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Thank you all so much for sharing your fantastic Christmas traditions with me. It was absolutely wonderful reading all of them. I hope you realize how blessed you are with such great families. I wish you all could have won!

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With the help of, I selected a winner. Drum roll please....

And the adorably cute gingerbread man pan goes to....


And here is her favorite Christmas tradition:
"Well... our Christmas tradition was that my brother and I always gave each other a gift on Christmas Eve- I think this was mom's way to keep us busy while we waited for Santa.

Then Joey (my brother) and I would always sleep in the same room- one year my room, the next his. We did this until about 2 years ago- when Joey finally told me I was too old. Bummer!!

Another favorite tradition... my step-mom started this and now my husband and I are doing it... Each year my step-mom and dad get each family member an ornament that represents their year, but it's always a surprise. One year in high school, I got a telephone (yes I talked on the phone a lot!). A car for my 16th year, a diploma for graduation, a suitcase when I studied abroad, my brother got a cheeseburger one year... things like that- it's always fun to see what they come up with. And when you get married they give you all of your ornaments to hang on your new family tree."

Congratulations, girl! I hope you have a blast making little gingerbread men.

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  1. we have almost IDENTICAL traditions. my brother and I always exchanged our gifts on Christmas Eve as soon as we got home from church. I have been collecting ornanments since I was in high school and each of them has a special meaning. I have a hawaiian santa from a trip we took to hawaii, I have a pair of ice skates bc my high school friends always went skating together the week before Christmas, etc. etc.

  2. I love the ornament tradition! Congrats to the Sawyer Family!

  3. Way to go Sawyer fam! You lucky duck you!

  4. Shucks I missed out on this one, but what a CUTE gingerbread pan. I love it!


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