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A Blogging Observation.

I was talking to a friend a few days ago about blogging and our conversation really made me laugh. We read all the same blogs and found ourselves discussing different things that our bloggy friends are going through as if we really knew them! And this doesn’t just happen with one friend…I have lots of friends who read and discuss right along with us! I guarantee you that we have even mentioned YOU and laughed about your humor, admired your cute house or your expert domesticisms!

It is absolutely hilarious to me how fascinating we find one another here in the blogosphere.

If you think about it, blogging is like peeking into someone else’s life. Looking in their window, so to speak. I am an extremely curious person and find myself captivated by what some of you do, who you are, how you do things and what you’re like. I was always the kid in the bathroom of a restaurant who stayed there for 10 minutes until Mom came to find me…and inevitably found me rummaging through the drawers and cabinets. What can I say? I’m nosey.

We all are.

And it’s hilarious.

I am also am avid people watcher. It drives Husby crazy. We go out to eat alone and I am always watching everyone around me and listening to their conversations. Sometimes, I have to intentionally tell myself to STOP IT and to just focus on Husby. I’m a good multi-listener, though. I can tell you about the dispute the family 4 booths away from me had with the waiter AND all about the brutality of Husby’s Neuroanatomy exam. It’s true talent, I tell ya. All of that to say, people intrigue me.

And that’s probably why my degree is in Psychology.

Certain blogs peak my interest and keep me coming back for more. Of course, my personal (aka: real life) friends – they’re a given. And then there are the blogs that tell a story - people who make life so fun and interesting, and make me wonder what they’ll do next. I always love a blog with lots of pictures. Especially pictures of your house. I love to look in the background of your pictures and see if I can spot a coke can and half eaten bag of cheetos in the background, or a pile of dirty dishes hidden in your immaculate kitchen or any other hidden jewel of information that lets me know a little more about you. It is so much fun to look into other people’s homes and to envision their lives there.

I’m not sure what it is that makes this blogosphere so fun and addicting, but I guess it’s all a part of the curiosity of human nature…and is an easy way to eaves drop without feeling sneaky.

What are the things that you love most about blogging?
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. I love (and sometimes loathe) how finding new blogs is never-ending. You follow enough links that you don't know how you even got to where you are.

    I, too, am a Nosey Nellie (or is it Nancy?) and am enjoying "people-watching" you on your new journey to parenthood - saying prayers for your Lovie along the way.

  2. i'm a voyeur of sorts, and love to learn about and meet new people!

    I also love that you can get sweet recipes or neat ideas from other talented folks!

    AND i love to watch families grow together!


  3. I love that I can "connect" with people and have bloggy conversations at whatever hour is convenient for me. Not many are awake at 3:56am.

  4. So true!! Ha Ha, I am the exact same way!! My friend and I talk all the time about what's happening on our favorite blogs! I just started blogging last summer and I absolutely love it!!

  5. Wow this is such a great post! I've never been able to put into words what is so amazing about the blogosphere... you summed it up so perfectly! I love sharing interests and I love making new bloggy friends! I love it all!

  6. Ha! Right on!

    I'm having so much fun being a stalker without having to really stalk ;)

    Good post Neatsy!

  7. I love learning about people too...I am very nosy that way.

    I used to tease my mom all the time about her love of "The Young and the Restless." She would talk about the people on the show as if she knew them. Once she was talking in front of Shannon about them, and he looked at me and asked, "Who are Nikki and Victor? And where is Genoa City?" LOL!:)

    Anyway, now I do the same thing about my bloggy friends. Shannon stays confused as I talk about them at dinner. He will ask, "Who are you talking about?" Then I have to say, "You know, the one with the such and such, and they live in so and so, and they got the thing-a-ma-jig...." Bless his heart!;)

    I love peeking into people's lives, and I adore pictures! I feel like I have friends all over the place now. I have also enjoyed finding so many women who are just like myself. I'm not the "only one." ;)

    Have a great day!
    God Bless,

  8. It's a common phenomenon, I think, to be interested in what other people are like and how they are living. I think it's great to see how people express themsleves, what they share on blogs and what things they keep out (which you can't know exactly, but can kind of guess). I not only enjoy perusing other blogs, but also love the release it gives to just write something, express something, each day (or however many days). Your description is great and I'm glad to be able to read about your life and the great attitude you have about marriage, motherhood, and life. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I'm with you on loving the glimpse into other women's lives. It makes me feel more, normal.
    Working fulltime, being a busy mom and wife, and all the other things my life entails makes it hard to talk to my IRL friends as often as I'd like to.
    I can talk to my Bloggy Buddies all I want.
    And they never borrow my clothes and forget to return them! Now that's a great friendship!

