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I was at home sick yesterday with a combination of several different things - fever, nausea, headache, total body aches... it was not pleasant. I slept all day and night. So today? Well, my brain isn't working very well and I've got nothin' for ya.

Oh, and I did have one great thing happen yesterday. Husby brought these home for me to make me feel better....

I'll leave with you my 25 Random Facts that I posted on Facebook last week.

1. I have to drink Diet Coke with Mexican food. I drink unsweet iced tea with every other meal.

2. I have freakishly small fingers. My wedding ring is a size 3.5. It’s comical when you just see it lying on a table.

3. I am a nut when it comes to the holiday candy/goody/trinket aisles in stores. Especially Valentine’s aisles. I spend 30 minutes browsing the red and pink treats and gifts. So fun.

4. I love to get dressed up and go to fancy restaurants…but I usually hate the food and like to drive thru McDonalds afterwards. ;)

5. My husband was my first (and only) kiss.

6. I am fiercely protective of my family. If you say anything about them, you will see a side of me that few people have ever seen. It’s bad, but you’ve been warned.

7. I was in Branson, Mo the night Princess Diana died, and come to find out, Husby was in Branson the very same night. But we didn’t even know the other one existed. Strange.

8. I stay out of the sun because I like my white skin (gasp!).

9. My brother once shot me off of my trampoline with a potato canon.

10. I often add “ies” to my words. It makes my husband laugh all the time. I even have my mom doing it sometimes, and I bust a gut every time. The ones I use most are “forevies” and “whatevies” and “stupies” and “cruddies” and “lunchies” and…well, there are a lot. ;) I am a weirdo. I know this.

11. Most people think the Duggar family is weird. I do not. I think they are what all families used to be waaaay back in the day. I thought they were weird before I watched their show, but now I love them.

12. I once won a National Piano Competition. Now I can barely play Mary Had a Little Lamb. It’s sad, really.

13. I say “supper” when eating at home. I say “dinner” if we are going out.

14. I am, and always have been, a very vivid dreamer. And I always remember them each morning. I often have repetitive dreams.

15. I love the Disney channel. I love the shows on the Disney channel. And the movies. I am 25 years old and I watch the Disney channel. No shame.

16. I prefer hymns to contemporary worship songs.

17. Once, a camel stuck his entire head in my car – leaning completely over my lap and I screamed and cried because I thought he was going to bite my leg off. All I could see was his giant mouth reaching for the bag of food between me and Darin. It was the single most terrifying moment of my life.

18. Do not trust me on April Fools Day. Ever.

19. I love adventures…and to find adventure in every day.

20. I have a slight obsession with dishes and have many sets. I can’t help it. Must. Have. Dishes! And purses.

21. I’m a jack of all trades but master at none.

22. I am a little OCD when it comes to my e-mail inbox. It must be organized and cleared out at all times. If I have something sitting in my inbox, it drives me c-r-a-z-y. Why am I not the same way about my laundry?

23. I am hungrier throughout the day if I eat breakfast.

24. From 10-11 every week night, I watch a rerun of Seinfeld and King of Queens. Though I have seen each episode 209381293 times, I never get sick of them.

25. Carmel, California is one of my most favorite places on earth.

I tag everyone to do this. :)
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Awwww! How sweet of him to get you those!

    I completely agree with number 23. I can't figure it out, but it always happens.

  2. Oh, no! I'm sorry you feel so bad.

    Sweet of hubby!

    So weird--I was TOTALLY going to put up my 25 facts today! I'm short on time! Ha!

  3. Yeah, I'm with ya on the dishes part! Too embarrassed to say how many sets I've gone thru.
    Hope you feel better soon! {{hugs}}

  4. I watch Seinfeld re-runs everyday. I love them!

  5. hope you're feeling better! what a sweet hubby :) i could totally eat that whole box of chocolate right now!

  6. Make sure you take that wedding ring off soon! I worked in the ER for 4 years and you don't know how many woman I've watched have their wedding bands get sawed off!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  7. What a sweet husband for bringing those candies home for you!!!

    Love your 25 things, so fun learning more about you!

  8. I agree with so many of your answers! I will have to do this sometime soon. Hope you feel better, being sick is the worst!

  9. Wow, your fingers ARE tiny!!! I love this post!

  10. UGH I had the same crudies on Monday.

    Hope you feel better!

  11. I love love the candy of the holidays too!!! How sweet of hubs to bring you a box. I hope you feel great today!

  12. I love Seinfeld and have seen every episode a million times but never get sick of it!

    Hope you're feeling better--that chocolate looks yummy!

  13. #4: Next time you should just get dressed up to go to McDonalds and skip the fancy restaurant.

    #10: It's funny you didn't list "lovie" here, seeing as that's a recent one you've used.

    This is a fun list! I did it on Facebook but have yet to move it over to my blog... maybe I should do that. Hope you continue to feel better!

  14. I love the King of Queens!!!

    I would have been scared too if I was that close to a camel!

  15. I know you already said this when you read my 25 random things, but I have to say it again: We would definitely be friends in real life. We would sit around and watch the Disney channel all day while eating Mexican food with Diet Coke. It would be great :-)
    I hope you feel better!

