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A Fun Monday Giveaway!

Husby and I went to look at baby stuff on Saturday and it was SO much fun. So fun. But...we were a little overwhelmed since we don't know what we need, what we don't need, what is vital and what is fluff.

In order to help us for when we actually register in the next few weeks, I decided to poll my bloggy friends!

And if you are randomly chosen by, you will win this!


Look what you can do with it!

Isn't it ca-yute? I think this would be so much fun to show off with. You simply bake the cakes, put them together and then decorate the little bear, but the result looks like you slaved away for hours on it.

How do ya win it?

Simply answer my question!

WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU RECOMMEND FOR A NEW MOMMY TO REGISTER FOR? The thing you absolutely couldn't live without. If you are not yet a mommy, what, from your experience with babies would you recommend??

One entry per person UNLESS you post about my giveaway on your blog - and then you can enter again! Be sure to leave a 2nd comment so that I will count you twice!

Good luck! :)
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  1. I don't know if you will breastfeed or not but definitely a Boppy pillow-they are wonderful for your back and shoulders and help get a good nursing position...probably would help if bottle feeding too.

  2. A baby sling! I couldn't possibly live without one. It creates happy, content babies. I know I've had 6!

    All these silly plastic contraptions they have now to entertain and hold baby,they just want their mamas...they spend 9 months cuddled up close to you, hearing you and being held by you, they don't want to be anywhere else!

    Best possible way to spend your money in preparation for baby and best way you can invest in your child...hold them.

  3. I think nursing will be the best experience for you! I do not have any children but I am sure there is no other experience like it.

  4. Cloth diapers. Not for the little ones hiney, but to use as a burp cloth. They absorb EVERYTHING! But make sure you by the pre-folded ones. They also work great for anything else that need cleaning. And the Boppy pillow even if you choose not to breast feed. They are so wonderful.

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  6. A bouncy seat or sort of a bouncy seat like the baby papason....basically you will HAVE to have a vibrating seat that you can take all over the house with you. If you get two of them, keep both.

  7. A WRAP!!! Wearing your baby will make it SO much easier to get the laundry, dishes, shopping, etc. taken care of. Even our toddlers like it because they can cuddle up AND see what I'm doing.

  8. I don't have kids but don't be afraid of asking for disposible nappies (diapers). You go through so many of them and they are SOO expensive.

  9. As a 20-something mum of two little girls, I cannot just recommend one.
    Here is the condensed list of what I could not have survived without.
    1. muslin cloths- basically cloth diapers. They absorb well, clean well and are so very handy.

    2. a baby bouncy seat.
    Both of my girls loved their fisher price one, it died a slow death after numero 2 and we had to bin it, but it was the best money spent, ever. You love holding your precious babe, but eventually, you have to shower/get dressed/get food :)

    3.Boppy pillow or v shaped pillow for feeding. Whether bottle or breast, this was essential. Especially if you have a csection because it keeps the baby at the right height.

    4. A spare bassinette. I kept it in the living room, as they spend so much time asleep, I wanted to be able to set them down in a bed and keep a eye on them. Upshot- they sleep through any kind of noise as they got used to it early.

    5.This is for teething ( can be as early as 4-5 months age), they sell this all natural powder over here called Ashton & Parsons. Its been used for hundreds of years here, Im sure its over there somewhere. Its the best stuff ever. Both girls would agree. Its a sachet you rub into their gums, and they instantly quiet down, plus its all natural so it can be used with baby meds.

    thats longwinded I know, but experience has to count for something, and I wish to spare you a steep learning curve if I can. x

  10. A durable wagon. More than a stroller a wagon does double duty as the child gets older and is too tired to walk, takes on a paper route, wants to lug stuff around the yard,etc.

    The good ones even come with covers for sun and wind protection that make them look like covered wagons from the olden days.

  11. A swaddling blanket. The type with velcro so when the baby gets a little older they can't wiggle out. My husband and I call it the baby straight jacket which sounds harsh but my three children loved them and they would sleep longer when they were in them (which is the ultimate goal!).

