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The Journey.

I was looking at some old pictures of my pregnancy on my computer and I realized it's amazing how many memories a picture can hold.

For example - here is one my Mom snapped on her iPhone at one of my early doctor appointments.

I realize this isn't the most flattering of pictures, but it cracks me up. I remember this day vividly. It was my 2nd appointment, and I was a nervous wreck! I was afraid they were going to tell me that Baby Lovie disappeared or that I was having siamese twins. You may laugh, but I am dead serious. These were real concerns!! (I'm a drama queen - I realize this...and embrace it.)

I was sweating, my face was beet red and my blood pressure was through the roof!! They had me lay down so they could take my BP again and Mom snapped a picture. She and Husby told me to settle down and after they did the Ultrasound and confirmed that Baby was there and fine and that he was not conjoined to another, I felt great. My blood pressure plummeted, my arm pits dried and my face turned back to ivory.

Phew. Life was good. It was only the beginning of our journey.

Then we have this picture:

This reminds me of the second trimester bliss. A cute little baby bump and all the energy in the world! I remember this day vividly, too. Husby and I were about to hit the town for a date as I took this picture. I remember thinking, "man, I look HUGE!" (I look at it now and only wish I were still that "huge".)

We went to our favorite English Pub that night and dined on yummy cottage pie, peas and chips. Our entire conversation revolved around Levi and it seemed like an eternity before we would ever meet him.

And now....

Now I find us only a few short weeks away from meeting our little boy. As this journey of pregnancy ends, the joyous journey of parenthood begins...and I can hardly wait.

But at the same time, I see this picture and get a little concerned about myself.

Yes. You guessed right. I was sneaking pictures during my childbirth class. I'm sorry, but I was bored (as was the girl bolting out the door in this pic, it seems).

Husby kept getting on to me. It felt like he was my dad.

I hunkered down and told him I was sorry. Then I realized that I'm about to be a Momma and I can do whatever I want, so I snapped a few more when he wasn't looking.

For me, this picture will always remind me of the awkwardly hilarious times we had at child birth class. And it will also remind me to not waste my time doing this with my next baby.

Each picture I have from the past 9 months brings back such sweet memories. Ones that I hope I never forget. This has been quite a ride.

I'm ready for more pictures to be taken. And more memories to be made.
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. The girl bolting out the door reminds me of the famous Gibbon Walk. Please tell Husby to do it so you can laugh so hard Baby Lovie will come. K? Thanks!

  2. I love the crazy concerns you had about Levi at your second doctor's appointment. At the ultrasound that told us Caleb's gender (20 weeks, I think), the technician showed us the ultrasound pics and in one of them, it looked like Caleb's foot was free-floating above his body. She said, "There's a foot!" and I asked, "Is it attached to his body??" I was dead serious. Josh and the technician gave me the weirdest look ... but geesh! It didn't look attached!!

  3. this was a fun post! more picture. haha. i love seeing progression pics. well, i cannot WAIT for little Levi-aroo to get here. he's going to be perfect!

  4. What a journey! Is your favorite English pub by any chance the White Lion? We love that place. So fun. We actually took Jonah with us there once when he was a tiny baby and the lady who runs the place carried him around with her the entire evening. Freaked me out, but it was sweet. They obviously don't get many kids in that place. Now we only go when we are kid-free.

  5. Do all childbirth classes look the same?! Your picture looks exactly like my memory of our experience and that was 18 years ago! Gotta love that hospital decor...

    The only thing I found very useful about our class was the hospital tour where they showed you where to park, where to check in, etc. I agree with you that it's not something worth repeating with future pregnancies. You'll be such a pro by then anyway!

    I can't believe your "date of confinement" is so close! It seems like such yesterday you were sharing your happy news here. Thanks for including us on the journey.

  6. Sorry your child birthing classes weren't helpful. Hubby and I just finished our up and we loved it. We learned a lot and the Nurse was very helpful and offered a lot of great advice. She was very anti=drug, which is not me, but she taught a lot of breathing and relaxing techniques that I find helpful not just for labor but for life. Good luck!!!

  7. haha you crack me up! you are an adorable pregnant gal!

  8. You are officially a stay at home mommie now. Your dream come true! I hope you rest lots and have lots of fun with your beautiful mother. Love you.

  9. Would your favorite English pub happen to be the The White Lion? My husband and I went there a couple times before we moved to Omaha, and loved it. I was thinking about it the other day and wondering if it was still in business..

  10. You are cracking me up! You are the boss and you can do whatever you want! Why are husbands so weird about picture snapping??? haha!

  11. My hubby gets embarrassed with me always taking photos of everything too! I think they're just in awe of our don't-care-attitude!


  12. it's great to look back at those pics and all those memories! you look great girl!!

  13. What a sweet post! You'll be glad you have documented all of this years from now. :)

  14. Okay so I just did my first newborn photo session last weekend and the dad (pardon my bluntness) appeared completely clueless as to how to get his son to stop crying. I asked my sister "how did your husband know what to do?" (Because he DID and he was SO GREAT with his girls) to which she replied "He watched a DVD called the Happiest Baby on the Block." and well... here I am to share it with all moms-to-be that I know! Maybe it will help you?

    :) can't wait to see NEW PICS of your little Levi!!

  15. Wow, I really can't believe that the time is almost here. It really has flown by so quickly! What a journey!

  16. Ha! I love the pic of the girl bolting. HElarious!

  17. Love the pic of the girl boltiong out the door...she looks like she is about to pee her pants...poor girl.


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