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And So Begins His Love For Toys...

One of my good bloggie friends, Katie (over at Confessions of a Young Married Couple - check her out, she makes me laugh out loud every single day), asked me a few weeks ago to do a blog about Levi's favorite toys. We have sons just a few days apart, so we like to keep up with what our babies are doing, playing with, milestones, etc. Our sons even rolled over on the exact same day! They're destined to be BFF.

That, or they e-mailed each other and conspired to make their Mommy's freak out that day. Maybe that's why Levi was smirking all day. I'm on to them...

Anyway, I finally got around to taking pictures of Levi and his toys. These are his absolute favorite ways to occupy his play time.

*I did not include his play mat or swing in this post, because most all babies play with/on these things. But, for the record, he loves his Baby Einstein play mat and Boppy swing. I recommend both.

First off, we have an array of hand toys.


He loves anything that crinkles, squeaks or plays music. He loves to hold and chew his rattles and plush toys. Do you see that weird octopus? Each (leg? arm? ....tentacle?) plays a different note and Husby is the master at playing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on him. Levi stares and smiles at him. The octopus, not Husby. Though he does smile at Husby too, but that wasn't my point.


He loves bright, fun colors. One of his favorite things is his Baby Einstein music player (AKA My Lifesaver on the Road). It plays fun, classical music and lights up. This little jewel will occupy him for as long as the music plays (and it plays for a long time, unlike most baby toys where you have to keep pushing and pushing and pushing). We take this in the car with him and it always captures his attention.


And then we have our little rattle shoes. He LOVES them. He pulls them up to his face and thinks it's the funniest thing. Husby hates these and calls him an elf.


He's infatuated with stuffed animals at this age. Especially, his beloved Dumbo.


In attempts to teach him about farm animals, I purchased a See and Say. He stares at it with the most intent look on his face. This provides a good chunk of entertainment for him, and he's learning at the same time!


Levi loves books. His favorite is this Elmo puppet book. He truly thinks Elmo is talking and dancing for him. He is obsessed with the thing...


The other day, we went out to purchase two new "big boy toys" for Levi. The first being the Johnny Jump Up!


He's not quite sure what to think about it just yet, so he kind of just dangles there staring at the ground. And occasionally looks up at me like, "is this how to do it, Mom?" But I think in time, he will learn to love it. Ya know, when he learns to jump. Maybe the See and Say kangaroo will show him how...

Next we have his second big boy toy. His excersaucer! Oh my gracious, the boy loooooves the thing.


He will sit on this thing for hours on end. Um, okay, maybe for only like 15-20 minutes, but hey, his head gets tired. Poor lamb. It spins so he can look at all of the wild things shooting out every which way.

And oh my goodness, look at his legs in this thing. Precious.


So. These are Levi's favorite toys for this stage of life. It's so fun to watch him learn and explore. He is such a curious little fellow.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Levi's number one favorite toy can not be purchased in store.


This toy is his Daddy. Especially when they play "Super Weeb".

Cutest. Thing. Ever.
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  1. I just love Levi's little smile. Adorable!

  2. Man, when did they start making baby toys so awesome! We had cardboard boxes and pieces of fruit. Those toys look fun enough for me to play with! And as always, Levi is ADORABLE.

  3. First of all - Levi is such a handsome little guy!!! (o: But I'm sure you know that.

    And second - what fun toys!! I haven't heard of the rattle shoes before - what a great idea.

  4. super cute!!! His little smile is just precious! My friend's little girl loves her "johnny jump" thing..not sure if that's what hers is..but same concept!

  5. Our Exersaucer was priceless. I would have paid triple for that thing.

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS POST!! (and the shout out!) I think we're destined to be BFF, too. JUST LOOK AT OUR HAIR COLOR, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!

    You have given me some fantastic new ideas! Santa told me he's bringing Beanie an exersaucer for Christmas, but maybe a jumper is in his more near future... Hmm....

    Thanks a million!

  7. Oh we have the Elmo Clap your Hands book and both of my girls just lOVED it!

    Levi is just so cute. Is he betrothed yet? My Izzy is a year older than him, but I think they'd make a cute, smiley little couple. Whadya say?

  8. We have the same exersaucer! Hudson loves his, too! And we have 90% of the toys on the floor with Levi! And don't you love the wrist rattles and bootie rattles?! So fun!

  9. Levi has an INTENSE stare down going on with one of his toys in that picture--so cute!

  10. I totally agree with you! Harrison's excersaucer and johnny-jump-up have been life savers! They are such great baby entertainers. Levi is adorable! You have such a handsome little man!

  11. Hey there,
    just have to say that Levi is absolutely adorable! And I also wanted to say that I love the updates on max, I pray for him every morning when I drive to school and think of him whenever I get to visit the NICU up here. He truly sounds like a miracle boy. God surely has great things planned for him, as well as Levi!!
    I think I have commented before but if not, I'm Mandy and was a jbu science major with darin!
    ~ Mandy

  12. He so cute and a very lucky little man to have such wonderful parents.


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