  12. Oh man, I remember when Josh and I walked into Babies 'R Us and just stood there, dumbfounded. We didn't end up registering there, just because it was so overwhelming and they had the stuff we wanted at Target (we also registered at Pottery Barn Kids and Restoration Hardware Baby & Child). Just take a deep breath!! You're definitely doing the right thing by polling people--that's what I had to do, too!

    I would say two things (I can think of way more, but I'll limit myself :)): The Boppy and a floor gym. The Boppy is great not only if you nurse, but for feeding with a bottle, holding the baby (Josh always used it when Caleb was a newborn), and its helpful when they do Tummy Time (like Caleb's pics--he hates Tummy Time without the Boppy!). And the floor gym is a soft mat with soft crossbars that have toys dangling from them. We have the Baby Einstein floor gym and Caleb loves it! It plays music, so we just lay him on his back, turn on the music, and then walk away to give him some alone time to explore the toys. The floor gym not only gives them a chance to exercise by kicking, but it helps them learn to focus on things and to grasp. All milestones, all made easier with a floor gym! (I like Baby Einstein's floor gym, too, because the crossbars are so high--that way, when he is able to sit up, he can still fit under it!). Um, oh and a Baby Bjorn. Get that, too.

    Sorry, I couldn't help myself. :)

  13. What a great giveaway!! I have two things. First, I think a bassenet (sp??) (PBK has a cute one!) or a co-sleeper that can go in your room. When you come home with your baby from the hospital he will look so tiny in his crib and you will want him close by to feed him. I think a swing is another must have. Both of my babies loved their swings, we kept it in the living room and it was wonderful!!

  14. I don't have kids but all of my friends who do swear by their baby swing as means to quiet a cranky baby. They have super cute ones with mobiles on the top and music

  15. Lots and lots of onesie undershirts! You will go through a lot of these I have learned from all of my nieces and nephews! Good luck!!!!

  16. I know one thing you need and one you don't....
    Get a good thermometer that's easy to use. You don't want to be learning how to do a rectal temp at 2am with a squirming baby.
    Don't get bumper pads. You can only use them until the baby starts moving around and when they can't move around, you don't need them....totally useless waste of money...
    Oh, get a cool mist vaporizer also. Nothing like needing one in the middle of the night and not having one....

  17. If you are breastfeeding, a good breastpump and some breast pads in case your body decides to do certain things at bad times :-) I didn't have a breastpump at first because I planned on just feeding my baby girl whenever she needed it, but it was so much easier to pump when my body needed me to.

    Two other great things, a bobby pillow (even if you don't breastfeed, you can lay little Levi in it and he will look so cute and comfy) and swaddling blankets (or blankets that are thin but a little larger - we likked those better than the swaddling specific blankets).

    Hope this helps a little. Oh and Mylacon for gas relief.

  18. A sling or a mei tai wrap! There is nothing more comforting to a baby then to be able to listen to their mommas heartbeat! Heck, it's what little lovey has been listening to for the past 9 months!
    - Pacis
    - Lots of Onsies
    - A baby monitor! (Our daughter is 2 now and we still use this)

    Most of the things they sell are just fluff that you'll end up tossing. I'd say to get the basic nessesities and then see what else you may need after he gets here rather then loading up now and then not using it.

  19. I would totally say that you def need a vibrating papason bouncy seat thingy! Those are the best!
    I have 4 list could get larger, but I will keep it to one since thats all you asked for!

  20. Just about everything has been covered!
    *Diapers for sure, *The Boppy pillow (whether you are nursing or not, you can still set Levi up in it)
    *a couple of pacifiers, just in case!
    *a bassinet or pack n play with the bassinet piece in it. (You won't want to move far when you come home)
    Sorry, it's so long, I was just thinking what was the most important with my 4 babies!

