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Today's Mission.

First off, thank you guys so much for your super sweet & kind words about Levi's room. You all are just presh, and I really appreciate the compliments! You made me smile all day. :)



I am going shopping for last minute items. I have two things that I am focusing on: buying organizational tools for my pantry and some things for my hospital bag.

The pantry is somewhat terrifying. There is so much crammed in there and it's begging to be organized. I might do before and after pictures for you after I get it pretty and proper, but I'm just not how sure I am about letting you guys see the "before". I'm telling you, it's the one place in my house that is a complete disaster area. I'm not sure why, but man, it is. Anyway, I am going to tackle that this week and today I will purchase the things I need to make it nice.

It's driving me crazy and I have to get it ready and neat before Levi comes. Because I know that he'll care that my pantry is organized. I'm sure it will be the first thing he asks once he shoots out of my womb. So. I must be prepared.

My hospital bag. I made a post months ago asking you fine folks what to bring with me....and guess what? I forgot. And I can't find the post. Okay, I could find the post if I sat down and truly searched, but I don't have time. So, I am racking my brain trying to remember what you all said and hope that I don't leave anything out. Hopefully by tonight, it will be packed, ready and sitting next to my front door.


What am I supposed to wear while I'm IN the hospital? Like, after I have Levi and then I'm there for 2 days or whatever. What am I wearing when people come to visit? I am so confused. I mean, I know I can't wear outfits and stuff, so do I just wear gowns and robes all day until they release me? If so, I'm really going to be confused as to what time of day it is.

Then again, there is really no sense of "time" in hospitals. It's always like one really long continuous day, no matter how long you're there.

Okay. Wish me luck as I set out to gain the last minute items I need for my nesting instinct. My house doesn't know what's hit it!
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  1. This:
    "Because I know that he'll care that my pantry is organized. I'm sure it will be the first thing he asks once he shoots out of my womb."
    - had me crying laughing..

  2. You're so funny about the pantry thing! Two of my friends who had babies wore cute pjs while they were there. :) Good luck organizing your pantry. Believe me, I would and probably will be doing the same thing when it is my turn in about 5 months. (I'm almost 17 weeks pregnant!)

  3. I'm sending you an email...some of the things to pack are probably not blog comment appropriate :)

  4. I always brought nursing gowns and robes to wear (after the first day--wear hospital stuff the first day. It could get gross, and you don't want to have to wash that stuff at home!) Or two-piece pajamas. Be comfy!

    DISPOSABLE UNDERWEAR! The hospital gives you horrible "one-size-fits-all" mesh underwear, but the disposable underwear (foudn inthe maxi pad aisle) is so much better!

    Bring your own toiletries. A razor, too!

    I brought clothes for my babies to wear at the hospital. The hospital provided baby clothes are just a t-shirt, and they have been washed in all sorts of harsh chemicals. I was kinda funny (still am, almost six years later!) about what touches the skin of my kids


    A good novel. There will hopefully be a time when it will just be you and the baby, it'll be quiet, and you can hold him and read a good novel. I thought people who told me to bring one were crazy, but I am now a believer.

    If you're going to breastfeed, a little sign for his basinnette that says no bottles, please!

    A going home outfit for you AND the baby!

  5. With my third baby, I finally found something that I was comfortable in and felt was appropriate: satin button down pajamas in a dark color. It may seem a little strange that pajamas would be appropriate, but it is the hospital, after all! The buttons also help with modesty for all the people that come in and out of the room while nursing. If you don't want to wear pajamas, I will caution you that I have seen some rather tight clothes on postpartum women. I think we all dream that we will be instantly smaller right after giving birth, but I have never seen that to be true. So, make sure whatever you buy still fits while you are pregnant or you could end up looking like you are wearing spandex!

  6. You'll be fine. A nice, beautiful, PRETTY dressing gown will be nice to wear the day after Levi arrives. Once you are able to shower, you'll feel like a new woman and will dress accordingly! Yeah, I'd get on that pantry to. quick. Levi already has "expectations" of his mommy! ;-) you are too funny!!! Have fun!!

