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Week 12 & Me.

I am so close to being out of the first trimester that I can taste it! I can hardly believe it is going as fast as it is, but my entire life seems to fly by these days.

My tummy is pooching more and more every second. I am slowly gaining more energy. My appetite is crawling back throughout the day, but hides from me in the evenings. I'm gonna find him one of these days!

My cravings are becoming more intense. Cool Ranch Doritos have never tasted so good! Before last week, I hadn't had Cool Ranch Doritos in probably two years, and I think this past week I caught up on both of those years. I can't get enough!

These are the things I sit at my desk and dream about:
Cool Ranch Doritos
Beef Jerky
Popeye's Cajun Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Lettuce Wraps from PF Changs

Isn't that bizarre? If you knew me and my taste, you would see how very strange this list is. I rarely eat ANY of these things when I don't have a human inside of me. Hmmm.

But it's weird. It's like, when one of these items pops into my head, I HAVE to have it or I am going to die. The other night on the way to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients for supper, I asked Husby if he would get me some doritos and as soon as he came back to the car, I ripped into them like an animal and gobbled up half the bag. No lie. He had to take them away from me. And then...I didn't touch my supper.

Mom and I went to PF Changs two days in a row last weekend while I was home for Thanksgiving. I told her my baby was probably going to come out Chinese.

I am constantly laying or sitting real still to see if I can feel Baby Lovie moving. I haven't felt anything yet. Does anyone know what week I will start feeling this?

All of my life, I have been frustrated with pregnant women. For one reason. They talk in "weeks" instead of "months". This used to drive me bonkers. I never knew how many months 15 weeks was, so I was always confused. Until I got pregnant.

And now everything is "weeks" to me.

Even non-related pregnancy stuff.

I have officially crossed over. I am one of them.

I am pregnant with my cousin (due 1 week before me - FUN) and my sister-in-law (Husby's sis - due 3 months before me). We are all constantly texting each other asking the most bizarre questions and then we're like, "Phew, okay - so that's normal."

It's great to be going through this with someone. My cousin and I have had the most hilarious conversations via text. We are so paranoid.

You should have seen us on Thanksgiving.

"Is this tea caffeine free?"
"Is this lunch meat?"
"Can we eat turkey?"
"Can we have cream cheese?" (It's a 'soft' cheese, but we googled it and we can eat it!)
"Show me your bella band."
"I can't breathe, even with my pants unbuttoned AND unzipped."
"I'm tired."
"NEXT Thanksgiving....NEXT Christmas...."

We will probably look back on these days and laugh.

So, that is what's going on with me in Week 12 of pregnancy. And THIS is what's going on with Baby Lovie.

He is a plum!!!
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  1. Girl, I am not even pregnant and I crave Lettece Wraps from PF Changs often.. and I live an hour and a half from the closest one.. I am sure.. the same one that you go next time you are there.. eat one for me! Just don't tell me about

  2. soooo fun! I felt little baby girl at 15 weeks no lie. It was like pop corn in my belly. I felt her externally at 20 weeks. (probably before that but I didn't know what was going on). I craved krinkle chips... you know the really salty ones?! Oh my gosh I would pass by grocery stories and just have to go. Then by the end I just wanted to eat a whole pan of cinnamon rolls... AND I DID!! ha! My cravings were wild the whole pregnancy, poor Drew ;)

    Post some pics of that belly lady

  3. First comment here,
    but with both our girls I felt them at 18 ish weeks. It, true to form, felt like bubbles. So cute. Then a couple of weeks later it starts to feel like a little flutter.


    P.S. I LOVE reading your blogs!!!

  4. I have never been preggers and always get frustrated at the week thing too! I just don't get it. I am always counting in my head to figure out how many months the weeks equal - ugh! Guess I will "get it" some day too!

  5. Okay, don't gag, but I craved beannie weenies and mac and cheese through out my first pregnancy.;)
    My poor baby was inside me scared to death he was going to be born a hobo.

    Get used to the "weeks" speak too. Once the baby comes out, and people ask how old he (or she) is, you will say, 43 weeks. LOL!:) I no longer do this, only because my babies are 16 and 13, and I'm too tired by this time in my life to calculate how many weeks that is. But believe me, if I could, I would.;)

    Have a blessed day!

  6. My goodness it's going fast! I never had any odd cravings that I can remember, but I sure did eat like a horse! Enjoy it, my goes so fast!

  7. First time round, I believe it is common to start feeling movement at around 18 weeks. In subsequent pregnancies, the mother will feel movement a little earlier. I felt my son at around 17 weeks and my daughter at around 14 weeks.

  8. Aren't cravings funny?? It's amazing how when you become pregnant, your hormones totally take over! I remember going to one of my first doctor's appointments when I was pregnant with a long list of questions. Can I dye my hair? Can I eat sandwich meat? Can I eat sushi? Can I use the microwave?? There are so many freaky rules out there! He assured me that yes, I could do all of those things (sushi in moderation) and that everything would be fine. And everything WAS fine. Enjoy this time--it IS fun!! And your second trimester will be heaven!!