  21. The diaper genie...because you are changing so many stinky diapers that it helps mask the smell.

    Another thing that is great is the bassinet that is right next to the bed...oh I loved this.

  22. I say the baby sling or boppy! ok, BOTH!

  23. Though I am not a mother I have 14 nieces and nephews and I am the oldest of 7 siblings. What my siblings have all said is necessary is the bouncy seat that vibrates a bit. This helps to sooth the child when he or she is distressed.

  24. I can't wait to read what everyone says they couldn't live without. My cousin is always talking about good bottles. I guess they help prevent air bubbles. I think she uses avant.

  25. I totally recommend having at least one swaddle me and a bouncy chair. It's very difficult to cut vegetables or do other little things while wearing a baby (otherwise baby slings, carriers, wraps, are great)so you will want a bouncy chair to put Levi in while you do those things.

  26. children here but after keeping my nephew for 6 days, I would say you should have plenty of soft blankets!!! Plenty...I found out the slober, milk and who knows what else gets all over these blankets and you need a replacement fast to swaddle them!

  27. For me it is the baby monitor. Of course, right off the bat he will be in your room. But, once you move him to his nursery a monitor gives you so much peace of mind. We used Katie's until she was 5 or 6 years old.

  28. Having done this REALLY recently... :)

    Megan and Avery's favorite things:

    1- a Miracle Blanket. The only swaddle we tried that she couldn't get out of. She was so little none of the other ones closed tight enough. This one just wraps around and around. A-maz-ing. If she's ever fussy and we can't calm her down, this does the trick.

    2- A baby K'tan sling. It goes over both shoulders (which is more comfy and better for your body- advice from the physical therapist part of me). :) You can wear it several different ways and it doesn't have any straps to tighten or places where the baby can be pinched.

    3- a Boppy. I know everyone else has said it, but we have 2 and use them all the time!

    4- A Bumbo seat. Once they have good head control, they love to sit in this seat... especially good for when Levi ONLY wants to sit up, but you need your hands free.

    Those are probably our "pricier" big 4. We left a lot of things like burp rags off of our registry because we knew we would have to buy SOME things and so we chose to just leave the cheaper stuff off so we could buy that :)

    I'm so excited!

  29. Don't get a diaper genie! They are great until your kid starts pooping real diapers. Get the dekor instead!!! Its a tad bit more but the refill last MONTHS! Also, playtex drop-bottles! Less air, less gas (even if you breast feed you will need bottles at some point) don't waste your money on the little ones, get all 8oz you can always put small drop in in them. A boppy Pillow! Cloth diapers, not to use but to use a spit rags. and a Ultrasaucer or similar!

    Things NOT to register for:
    clothes, they are too hard for people to find the exact one later, they will get you clothes regardless. BLANKETS, pick one that you love b/c in reality you will get 25 anyways. A side sleeper. While these sound great I've never found a mom (myself included) these actually work for.

    Godd luck!

  30. I mentioned your giveaway on my new post. So, count me twice!

  31. For me I am pregnant with my third boy but second pregnancy and I COULD NOT have lived without bouncy seats!!!! I don't know if I will need it as much with just one baby this time around. But I got a brand spankin new one just sitting in his room waiting for him to be born in six weeks!!

  32. hmmm....a baby sling. So much easier to cary around the baby that way!
    also a nice baby backpack!! (not for the baby. for you to hold levis things in!) hope this helps!

  33. I am only 15 weeks preg, so I have no idea what you should register for.

    I look forward to a post with all the details you learn from other commenters! It will def. help me out!

  34. It's so funny- after reading these comments, there are several that I would say were a total waste of money. Just like everything else, it's going to come down to your own preference. The one thing that I would say (that is cheap, so you can just buy it for yourself) is lanolin if you plan on breastfeeding. I always seem to forget about it with each child, but it is a lifesaver! I won't scare you before you try it for yourself, but those first days of nursing can be pretty rough. Just remember that it gets better and is well worth the effort!

  35. Cute cake pan! Okay, after eight babies my recommendation is for either a Boppy pillow or for a little bath hammock--love 'em!


