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Picture Perfect.

One of my favorite things when visiting a persons home, is to look at their pictures. The ones on the wall....not the ones crammed in a dusty old photo album. The pictures that people choose to display in their home says an awful lot about them. And I love trying to figure out what kind of person you are by your pictures. So fun.

I love oils. Paintings. Pictures without glass coverings. They are absolutely gorgeous and that is what I have mostly in my home because I am in love with them. I would actually consider marrying one if I were, per say, a polaroid.

But I am not, so I will stick with my sweetie husby.

Now. I want to take you on a Picture Tour of my Pictures. Are you ready for this? I hope you are excited!! (Because if YOU made a post like this, I KNOW I would be excited. I would get to sit and analyze the type of person that I think you are based on your pictures and I would love you even more! Ah, so fun!)

Okay. The first painting I will show you was a birthday gift last year. It is by far my most enormous painting in my whole house. It is five feet tall. It is an oil painting of the damp streets of Paris. Ah, so romantic.

Sorry the picture is crooked. One of my legs is shorter than the other and I'm lopsided.

Just kidding.

I have two fun things on either side. I racked my brain trying to come up with something big enough to place on either side of the painting, since it is just so darn big, and this was the perfect solution.

This picture is in my living room. It hangs above where I am sitting right this very minute. I just looked at it and smiled.

Partly so I could tell you I just looked at it and smiled.

Let's move on. This picture I am about to show you is hanging above my fireplace. It is one of my favorite pictures in the entire house. I love it. And I want to jump inside of it. It's a little Tuscan villa tucked away deep in an Italian garden. Oh how I want to go there! This is an oil painting as well.

Sorry for the weird angle. My legs were chopped off at the knees today at noon and now I'm a midget. Err...ummm, or the fireplace is tall and I couldn't get a straight on shot.

Um, and now for the final picture in my living room. Another Tuscan village. With a lot of pretty flowers. Another oil. I have an oil sickness.

And a European sickness.

OH! Oops, that was NOT the final picture in my living room. There is one hanging over where husby is sitting right now. Let's look over at him and smile. On three! 1-2-3! SMILE!

I bet you can't guess what the theme of this painting will be.....

TA DA! Yet another Tuscan villa! Are you surprised? I'm sure not.

Okay, so those are all of my living room pictures. I have a weird issue about HAVING to have things on my walls. When we lived in an apartment for 2 years, I treated it like a home and made it so cute. I have to have pictures. I will go without food to have things on my wall.

And I might have done that a time or two. Tee Hee...

Okay, I skipped over the entry hall, so let's back up and take a peek. When you walk through my front door, you will see this picture:

I don't know what the building is, but I like to pretend it is a very prestigious school for girls. And I like to pretend I went there as a young child. But it's probably something morbid like a mortuary or something. Hrmp - let's go with my story. It's better.

And when you turn left, you will see this:

I think I have Tuscan fever. All through the night.

In the Guest Bedroom, all of my pictures came from my Momsy. She had them hanging in her house at one time.

I l-o-v-e this picture. It is just so feminine, dainty, and lover-ly. It's husby's favorite.

I kid, I kid. ;)

This picture has very sentimental value to me. Momsy and I used to stare at it all the time and that table is what we modeled my wedding tables after! :)

I am in love with it.

HERE is a picture of my wedding tables.

My guest bathroom only has room for one picture. This is it. It's romantic.

Husby's office is a work in progress, and I only have one picture hanging in there. I HAVE another one to hang, but we haven't done that yet. It's of a map and it's really neat. But since I don't have pictures of that, let's move to our bedroom!

I got this painting for a STEAL at a store called "Oops". They sale stuff for cheaper because it might have a little nick on the side or something. I couldn't find a thing, and I purchased it. Another Parisean scene. :) Ahhh...

Nothing says romance like Paris!

This picture below also came from Momsy.