  10. It's so great meeting new people this way; sharing stories, advice, ups and downs...and it's a great way to vent!

  11. Too funny! I am always looking into the packground of pics too! I also love to go running at night when I can see into people's windows to see how the have I a freak or what?!

  12. I think we have a ton in common! I so love watching people and I actually like reading about others more than I like blogging about my life. I have decided its because I care :)

    One of the things I love most about blogging is you. Your story. Your childlike excitement and extreme maturity. I love hearing about your baby Lovie/Levi and your growing belly, super glamma, and awesome husby. I've always enjoyed reading more than watching tv so I'm glad your "sitcom" is in writing so I can read repeats whenever I want :)

    xxoo -

    Psychology- good to know! I was wondering :) And, you would be such a great guidance counselor...someday after you guide your chillins on their way :) Oh - and now I just want to know where you live..I find myself wondering sometimes in the car - weird huh!

  13. I am the same way!!! I am SO nosey! I always used to look in people's drawers and cabinets when I was little! haha!

    I love getting a small glimpse into the lives of my blog friends and wonder what they are really like in real life.

  14. I completely agree! I think it is really funny when I start talking about blogging to people who don't blog. They just stare at me blankly. They probably think that I must not have friends in real life and that I can only find them online. At least Chesley listens to all my stories without much judgement! I think she checks in on you pretty consistently. The other day I told her that you were having a boy and she said she already knew that!

  15. LOL My hubby HATES that i blog he calls an invasion of his personal space. Which is why I TRY to stay a bit non personal at times. When I posted my awesome CVS sale he actually flipped b/c the blogging world knew what kind of deodarant he wore. I tried explaining to him that no one really cared but it didn't matter. But it did open my eyes to the fact that he DOES read my blog LOL! I have a personal blog that is mainly pictures. Hubby thinks its on lock down...little does he know all you have to do is go through my profile to find it LOL!

  16. It is so good to know I am not the only person out in this world that is facinated w/ other people's lives. I don't know what it is but I just can't get enough and blogging has been so fun for me. I too look in the backgrounds of pics to see what the person's house looks like or where they are at or whatever. It is just too fun!

  17. Oh BTW my all time favorite blog is: I happen to actually know her but none the less I LOVE THIS BLOG....especailly WTF Wednesday's!

  18. Great post, Whit. And, so true. I'm just nosey, too. I don't tend to go back to blogs that don't use pictures, unless I know the person in real life. I need the visuals.

  19. oh lordy EVERYONE calls me nosy. i can't help it!! i like to say that i'm 'inquisitive'.

    i also have a huge bad habit of telling my husband to slow down when we're driving down residential streets bc all the houses that have their curtains open? yeah. i totally look in.

    i'm sorry! i know it's bad! but i figure, hey, you have the curtains open, you're also acknowledging that people can see IN just as well as you can see OUT.

    that's my embarrassing habit. :) i love blogging for that reason. like you said, a window into other peoples lives, and these people WANT to share. i. love. it!!

  20. Its good to know that we are all in this together and we can openly admit that we are nosey!!
    I love meeting so many different people through the blogging world and reading all about what is going on in their life. Its just too fun!!

  21. So true! I am a people watcher too and it drives my husband crazy. this may be weird, but I even spend time trying to picture how some people live and go about there day. Weird! I like you find people so interesting. My degree is in Psychology as well, so maybe that has something to do with it. My minor is in criminal justice, so I think the 'bad' people interest me the most :-)

  22. I talk about all of our blog to my husband and mom all the time and I often wonder, "Do they think I'm crazy?" ha! It's so intriguing to "know" people throught the internet. I love it! Maybe because I am a huge people watcher too :)

  23. I would love to say that I still "blog for myself," but over the years I've become such a comment hound! I thrive on feedback and love to hear the thoughts that my thoughts produce in others. And I do love the glimpse into other people's lives. Plus, it's doubtful that you and I would still be in touch after all these years without the Internet (just life, you know?).