  7. Can you come organize my house too? Its not like you have a big belly in the way all the time or like your trying to keep your feet from swelling, c'mon?? haha! Have fun shopping for big granny panties! :)

  8. Whit, you'll be fine!! :)

    I wore sweatpants and tshirts during the "in-between time", but just wore the hospital gown for the first day. My hospital provided most of what i needed, but you might want to pack extras just in case :)

  9. i know what you mean with the pantry thing. i almost can't even sleep at night if i feel something is completely cluttered or disorganized. and i am now on a search for your lost post...i knew i should have bookmarked that!!!

  10. AH HA! i found it...

    that just goes to show how much time i have on my hands at work :)

  11. Easy to slip on and off shoes that are comfy. I cannot stand for my feet to touch any ground that I have not previously cleaned myself unless of course it's the beach. Little snacks because the hospital charges for everything!

  12. My sister wore a cute sweatsuit after her baby was born. If you're having a c-section, though, I don't know. Bring a robe, for sure, and make sure it's one that you don't really care much about.

    Make sure you bring a couple of "casual" outfits (like sleepers) for Levi, too, for before he leaves the hospital. THey'll stick him in a onesie or something but you might want him dressed in something else.

  13. I would bring a robe, a pretty one. Their gowns are ugly! I definitely want to see before & after of the pantry as I do not believe anything in your beautiful house could be labeled as a "disaster area"

  14. I would bring your most comfortable pair of maternity pants (maybe like a yoga pant or something) and some comfy t-shirts. You'll be surprised at how pregnant you still look and feel so just bring the most comfy clothes you can find that are still presentable. Trust me, no one will care what you are wearing...they will only want to see that precious baby!

  15. Girl I would be the same about the pantry :)
    I will be turning to you about what to pack once little Levi has arrived and you have been through ti :)

  16. I know my sister wore a beautiful pink nightgown with a matching robe and matching pink slippers. I just bought some incredible pajama pants at Target yesterday. They were a silky *but not silk* material and were like sleeping in buttah. Wonderfully comfortable. Here is the link of Targets website. They have matching tops too.

  17. You're getting close!!! Enjoy these last days/weeks (hopefully not) with that precious baby in your tummy. It's bittersweet when the baby is not there anymore :-) :-(

    I wondered the same thing about clothes because I didn't want to have to wear a hospital gown the whole time! My first pregnancy I did because no one told me I could do otherwise! My second pregnancy, I wore black no waist work out pants and they were so comfy (I got them at Taret and they still carry similar types). Easy access tops are good too. Not to be gross, but I would stick with darker colors on your lower half to be on the safe side. And don't forget slippers to wear even when you are going from the bed to the bathroom!

    Looks like others have helped out with the other items you should have, so I won't leave a long list!

  18. I have no idea what you should pack.. but I am enjoying reading everyone comments.. so I know..and I will be able to email you after levi comes and see what you really needed!!
    I understand abot the pantry.. organized mine a couple weeks ago!
    PS_ love peek a boo.. just went there saturday to the sale they were having and ordered Cates furntiure from there:) we are eyeing a chair from theer. but I didnt know that some of them reclined... interesting:)

  19. I've never had a baby, but I would think I would want to wear something comfy and still very sheek!!

    Maybe a nice sweat suite, or stylish PJ's!

    Good Luck

  20. Sadly I never made it into my own pjs at either birth. Long story and not one you want to hear before you have your first child. But I say a night gown and robe. Night gowns are just so much easier. My opinion anyway.

  21. Oh honey, you're gonna be really confused as to what time of day it is anyway, because there is really no sense of time when you have a new baby!! :)

    I wore the hospital gown until it was time to go home, but considering that you are a slightly classier gal than me (okay, make that WAY classier!), I'd go with the people who said a pretty nightgown and robe--whatever makes you most comfy!