  16. I used to be OCD about my email list to! It was always organized and cleared, but since I am off my university's email, it's really unorganized.

  17. What a sweet Husby! I really liked your 25 things.. We have the same ring size! Mine isn't completely snug at a 3.5 and I wanted to make it a 3 but it wouldn't go over my knuckle. :0)

  18. girl you are so can totally be my friend IRL if ya wanna :) i love quirkies :)

  19. You stay out of the sun because you are a vampire! Its okay you can tell us! :)

  20. Sweet D. to get you those candies and to take you to Celine Dion. He's earning brownie points, for sure! Hope you're feeling a lot better! I'm home today.

  21. What a sweet husband you have! Hope that you get to feeling better.
    I am with you on my love of Disney. The Little Mermaid is my favorite movie of all time. I have been to Disney World 7 times and hope to go a million more.

  22. I love the Duggars, too. Michelle has the patience of Job - I really admire her. Kate from Jon and Kate Plus 8, however, she's a nut. It would be fun to see a wife-swap between the Duggars and the Gosselins. I think Jim Bob would want to claw his eyes out and I'm pretty sure Jon wouldn't want to give Michelle back :)

    I'll do the 25 things. I did it on Facebook but I'm pretty sure I can think of 25 more things.

  23. I loved your 25. I actually just did this on facebook the other day too!

    Your hubby is so sweet and so are those chocolates! I love how you took a picture of them while you were still laying down in your blanket.


  24. 25 random things is so much fun!
    I love the Duggars too! And it's nice to know I'm not the only one who's hungrier throughout the day if having eaten breakfast!

  25. We LOVE King of Queens! Jonathan never watches tv, but he tivos all those old KoQ reruns and never gets sick of them.

  26. Awe, get some more rest, finish off that boxes of chocoloates (well not the whole thing) and have a good day!

  27. Sorry to hear that you have been feeling bad! I hope you are 100% better soon! I love your 25 things! I also love watching The Disney Channel! I am also addicted to Nick. I watch Sponge Bob Square Pants every Saturday morning!

  28. I loved your 25 random things...

    I especially loved that your hubby is your first and only kiss! Wow! I had to kiss a few frogs before I found my prince.

    Saskia x

  29. this was cute to read!! i love that your husband was your 1st and only kiss. too sweet

  30. i adore seinfield and king of queens- i'm also a huge fan of the george lopez show and still standing. i think you'd like still standing! i LOVE watching family comedy reruns. little addiction of mine :) very sweet of him to get you candy!!!

  31. I was TOTALLY going to blog about the Duggers tomorrow!!! About their financial decisions though - they pay out right for everything. No debt, not even a mortgage! As a financially struggling young married couple, my husband and I find this completely fascinating!!

    So glad you like them, too. Good people are just good people.

  32. I'm sorry your sickie... poor girl. I'm "sick" today, and get to hang out with my hubby.

    Thanks for tagging us to do the 25 things no one knows about us... I just posted mine on my blog too. Isn't it crazy how Facebook things spread? Worse than a Communicable Disease.

    Cowgirl in the City,

  33. You are funny! Love the facts - I think I will do it too!

  34. I LOVE those random pieces of info!! :)

    YAY for the yummy chocolates!! So sweet of hubby :)

  35. Carmel is BEAUTIFUL! I second that!!

    Great list!

  36. Hmm...that is pretty weird! It sounds like a Chicken Tetrazzini recipe or something. :) This recipe is definitely not healthy, but I don't care! I love it.

  37. LOL I love family channel and the movies....halloween specials are the best on family channel

  38. I'm sorry you weren't feeling well, but your 25 facts were hysterical. =)

    "Which Proverbs 14:1 Woman?"

  39. I totally have to have an organized email in box as well and I also get hungrier throughout the day if I eat breakfast - weird!

  40. Didn't know your loving brother also shot you with that wonderful gun! I'm glad my mom never let Josh play with the dart gun your mom bought him...
    I HAVE to drink COKE with mexican!!
    We LOVE the seinfeld/king of queens episodes!(although I usually don't stay awake long enough, but get really excited if school is out or something and I can stay up and watch them!)
    Azem LOVES Carmel!!

    Family genes are strong!

  41. cute post! good hubby!!

    lotso things in those 10-11 shows, dishes, LOTS.ummm diet coke with mexican ALWAYS... I LOVE holiday aisles...i use to play the piano, i always won "most hours practiced" - i want to learn again some day.

  42. So I was reading your 25 things...I got to the part about your ring size and realized that I didn't have one on. I'd taken it off in a co-worker's vehicle to put lotion on and didn't put it back on. My wedding band was on the ground in the parking lot but the other part was still in the car. :) Thanks for reminding me!

  43. He's definitely getting brownie points for that one!

    I like my white skin too. I always think about what my classmates will look ike 10 years because of needing a tan-it's not going to be funny.

    Hope you feel better!

  44. I love the Duggars. Some people say the meanest things about them. If someone starts to do so in front of me I stop them and tell them my rule: "If your child(ren) act(s) more like "Toddlers and Tiaras" then one of the Duggar kids you may not say anything about Michelle and Jim Bob.


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