  24. I love looking into other women's daily lives! It's awesome to see others being career women, mommies, decorators, cooks, wives, friends, aunties, etc. Women are strong, inspiring and empowering :-)

  25. I just happened to stumble across your blog from a comment you left on someone's post and I'm just so glad that I found your blog! I love reading your posts and I've enjoyed following along on your journey toward becoming a glamorous housewife! You're almost there!

  26. It feeds my voyeuristic tendencies! That's what I tell my husband.

    Confession - I love when people don't close their blinds. Not because I care what THEY are doing, but because I want to see how they arranged their furniture and what they have on their walls!

    Bad, huh?

  27. hmmm..i would pretty much have to agree with all the reasons you said!

  28. I am just like you, I love seeing pictures of people's houses and projects. And that is so funny that you like looking in the background and checking out every detail in the pic because I do that too!

    One time my hubby took a picture that I wanted to post on my blog but it had my dirty dishes in the background so I cropped them out!

    I'm a cheater! Ssshh don't tell!

  29. I'm right there with ya. I'm a nosy noserton! :0P I love pictures so they always bring me back to the blogs that use them as well. =)

  30. I love looking at blogs that are just about everyday happenings. Especially moms. Silly stuff that happens everyday, and its the best when its captured in a picture.

    Your admittance of "people watching" explains your rememberance of my pink obsession. Im still quite impressed at that.

  31. I love being pregnant with other girls like you! It makes me feel like "what I'm feelng" is ok... even though we are strangers! I look forward to reading the decisions you and other women make.

  32. What really frustrates me, b/c I'm a blog stalker, is when I find someone I enjoyed reading about and then I can't remember how I got there and can't get back to them. AHHHHH!!!

  33. Whitney, thanks for your comment on my blog--so sweet! And how weird that we wrote similar things!

    I guess that goes to show that blogging can be somewhat of a form of friendship, even from a distance! :)

    And I agree--I love picture posts the best!

  34. Some sort of wonky photo contest might be just what you need.

  35. You are SO right. I'm as nosey as they come but also truly interested in what other people think and eat and do for entertainment. Am a multi-listener took my husband awhile to get used to that but now he knows the look in my eye...

  36. Whit,
    You are so right! Blogging lets us politely snoop through people's lives, and I love it! It's totally voyeuristic, but with the blogger's permission, because if they posted it, then they have to be aware that anyone can see it! Crazy.

    It's like that with Facebook as well. People that we fell out of friendship or "broke up" whatever you call it when friends stop being friends in person, now want to be your Facebook friend! I was just talking about that with a coworker today because a friend from college who avoided me whenever he saw me on campus, didn't return any calls I made, and pretty much cut me out of his life, even though we were extremely close friends, just asked me to be his Facebook friend. Weird, there's that voyeuristic instinct that no matter what happened, you want to look through people's pictures, see what they're doing, if they're married or dating, kids, etc.

    We're all closet (internet) voyeurs. At least its not illegal!

    And I love reading your blog, even though I've never met you. I daily check your blog, your pictures, and updates on your pregnancy. I was so excited when you got pregnant that I went home and told my husband, who was totally confused.

    You're my bloggie friend!

    Amy (aka Cowgirl in the City)

  37. Okay you can add me to your blog... I am friends with kelley sawyer. my blog is

  38. I like staying up-to-the-minute with people I consider real-life friends. But, I also like getting to know new people and finding out how much we all have in common. I guess I like being connected.

  39. Blogging -- reading and writing them -- is a way to virtually connect as our real lives lack it. We're so busy that it's hard to connect with the real people in our lives. Some days I long for the village life that our ancestors enjoyed. But then I think the pain of living so close to people who would be all in my business...... Can't win.

    This is a fabulous post!

  40. I love writing my own blog b/c it's always a challenge to come up with an interesting topic. I love to read blogs b/c I am so nosey.

  41. The paragraph on listening to other people's conversations in restaurants is so ME!!! I always ask my hubby "did you hear that?" and he's lost. I know everything going on with every other couple in the place. haha. Somehow I still keep in on our conversation too?? I guess I'm a multi-listener as well. ;)

  42. You pretty much summed it up there toots! LOL!

    Happy New Year! Just trying to catch up with you...
    Looks like you're having a boy, woohoo! Little Levi, how cute!

    Scary about your parent's back door, eeek!! I would be so totally freaked out.

    Best wishes with your expanding family this year~

  43. I fit your profile. A people-watcher with a psych degree! ;) I just think it's interesting to read and see how other's live. I also love reality tv shows! Blogging just fills a creative outlet for me, too!


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