    PS--Please tell husby I'm disappointed in him for not standing his ground on the chandy in the nursh. There is no such thing as a MANdy. ;)

  22. You absolutely want to be comfortable! I know that I just wanted to feel pretty after giving birth... fresh clothes, some light makeup, and I think I even had my mom curl my hair one day after my first little girl was born. You will have lots of pictures AND lots of visitors after little Levi arrives, so you mostly just want to wear something that you will feel good in. Pretty pajamas, yoga pants and a soft top... those are the things you want to go with!

    THE best thing I brought to the hospital was a CD player. During labor and delivery, we listened to soft music (Selah, Jim Brickman, some other instrumental worship music). It really made that hospital room a peaceful, worshipful place. It also helps to have something to distract you from the pain, while you're waiting on that blessed epidural!

    Some other must haves? Soft towels from home, your own toilet paper, and a set of sheets and a blanket or comforter for your husband.

  23. okay--I JUST had our baby boy on may 8th, and here's what I found to be useful:

    Your own shampoo/body wash
    Hospital gown the first day, but then comfy jammies/robe you don't mind tossing once at home
    Snacks for after labor
    Your own pillow
    Peppermints (you can have them during labor)
    Clothes that are comfy to leave in (you'll most likely still look 5 months pregnant afterwards)
    Things that soothe you, be it movies, music, lotion
    Make sure to have pads and 'old lady' undies for when you're at home, as well as ibprofuen

    And that's all I can think of right now-jonas is hungry :)

  24. What I found the most helpful outfit wise....
    slip on slippers- hospital floors are cold while the rooms are hot.
    Nice comfy pyjamas. Preferably easy access up top if you are breastfeeding. Cotton ones this time of year were best for me, as was a light robe, just to cover up really.

    about the pantry, have you considered making it all cute with shelf liners?
    Such as cath kidston oil cloth? You just order it, cut to measure and put it on. Very nice patterns too.


  25. Some things I wish people would have told me.

    You can get Levi dressed whenever you want. They normally put diaper on them and a t shirt but bring his cute clothes and dress him up if you want!

    You can put sweats of shorts on shortly after delivery. Which I wish I would have knows. After they take your iv out you can get dressed.

    I'm not sure how it is at other hospitals but when I had me daughter the gave me all the diapers I needed while I was there but only one thing of wipes and I ran out!!! So maybe pack some extra wipes.

    Take your lap top most hospitals have free internet. Then you will be able to upload pictures of Levi soon after he is born so we can all adore his cuteness :)

    Of course take a camera charger, and the connector for the computer.
    Have a list by the door of the last minute things you have to pack like your toothbrush, camera, phone chargers, Bible. That way when it's time you know you wont be leaving anything.

    Also make a list of everyone you want called when your on the way to the hospital and everyone you want called after he is born with their phone numbers on it that was other people can make calls for you.

    I'm not sure how your hospital does food? Mine would bring me a menu and I would circle everything I wanted to eat the next day. One thing I did was circle enough food for Jason also that way he didn't have to go get anything. Although there were many times people brought us food and that was so nice!

    If you have a normal delivery (not a csection) they will let you eat as soon as you deliver so if your hungry tell them.

    Don't be afraid to eat before you go to the hospital. They will not feed you once you get there and you need to have food in your body to give you energy.

    Pray Pray Pray! Pray with you husband before y'all ever head up there.

    Congratulations again. There is just nothing like having your first baby. It is amazing!


  26. I wore the hospital gowns for the first day or so but put on a pretty robe when I had visitors. You are still healing and nurses come in to "check" you several times a day, which is easier done with a gown than with pajamas or sweat pants (for this reason I also kept my newborn - girl or boy - in a sweet gown because they made changing the baby so much simpler). I noticed that as long as I wore a gown and robe, people remembered that I was a patient and needed some pampering. As soon as I started wearing clothes again, it seemed to signal that I was "all well" and ready to do everything for myself again. I had very easy labors and deliveries, but there is still a period of recovery. Take advantage of any offers of help (i.e., let someone fix your plate, change the baby and bring him to you to feed, etc.).

    This is such an exciting time!

  27. I DO NOT like my pantry!!! it is cabinets..big ones..that we've ripped the shelves out of. I wish I had a closet! let me know what you find though!


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