  36. I am not a mommy, but I really recommend the little seat that vibrates. They are great!

  37. Just having baby #4, this is my advice:
    1. GOOD nursing pads. Lansinoh are my favorites.
    2. Onesies that snap from Carters.
    3. Nursing bras that you can hook/unhook with one hand. TRY them out.
    4. Soft bath towels. Target has some nice ones.
    5. A pacifier he likes. Buy several different kinds and try them out. They want to suck on something, and trust me, if you let him suck on you, you'll need Lansinoh's boob cream. Although a thumb/finger is always easy to find, I think that a pacifier is easier to get rid of when they are too big.
    6. Definitely get those things you'll need eventually: thermometer, vaporizer, bulb syringe, vapor cream, infant tylenol and ibuprofen. Forget about the "cute" stuff here, get the stuff you know how to use.

    We have always gotten lots of clothes for all of our babies. And some of it I didn't really like. So, if you can, specify on your registry: "we love the **** layette" or: "the nursery is ***". Perhaps you'll get more things you like instead of things you don't, especially if it is from someone who would be hurt if you returned it.

    Good Luck, and HAVE FUN!! new babies are such a blessing!

  38. Monitors that light up and make sound. That way you can turn down the volume and just watch if baby needs to cry just a little to go to sleep. My biggest tip though is to borrow a few of the non-essentials. I felt like I needed everything but still have yet to use a few of those 'necessary' baby items. If you can borrow a few things until you know if Levi enjoys them, that helps with expenses!

  39. Books. Specifically books by Sandra Boynton to start off Levi's reading experience. They will make Levi (and you and Husby) fall in love with books. All the other stuff at Babies R Us comes and goes, but books will give him a love for reading from the earliest age. Register for books along with those "essentials" that everyone else recommends.

  40. Swaddling blankets...A must for my little one. I highly recommend Dr. Harvery Karp's "Happiest Baby on the Block" - swaddling is one of is recommendations (part of his 5 S's)). The tips have been wonderful to calm Nathan.

  41. Oh that is adorable! I wanna win it!

    So since all my family and friends have children, they tell me that the baby slings are the best thing in the world. They also enjoyed the Boppy pillows for nursing!

  42. In my quick scan of the comments so far, I couldn't believe I didn't see STROLLER! The carrier/stoller/car seat combo is a must, and is good to register for as it can be a bit expensive. This is essential to be able to go anywhere. Congratulations and best of luck to you, husby, and baby Levi!

  43. I would definitely agree with the cloth diapers to use as burp cloths. They work so much better.

    Something that I'm so glad I got is more of a keepsake item. It is a handprint tin for the first 5 years called Tower of Time. I have one for both of my boys (one is potterybarn but I don't think they have it anymore, but for my 2nd son I found one by Child to Cherish online). I have done both of there handprints in the clay that is stored in a nice tin since there 1st birthday and it is a priceless treasure to have.

    Also remember to have everything ready for the first footprints and handprints (there are special ink pads and some inkless papers too). It is better to have it all before the baby comes home because you will have no energy to search for it after the baby is home.

    Just try not to get too excited about all the baby stuff out there. Try to start with the basics because most of it is useless and takes up too much space.


  44. Okay, I've been having middle-aged brain moments for the past day so I'll try to remember what these things are called...
    1) The rocker that slides back and forth *with* the ottoman that slides back and forth. Covered in an easily cleanable cloth. I still have mine and Max is now 8.

    2) The doorway jumping thing. Put baby in the seat and he/she can bounce and jump. I'll try to find a movie of Max in it.