This is on one side of the bed, and I have a similar one on the other side. But I didn't get a picture of it because the lightbulb was burned out of the lamp in front of it.

Lamps...that's a whole OTHER post.

The Master Bath pictures also came from Momsy's house. I LOVE when she renovates! I get lots of new stuff!! Tee Hee!

And in my kitchen - I have no pictures...just plates hanging. But I will save that for another post. :)

So - what'cha say - show me some of your pictures hanging in your house! I would LOVE to see!!!
I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Well, we both know I have a problem committing to a decorating theme so right now I have NO pictures hanging in my living room or house for that matter. Actually, I just lied I do have an 11X14 wedding picture on the wall and a bridal portrait propped up against the wall that will probably stay there for a few more months. Has it already been 4 months since I moved into this house?? I need to start hanging things on the walls!

  2. I love all the pictures but my favorite one is the one hanging in the guest bathroom. I love it.

  3. I love the pictures! I don't have a single picture hanging in my house like that. Yours are beautiful.

  4. I love your paintings....That last one looks like a painting of the inside of the Vatican (I went there on my trip, but I haven't gotten that far in my Mediterranean travel posts yet.) Is that what it is?

    I would venture to guess by all of your paintings that you are a romantic at heart.;)

    God Bless,

  5. Yes, your Mother has the BEST taste in paintings. And, now, so do you!

  6. Yes, your Mother certainly has good taste in paintings. And, now, so do you!

  7. I love love love the last one! Also the "girl's school" one! We only have two in our house, one the husband's gma painted us for our wedding gift and a miniature michelangelo fingers one that I got for my bday. You have quite a collection! They're beautiful!

  8. You're such a classy lady with all those fancy paintings in their beautiful gold frames. I think I'll follow your lead and do a picture post of my own. Our styles are quite different and I don't have near as many as you since our A-frame walls are slanted :(

  9. Wow, they are all beautiful, and I love oils too, there's nothing like them!

  10. I love the pictures...the lights near the pictures make it so elegant and warm! Such a classy house with all those pictures!

    Thanks for sharing!
    -Sandy Toes

  11. I don't have anything like that in my house but I LOVE all that you have shown us!

    My house isn't the right "style" for paintings like this but I really like them! Kinda makes me what to change up my decor - haha - I think my hubby would kill me.

    As far as my walls go, I have misc. stuff on them... shelves, my bedroom has some wrought irom things, etc...

    I will have to do a post about this - thanks for the idea. I am actually in the middle of changing up my bedroom a little and just ordered an item from Uppercase Living for one of the walls. I will post about it when its all done!

    All that to say...I really like the paintings - they are beautiful!

  12. You are so right! Beside photographs and paintings, I also like to look at what books are displayed. I think that says a lot, too. Love your paintings! Have you ever posted pics from your wedding? I would really like to see those tables!

  13. i have mostly photos on my wall - TONS. i have colorful cheap frames from ikea that i put them in. other than that, we have posters like marilyn monroe and the rat pack. we definitely go for a 60s feel at the groove time lounge! probably the oddest thing on my walls is a framed meatloaf "bat out of hell" record album that's hanging in our guest bathroom!

  14. i LOVE all your beautiful pictures! you have so many! i don't have too many paintings up, and we've lived in our home a year and a half, and haven't even hung all our pictures up yet. i think its cause we keep remodeling the rooms, and i don't want to hang things up and then ahve to take them all back down. great post!

  15. I have a mixture of paintings, photgraphs and miscellaneous things, such as framed fossils/arrowheads to a cow skull.

    I go for a slightly eclectic look.

  16. I can definitely sense a theme the paintings. Maybe you should be living in Rome or Paris...tell your husband I said that, I am sure he will be thrilled! :)

  17. Beautiful! I see you are a classy and elegant kind of gal :) You like to escape into your paintings.

    Have a great weekend!

