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Rice Cereal: Take One.

Levi is almost 4 months old (if you want to discuss how fast he's growing up, you can find me in a corner somewhere bawling). About a week ago, we decided to give him some rice cereal and see what happened. We mixed it up with his formula, put it in a bowl, broke out the baby spoons and started to feed the Little Lad.

"Hey Mom. What's that thing in your hand? And what are you planning on doing with that? You better not get any wise ideas."


"I guess I trust you, but I'm not too sure about this whole we want to rethink this, Mom???"


"It smells like looks like formula...Mom, why am I eating this with a spoon? That's not how I roll!"


"That. Was. Weird."


"But it was kind of hilarious, too! That spoon felt funny in my mouth, Mom!"


"Am I supposed to swallow it or spit it out? I don't really understand all this just yet."


"But I sure look cute trying!"


"Yes, Levi. Yes, you do."

*We gave up and dumped it in a bottle. He sucked it right down. :)
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  1. What a sweet boy! Oh, I so remember the 1st rice cereal experience with Ruthie Jane. Just wait, next week he will be walking! Love ya friend!

  2. The cutest pictures....but I love baby pictures.....I had just a few minutes to blog hop tonight....
    Hope you will stop by my Christmas blog. I have a great giveaway that I will draw for on
    Oct 1 and a comment is all it takes to enter....

  3. ***Unsolicited mummy advice ahead. (feel free to ignore).

    At just nearly 4 months, a baby's digestive system is not nearly ready for this. I did not know until I did the research myself, and then (gotta love that order, right?!) then I asked my health professionals.

    They told me not to do it until 6 months, at the minimum. I did it at 5.5 to be fair as she was starving, but still under 4 months is really young.

    I know totally unsolicited, potentially annoying advice, but....
    just dont want the little man with any digestive issues.

  4. Which cereals stay least crispy in milk? Cereal Sog Test

  5. We had Caleb in his bouncer when we tried rice cereal for the first time at four months, too! He looks adorable!! Don't worry--he'll gobble it up in no time. You're doing a great job!!

  6. Too cute!! I love the sweet smile on his face! :)

  7. I can imagine if I was eating that stuff I would also be making those faces! My husband tried a spoonful of it when we were giving A rice cereal for the first time (a couple weeks ago) and he said it was not too bad but had a bad after taste. Brave man.... I steered clear of it.

    Little Levi is such a handsome little fellow.

    And, continuing to think about your brother and his family.

  8. love it!! He is so cute.
    Cant believe how big he is getting!! You just not see it till you see him in person. He is so cute
    We need to get together again.

  9. You have given me confidence.

    Beanie has been getting hungrier and hungrier and his bottles are just not cutting it. I have been holding out on the cereal because he has a doctor's appointment in two weeks and I thought I'd wait until the doctor gave me the go-ahead.

    But you've totally inspired me! I'm his mom! If I think he's ready for cereal, then I should do it!!

    Yeah! I'm gonna do it!

    P.S. That last picture is the BEST!

  10. Too much fun! He will be getting the hang of it before you know it and then you can move onto foods which elicit even more funny faces!

  11. Your baby is so absolutely adorable! :) -Jessica

  12. Awe, I remember the days. So cute!! And trust me, you really don't want to discuss how quickly they grow up...

  13. Ha ha, love the pictures! He looks quite suspicious of his mommy and that spoon headed towards his mouth...! ;)

  14. He is just the sweetest thing!! I have enjoyed watching him grow!!

    You might want to try and make the cereal just a tad thick. My little boy did better with it that way.

  15. I love reading your blog and seeing new pictures of baby Levi! Thank you for sharing!!

  16. wow, so you can just put it in a bottle? i guess my idea of rice cereal is too "grown up," and i don't understand all of the "baby stuff" :D I loved his face, though!

  17. these pictures are TOO fun! Gosh I want to play with him!


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