  45. The baby sling and diapers. You won't be sorry! ;-)

  46. And, I've added a link to your giveaway on my blog!

  47. Let me just tell you - you will be even MORE overwhelmed when you go to register! My husband and I registered at Babies R' Us a couple of weekends ago and spent 2 hours in there...and we didn't even go through the whole store! It is fun, but at the same time we had no clue as to what we needed either. I will pray that your "registering experience" is a fun, peaceful one. :)

    I have heard of so many things that are great to have for baby. From experience with working in our church nursery (and expecting my own little boy in April), I have to say the swing and the stroller system (baby carrier, stroller, and carseat all in one) are probably two of the best things to have. Although, I am sure there are lots more judging by the comments on this page! I am definitely going to take these into consideration for my own little one! Congrats again to you and husby. :)

  48. Wow! These are all great picks. Mine would have to be the boppy pillow. Not only for nursing but also when they get curious and you can prop them up with it. And the bouncy seat. Without it I would never get a shower nor would I ever get a meal.

  49. Hey, just saw a comment about the prints. If you take your baby book with you the hospital will also put the footprints in there for you when they do the ones for the birth certificate. Just wanted to let you know. But be sure to put a paper towel in there so it won't smudge.

  50. The things that I just couldn't do without with my 3 are a boppy for nursing and a bouncy seat. Only one of my kids really liked the vibrating but they would fall asleep or sit quietly if I bounced it with my foot. They loved that!

    The one thing that I would recommend for when little Levi is a bit bigger is an excersaucer. You know those big things with all of the toys on them that they sit in the middle of. NOT one with wheels! My excersaucer was probably the best thing I ever got for when my babies were too big for their bouncy seats. they could sit in there and play, have a snack and be near me when I did everything from make dinner, fold laundry, etc. A life saver!

  51. I agree with all the moms on here about the items you NEED, but one thing we DIDN'T need was a changing table. My friends thought I was nuts not to get one, but we never needed it. I didn't want an awkward dresser that always looked like a changing table to me. Honestly, we live in a 2 story farmhouse and I was not going to climb the steps postpartum to do changes. I have several diaper changing baskets through the house, and I use them wherever/whenever I need to. They each contain a changing pad ( a waterproof bassinet mattress pad) and all the necessities.

  52. Cloth diapers. Not the pre-folded ones but the flat ones that don't have the thick centers. Use them for anything imaginable while baby is little. Things such as burp cloths, a lightweight blanket to block baby from bright sunlight, anything you could possibly think of. They are very absorbent and so easy to clean. Once the baby outgrows needing them you can turn them into dusting cloths for your home. They never wear out!

  53. If you choose not to or can't nurse, Dr. Brown's Bottles are great. Also Boudreaux Butt Paste. An exersaucer for later is wonderful, also.

  54. I have two recomendations:
    Be sure and get plenty of sleepers that have a zipper closure. It's so nice to be able to zip em up instead of finagling with those tiny buttons when you're bleary-eyed at 3 am changing a diaper.
    Also, Fisher-Price makes a rainforest themed musical mirror that attaches to the backseat of your car so baby can look at himself when he's in a rear-facing carseat. Also, it allows the driver to keep an eye on baby by looking at it through the rearview mirror. It was a lifesaver for my neice who screamed her head off every time she was strapped into the car seat.

  55. If you are planning on nursing a good nursing cover is a must the Bebe au Lait are my favorite ones. Here is the link

  56. I have four children and the one thing I couldn't do without would be a baby sling to tuck a little one in or a backpack for when baby is slightly older.

  57. Boppys and baby swings! Oh, and April's right about cloth diapers - we still buy them for polishing. :)

    Also, I LOVED the infant carseat/stroller combo thing, even though my son outgrew the carseat quickly. It's great for when baby's asleep and you need to move him with as little disruption as possible, you know?

    Have fun registering!

  58. I have no children, but I believe strongly in holding baby as much as possible. I think baby slings are the greatest. It makes me sad to see sweet little babies sitting in their car seats all day long. They need to be close. Best wishes with everything.

  59. Only one thing? Really? I have to give you a few that made my two soooo much easier! ;)
    1. Boppy Pillow
    2. Baby Sling
    3. Dr. Brown's Bottles...even if you're nursing (I did). If you plan to work, you'll want to pump, so you'll need bottles. These are, hands down, the best.