  9. You are too funny! Heck, I crave all of those things 24-7 and I'm not even pregnant! Gosh. I'm going to be big as a house when the time comes!!

    Have you thought of any nursery themes yet??

  10. how fun! i don't crave much of anything because i'm puking all the time, but last night i really had to have chocolate ice cream and my sweet husband went to get it for me.

  11. I want to see tummy pictures!! I love reading about all of your cravings...I can't wait to see what I crave when the time comes!

  12. I too felt my baby at 16 or 17 weeks, they say it is harder for first time mothers to feel it because you don't know what it is. But since I was already pregnant with twins and this is the second go around, when I felt it the first time it was familiar. To me it feels like little pokes, it is sporatic at first until they get bigger, and you may first feel the baby while laying down.

  13. This post had me giggling outloud at some parts!

    I think I felt my baby at 15 or 16 weeks - somewhere in there. It was my absolute favorite part of the whole pregnancy - feeling the baby move - it was just amazing!

    That is so cool that you can share the whole pregnancy experience with 2 other special women in your life!

    Your cravings are so funny. My weirdest one was RAW broccoli - I hate broccoli, but I couldn't get enough of it toward the beginning. I went out and bought a 5 lb. bag of frozen broccoli and then the next day I never touched the stuff again.

    Yay for your little plum this week!

  14. If I remember right, I felt my first baby moving around 17 weeks, but it was much earlier with the next. I suppose that's just because you know what it feels like at that point.
    Just wait until you're near the end. Sitting around watching the lumps and bumps move around under your big belly is GREAT entertainment!

  15. I think it was 20 weeks or so when I first felt Brady move. Don't worry, before you know it, you'll see arms and legs trying to kick themselves out of your belly! :)

  16. The days of craving jerky - I definitely had those days & tomatoes :-) I craved tomatoes for a LONG time, & then salads with lots of ranch and all the fixin's & then...well, this list could get long.
    I felt his first movements in week 19, nothing week 20 (he was kicking the placenta, freaked me out), then by week 22, he kicked so hard, the doctor felt him when he did the ultrasound. & it's been kicks & movements ever since, but I utterly freak out & pray every time he's not kicking & moving around for awhile. I think I've been waking him up..I'm going to be one of 'those' moms :-)
    I hope you're keeping a diary...It was nice to be able to look up when I felt the first flutters & such just now :-)

  17. He is getting so big! Yum, cool ranch doritos! Let me know the next time you are craving those and I will just run down to the bookstore and get you a bag and me a bag.

  18. Congratulations! I'm enjoying reading your blog! :)

  19. you're so funny :) love the cravings list! can't wait to see if it changes during your pregnancy.

  20. It's great you have people to go through your pregnancy with!! Baby Lovie is growing growing growing!!

  21. linked over from Megan's blog! Congrats on your baby!

  22. I wish I had been blogging when I was pregnant with my kids. You will love to look back on this and read it after the baby's born. So fun!!

  23. I'm pretty sure that if you closely examined the DNA of my youngest, that you would find the code for chicken taco salad. It was the only thing that sounded good for 16 long weeks. Apparently I made up for it because I ended up gaining 50+ pounds!

    The movement will come soon. It's the very best part. Enjoy. :)

  24. well...from what i hear...normally...the baby will start kicking you relentlessly between 16 and 22 weeks all the way through 22 years.

  25. Hi Whitney ~ I had to laugh when you were eating the doritos and then not your supper..what a riot! I craved foot long hot dogs with Cassie..yup, couldn't be just a regular dog...nah, that's too easy. With Mark, it was anything with syrup...and he eats it now by the gallon...poor kid!

    Time sure is flying...soon baby lovie will be here in your arms!


  26. I think I felt my first child between 16-18 weeks.

    Congrats on almost being into the 2nd trimester!

  27. When I was pregnant I craved ice, milk shakes and fries. I hate milk shakes it was weird. I glad everything is going good.

  28. My younger sister is at almost 17 weeks and just felt the baby move yesterday. Might be a little while for you! Your husband probably won't feel the baby move until after 20 weeks.

    I'll be 10 weeks tomorrow - I can't wait until the 1st trimester is over.

    My sisters and I talk a lot about our pregnancies when we're together, too.

  29. So fun that your cousin and SIL are both pregnant with you!

    I have a pregnant friend who said she started feeling her baby at 18 weeks.

  30. Your cravings are cracking me up!! Atleast you have an excuse to eat all of that! When I crave those foods I just have to try and talk myself out of it! :-)
    So fun following you through this phase of your life!

  31. That's so exciting!!! Ah!! Even if you are having cravings. Heck, I'm daydreaming about eggrolls right now...Is that bad if I'm eating at the moment but daydreaming about eggrolls? Hmm... So glad you're getting to share this time with your sis in law and cousin! How fun!

