you get the sparkly acorns that I must have?
    2. where did you get the amazing plates that would look awesome on my dining room table???

  32. Love it all! I need to find that candle...I love fall candles and such!

  33. Your house looks amazing!! Please come decorate my house next!!

  34. Beautiful! Love the plates and I love the bird thing that says a little of what you fancy does you good. Yay fall! I hardly got out any fall decor this year. The apartment is so crowded there's hardly room. So I brought some of it to work! (-:



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