  60. Even if you're using disposable diapers buy a package or two of cloth diapers. They're a must for burping!
    Have fun shopping!

  61. Oh my gosh! I love this pan. I must get one. I've never been a mommy, but I am impressed with the little ones in my church's nursery that have car seat/stroller combos. Those look like they would save sooo much time.

  62. With my second baby, I've loved having a Moby wrap to wear her... great for the grocery store/running errands, fussy times, etc. My second baby has also really loved the Miracle Blanket for swaddling...but some babies HATE to be swaddled!

    The one thing that I really have loved for both of my girls, though, and I don't think it has been mentioned here... is the Avent bottle sterilizer. Even if you nurse, you will likely use bottles at some point. But the great thing is, you can sterilize ANYTHING PLASTIC in this thing. We do paci's, sippy cups, toys... basically anything I can fit in it. It's FANTASTIC, and very easy to use. I also have a friend who put pump parts in it.

    Hope this helps!

  63. Also -- you don't need to count me twice, but I just thought I'd let you know this -- I would HIGHLY recommend consignment sales for some of the bigger items (and clothes): exersaucers, swings, bouncy seats, strollers, etc. Great deals on gently used items!

  64. i'm not a mommy yet, but i would register for a boppy pillow. it's to prop up your baby on the floor so they don't fall over. they come in white and you can buy super cute coverings to go over them. so you can match the cover to the baby's "theme." very cute and hey, your baby doesn't fall over!
    lauren kucharski stewart

  65. The thing I most LOVE right now is my microwaveable sterilizer - I just throw pacifiers, bottles, nipples, all of my breast pump stuff (except the hose) into it & microwave for 2 minutes - PRESTO! Much easier vs. boiling water :-)

    & I don't have a lot of space, so I want to get a little gadget to hang all of the stuff mentioned above to air dry - They sale them at Target - That's the one I want anyway.

    Receiving blankets!!! I don't know about you, but once he spits up on it, I can't just reuse...So, I do A LOT of laundry.

    I just got a sling, I'm going to LOVE it. I'll be able to type with two hands!!

    I personally don't like the boppy pillow for it's intended use - I like to put him in it for naps & wrap a blanket around him. He's content to suck on a pacifier & look around while I get housework done.

    Also, he's asleep in the other room & I have the monitor right by the computer so I can hear him (without any doubts) if he cries.

    I also have a portable bassinet on wheels - It's amazing - For instance, baby eats, baby sleeps, mama puts baby in bassinet & wheels him into bathroom so she can shower & get ready - & peek on him every now & then :-)

    I think that's enough for now!!

  66. I'm not a mom - but I know a lot of girls that love those teething things that you can put fruit in and the baby sucks on the cold fruit. I think it's teething but I'm not really sure - it's like a ilttle netting thing and you put fruit in it. Apparently it's a big deal in baby world.

  67. I thought of one more - a good nasal aspirator has been worth its weight in gold. We use one called the Nosefrida - kind of scary when you first look at it, but better than anything else we have tried.

  68. A good umbrella stroller. It's great to have the heavy duty nice wonderful stroller but you really get tired of lugging it around especially if you are just going some place quick. It's so easy to use an umbrella stroller somedays. I couldn't of lived without mine!

  69. What an absolutely adorable pan!

    It's hard to narrow it down to only one thing. Sure boppy's are live savers, as are slings. I'd have to say though, the one piece of equipment I absolutely needed more than anything was a baby swing. One of my kids would only sleep in that or my arms. And my arms had to be swinging.

    Also, if you plan on nursing, get some good nursing bras and shirts. It really is amazing how discreet you can be with those clothes. I could be walking in the mall with my baby in a sling and you couldn't tell that she was nursing at all. Seriously. Everyone thought she was just sleeping snuggled in a fold.