  32. Girl you won't have to be still to feel Lovie me it felt like little butterflies floating to the top of my belly and it feels sooo wonderful. It should be closer to 20 weeks I think.

  33. I love hearing your pregnancy stories! I already crave things and I'm not even pregnant so I can imagine how bad it will be when I finally am. :)

  34. When I was pregnant with my oldest, I wanted anything I saw a commercial for! Taco Bell, McDonalds, etc. My poor husband! That & pecan pie. Never touched the stuff until I was pregnant! Pretty much the same with my youngest too!

    As for the movement... anywhere from 14 to 22 weeks depending. Many factors figure in - if you're heavy prior to pregnancy, it may take longer; skinny it will be sooner! I think I felt things around 16 weeks, but didn't realize it until about 18 weeks! Then I had my "duh" moment! Good luck with the 2nd & 3rd trimesters!

  35. You are so funny! I had crazy food cravings too - Chiles - Boneless Buffalo Chicken Salad, minus the chunks of blue cheese. I seriously ate there twice a week if not three times a week. They knew my Husband on a first name basis when he would call in our order. The indulgences of prego women - it's the best.

  36. Again I just love reading your journey stories!!! :)

    How abouts some pictures of you!!! :)

    i bet your little plum is snug as a bug!


  37. Well, maybe one day I'll be able to cross over to weeks but for now weeks are a foreign language to me. I'm an accountant, I'm supposed to be good at math right? Wrong, I use a calculator I can't do math in my head!

    Wish I had a translator.

  38. Hey
    Well I felt Zoey at 16 weeks after I drank a DR Pepper. It always made her move around. Noelle I think it was about the same. This baby it was really early I think about 12 to 13 weeks.
    I have had some crazy craving.

  39. Good to see you too. I didn't even get a glimpse of that baby bump though :). We love to eat there too. It is pretty much our favorite place in town to eat. Not so great for big groups though. We were pretty squished at that table. I ate there several times a week when I was pregnant, Gracie should have came out looking like a Mexican baby.

  40. LOL! Pregnancy is oh so funny! I didn't feel my first daughter until around 22 weeks, then my second one at 17 weeks.

    I had strange cravings that I don't even like when not preg. Like tomatos and cottage cheese..together! and tons of Powerade and baked potatos! Weird!

  41. Hello! I feel for you as I just had my first baby two and half months ago...that first trimester was tough!

    How exciting for you...


  42. We should have been keeping a journal of our texts!! It's sooo fun!! Hilarious that we both googled cream cheese!! What would we have done if it said NO!!! The jeans I was able to button 4 days ago, now cut off circulation if I try. It's fun for it to finally show though!!! I think Azem is having cravings for me...all he thinks and talks about are buffalo wings!!

  43. Those are some very hilarious cravings! I haven't had any super cravings quite yet, except for gummy bears and a chocolate milk shake.

    I know what you mean about the weeks things because I was always so annoyed by that because I'd have to do a math problem in my head before I couldn't understand!

    I haven't felt the babe move yet either. I mean how do you know it's happening?? I'm in week 15 now and my pooch is getting bigger. I keep thinking I'll feel it any day now....

  44. I love your list of food, and I am not even pregnant. We had pf chang's lettuce wraps over Thanksgiving, too!!

  45. I craved sausage biscuits from McDonalds with one kid (I hate sausage any other time) and oranges with the other... thought I must have some vit. c defincency or something and with both could not get enough mexican food! thought mine would come out mexican.

  46. I think I first felt the baby move around 14 weeks. But I was half-asleep lying on my back and it felt like a tiny little fish swimming in my belly, but then I didn't feel it again for 2 weeks. I thought I had lost the baby and was slightly freaking out until I went for the next doctor's appointment and heard her sweet heartbeat again :) SO since I tink you're slightly prone to freaking out like I am, once you feel Lovie move, don't expect to feel it regularly- he can still be alive and well even though you aren't feeling him! :)

    My current problem- I indulged my cravings for 9 months, and now I can't stop eating junk food...

  47. Granny always said once you feel baby you are half way through. I believe that. So be ready and mark it down that the first fluttering you feel is approximately half-way through your pregnancy....
    I can't wait to meet baby Lovie. I hope someone will call me. I live in Owasso and would love to visit baby and family someday.

  48. PS---I'm hooked on jalapeno cheetos and I'm not even pregnant. I tasted them because of your blog and now I crave them from time to time.. Yu, yum. Tell your family hello from me.

  49. This is so fun! We're going through pregnancy together! I'm due June 17, but, I'm not sure you're exact date. And I know 2 other ladies at church who are due my same week. Middle of September was a very popular time to get pregnant! Can't wait to hear about your ultrasound results as much as my own!

  50. I remember those cravings. Chocolate milk, Taco Bell, and salsa were mine. =)

    I felt all of mine around 14-16 weeks. Just wait until you do, you will never want to stop feeling it. I miss it horribly! Except for when they would kick my ribs. That really hurt!


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