  18. I love your blog...I back tracked and read several other blogs of yours. MY favorite was the ones of the don't see those everyday. I wish there was a website where I coudl buy one, I would buy it and just wait for the day I have a baby.

  19. Hey whitney,
    just tagged you:) Great blog!!

  20. You have a lovely collection of art! I love this kind of art as well! :)

  21. I was thinking of photographs when you said pictures. I love looking a peoples photographs when I visit someone's home.

    What's on your wall....a great tag idea and I just might do one of those posts too!

    Well loved your Tuscan, and Paris are such a romantic!

  22. I love oils, too! When we were in Knoxville, before we moved to this house back in the snowy northeast, we walked into an art gallery owned by two brothers from N'Orlens (their pronunciation, not mine). My dearly beloved asked them how much they would charge on a per item basis if we bought 50 prints and paintings. We had to fill the station wagon twice to get them all home. Then those brothers took us out to dinner. And I love to wander around and look at my paintings (and even my reproductions of famous paintings)! Nice post!

  23. WOW, I have never seen a young married house with so many beautiful pictures. WILD. Also, I saw the pictures for the baby shower. I am truly amazed at how decorated and nice everything was.

  24. Hi and thank you so much for the complement on my Fall table :)

    Yes, I think we do have similar taste. Your artwork is beautiful!

    Btw, I took a peek at your wedding pictures and it was gorgeous!

    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  25. The pictures are alllll beautiful! I actually have the feminine one that you love (it hung in my bedrooom through high school/college) and the one that looks like it's in a large cathedral. Thanks for the tour!!

  26. Hello, I found your blog through the comments section on another blog that I read and I was intriged by the name of your blog. It seemed interesting to me because I to had a very strong desire to be all things domestic and after alkl these years I locked the doors on my hair salon two weeks ago and decided I would now be a glamourous stay at home wife. I am 41 years old and all the kiddies are grown and my husband can't figure out what I want to be home for. Now he knows, its called home made everything and a really rested and very sweet wife instead of a rat race tired companion. So far I am loving it. I do hope your dreams come true and you can be a stay at home wife and mother too. I will be waiting to read and hear more.
    See Ya,

  27. I have a few old black and white photos of family. When I was in high school, my grandmother gave me 3 old photos from when she and my grandfather were married. I love looking at them. My grandmother is so beautiful, and they were so obviously happy together. (And were until the day he died 4 years ago.) I also have some Victorian prints I found in an antique (read "junk") shop in England. I love the colors, and the figures are very romantic.

    Your pictures made me smile, especially the one you decided was a school in France. My daughter loved the Madeline books when she was young and always said she wanted to live in France in a house covered in vines and have 12 girls that would walk in 2 straight lines. The youngest, of course, would be called Madeline! :)

    She is now a senior in high school and still wants to live in France (or England, or Italy!) and have a house covered in vines and fill it with children. (Just maybe not 12!)

  28. ummm. so basically your house is beautiful! I love all the paintings!

    I will do this and post soon...once we get settled into the new house. Right now, we have NOTHING on our walls at the apartment and we aren't moved into the house. Kinda in limbo right now.

    you are so crafty girly!

  29. I hope you don't mind me popping myself onto your blog, but I am absolutely LOVING your personality! This post is so cute, an dit really does make me want to take pictures of all the pictures in my house!
    I am a housewife and stay at home mom, I've never really thought of it as. . .glamorous, but maybe I will realize it is while reading your blog!

  30. My house is a small cottage and the ceilings are quite low. These pictures will not be right for the cottage...but they sure do look lovely in your house :-)

    Thank you for sharing,


    ps: thank you for visiting :-)

  31. I love seeing everyone else's pictures, painting and portraits too!

    You have an awesome collection. I want to jump into each one of them! And you are so funny...

    The one with all the ladies has a name and I'm racking my brain to think of it. I love the Titanic era one you fashioned your wedding tables from.

    One of these days I'll do a picture parade. I really enjoyed yours!


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