  70. Definitely a Snugli or Baby Bjorn baby carrier. WONDERFUL!! Baby falls asleep, Mom can get stuff done (or sit and watch Oprah). They are great for shopping as well!

  71. I don't know if you remember me, but we met at Russell and Erin's apartment a few years ago...anyway, congrats on the baby on the way!
    we use a noise machine in my daughter's room so we don't have to worry about being too loud while she's sleeping. I recommend the ConAir brand.

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  73. Ok, so it looks like you will be even more overwelmed by the response you have gotten with this post!!
    Here's my response:
    For the very beginning a swaddling blanket (2). I like the basic ones that velco, and you need two so you can use one and wash one.
    A breast pump (some insurances cover them, look into it). This is coming from a mom that struggled to nurse. Basicly I never made enough milk! Bummer for my kids, but the pump was so nice in the beginning when you just need it! And want daddy to feed a bottle every once in awhile!
    Lastly, a swing/ or bouncer. They are great to sothe a baby. Good luck!

  74. you have so many helpful commenters! Registering this weekend was of course amazingly overwhelming, yet fun! I got some good ideas of stuff to add to our registry so thank you for your help!

    PS-One of my friends said that we need the papasan swing that swings both ways-front to back and side to side

  75. Onsies, lot's of them! I am obsessed with onsies - You can never have enough!

  76. okey dokey, let me recommend a personal do and don't. I am kind of a granola mom and am always looking for natural remedies. Gripe Water is a good thing for every new mom to have in the medicine drawer. It is for gassy and colicy babies, but unlike milicon, it is all natural and can be used as much as needed. With our first baby, who was very colic-y, it worked like a charm. Helped us finally get some sleep.

    I don't know if you are planning on having your kids close together, but I would recommend not buying a carseat/stroller combo, but instead, buy a car seat and a snap-n-go stroller that just holds the carseat and get an umbrealla stroller for when they are older. Saves lots of money and it so much less bulky. Our big stroller/carseat combo just sits in our garage because we needed a double stroller. Stupid purchase for our situation. My recommendation, just save the money and get a carseat and the snap-n-go stroller. Good luck!

  77. I have kids AND I have run a home daycare for 15 yrs...without a doubt 2 things that are a MUST that some others have said but I will re-emphasize is...
    swaddling wrap which can easily be done with a light weight blanket
    Bouncy seat!!!!!!
    Whoever invented this is my hero! I have had kids that NOTHING else makes them happy but the bouncy seat. Its a must and they are super cheap if you want basic or a little more if you want fancy shmancy.

  78. Cute! I'd love to bake little bears!

  79. I would have to agree with Melinda and say a Boppy pillow-my sister absolutely raves about them! PS-I followed friend's blogs blog links and stumbled across yours, and I am such a fan-you are a great writer and absolutely hilarious! Take care! :)

  80. Well, I'm no mommy, but the thing that I see my mommy friends use the most is cute bibs and burp cloths. You know, not the ones that come 17 to a pack, but the more expensive ones. They say that you can't have enough of them.

  81. Definatley the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper. I couldn't have made it through the first baby phase without it!
    P.S. I will let you know more must-haves/not-haves real soon!!

  82. Hi, I'm new to your blog and I love it and just had to comment on this! Ok so my number one choice is not terribly practical so far as everyday use, however I promise your child will love it later. A babies first book, WITH picture slots. If you aren't the type to keep up with that then I'm going to add in Baby Einstein videos. I know I know early children and tv.....but sometimes mama just needs to take a shower!

  83. I have a two year old and I'm expecting another daughter in June. My two favorite baby items would have to be my Boppy and Kiddopotamus Swaddlers. The Bppy is good for nursing, bottle feeding or just lounging around. We used our Kiddopotamus Swaddling blankets in the hospital and the nursery nurses fell in love. We had a colicky baby and swaddling saved us!!!

  84. I second the boppy pillow. Even if you don't breastfeed its great to keep the baby propped up after eating. This really helped my baby from getting fussy from gas. When she was brand new she liked being snuggled into it, it made it her feel all snuggly.

  85. Diapers. Cloth and disposable! You can never have enough of those!

  86. Gas drops!! I know it sounds funny but it's the truth, especially if you plan on nursing like I did. Other than that, a baby sling or front carry for baby.

  87. I agree with the others... a Boppy, bouncy seat and sling are essential. Make sure you have plenty of receiving blankets, wash cloths and white onsies. You use them a lot! Most Moms I know are partial to Pampers' diapers and the Medela breat pump over other brands. Great post... I learned a few tips myself for future reference!

  88. I have no idea how I found your blog! But am so glas I did! I'm pretty sure we have the same dreams and goals... I'm just a newlywed, who unfortunately has to work a full time job and my one and only goal in life is to be stay at home mommy!

    As for the number one thing to buy... I've been babysitting for as long as I can remember and the best thing people say to get is a convertible car seat as well as an infant one. So, when the time comes, you already have it!

    Good luck! I look forward to reading your blog!

  89. Don't ever forget the stroller. :)

  90. Okay, I've been re-thinking this and thought I should clarify my answer. Lanolin is a type of natural cream (made from sheep?)that is an excellent salve. It is great for dry hands, elbows, knees, and especially helpful on other parts when beginning nursing. (Sorry, that's a little too graphic!) It occured to me that you may not know what lanolin is.

    I linked you to my brand new, not quite complete, blog!
    Overall I would say that these are my top most useful baby items (of course, I have used different things with different babies):

    1. Ergo baby carrier for 5 mo. plus (the backpack is great!). You can also buy an infant insert for newborns, but I have not tried it. I always used the Baby Bjorn for the little bitty ones.
    2. Swing and/or bouncer.
    3. Multiple crib sheets for those little "accidents."
    4. Stroller (I don't really have a specific one, although a nice umbrella one like Maclaren would probably last longer)
    5. Anything chamois by Pottery Barn Kids (crib sheet, blanket, etc.) These are still my favorite!
    6. Robeez or Pediped shoes for an older infant. They stay on much better than most baby shoes or socks and are so cute!

  91. Ok I will have to read the rest of the comments later but my must haves are:
    1. A baby carrier/ sling I love the baby bjorn.
    2. A swaddling blaket I will show you mine sometime.
    3. A bouncy seat
    There is a lot more but you can come over and I will let you in on all my must haves sometime.

  92. I don't have kids, but I am a pediatric nurse, and I think the most useful thing I have seen is some sort of light baby carrier, so like a sling or something similar. I always feel so sorry for the parents who bring in the heaviest car seat plus a years worth of other things to every doctor's appt. I have also heard from a close friend that just had a baby, that those swings are pretty handy! Good luck!

  93. Definitely register for a bouncy seat. It's like a one sided baby hammock and a total life saver. I bring by bouncy seat anywhere I am: folding laundry, in the kitchen, watching tv. They are THE best!

  94. 1. A SWING! Our poor colicky (sp?) baby was miserable unless she was in constant motion - or nursing. A momma can only make those two things happen so much before crashing, so the swing gave us a chance to rest and kept our Olivia happy. I think she even slept in it next to us for a few nights.

    2. (You did ask for TWO suggestions, right?) A Boppy. We used ours for probably a year after we were finished nursing. It's great for:
    ~Pregnant, side-sleeping moms - way more comfy than your regular ol' pillow
    ~Moms who have recently delivered a baby (think: donut); Think I'm kidding?
    ~Nursing, of course
    ~Sleeping babies can lay on it on your lap while you eat, nap, watch tv, grade papers, or do anything else in the sitting position
    ~Propping up Baby/Tummy Time
    ~Pillow for kiddos; even at age two, my daughter loved using it as a pillow

  95. I missed your post but wanted to add..
    A Bumbo seat was our favorite baby item. I ended up with three of them, one at each of the grandparents and one at home. It is great for babies that have head control but don't have the trunk control for sitting just yet.


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