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Staub VS Le Creuset

 When doing my cooking videos the most common comments I get are "tell us about your Staub pots!" So I thought I would take the time to finally tell you about them. I love a good, honest review of a product people use by choice. So let's dive into it!

I will provide links to the products along the way! As a participant in the Amazon Associates program, I may earn a commission from using the links. 

I have always been a die-hard Le Creuset girl, and though I absolutely love their products I've always wanted to try Staub as well. Let's face it, if it's French cookware, I've gotta have it! I've used Le Creuset for years and I think they are quality products. They come in beautiful colors - something to fit everyone's style and preference. This is one I think everyone should have. It's classic, you can cook just about anything in it and it comes out perfect every time. 

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Round Dutch Oven, 5.5 qt., Marseille

However, over time I have noticed some chipping inside my pots that I use the most. Now, some of them I've used for over 10 years, so natural wear and tear is inevitable...but I never expected them to start chipping from the inside and one of mine did. When that happens, they are unusable. They supposedly have a lifetime warranty, and I have e-mailed the company three times over the span of a year and have never heard anything back. If this is true, this is a great company that stands by their product. I personally can't get anyone to get back to me, so I can't say I've experienced the customer service and replacements other people may have. That has been a major disappointment.

So, I figured now was as good a time as any to try out the other brand I always drool over. As fate would have it, I brought my parents supper over in one of my Le Creuset dutch ovens and when they returned it it took a tumble out of the car and the small chip on the enameled bottom of the pot turned into a chunk taken out of it, leaving the pot nonfunctional. My mom showed up at my house later that day to replace the pot with the most beautiful Staub I'd ever laid eyes on. I mean, how adorable is that rooster knob!

STAUB Cast Iron Coq au Vin Cocotte, 5.75-quart, Cherry

Since then, I have acquired several more Staub products and I cannot sing their praises enough. The insides seem indestructible and the look is timeless. One of the biggest differences between Staub and Le Creuset is their lids. Le Creuset has a rounded top and Staub a flat top. I prefer the flat lid over the rounded, because it fits into my ovens better, and you can rest a wooden spoon on top while things are simmering on the stove. Staub purposefully designed the lids to have a perfect fit without letting any heat escape and the drop ensures continuous basting of dishes. 

It's nice to have a variety of sizes of dutch ovens. My "rooster" one is oblong, which will fit practically any cut of meat. It is nice and large and my go-to when making a roast! I have a couple of smaller round pots that are nice to have for soups, meatballs, spaghetti sauce, etc. This one is a great size.

STAUB Cast Iron Round Cocotte, 4-Quart, Cherry -

The pot I get the most questions about is hands down this beauty. I absolutely love her and if I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be this one with my rooster pot a close second. As you've probably noticed from my cooking videos, I use this braiser pan all of the time. The one-pot meals that are so popular right now are cooked perfectly in this pot and it takes frying chicken to a whole new level. My husband just made an incredible chicken alfredo in it over the weekend. Honestly, there's nothing this pot can't do.  It is perfect in every way. The glass lid is just icing on the cake and sets it off beautifully!

Staub Cast Iron 3.5-qt Braiser with Glass Lid - Dark Blue

Here is the Le Creuset version of that same pot and I absolutely love it, too. I have this in a beautiful pale blue, and used both of them at the same time a couple of weeks ago! Both are handy (and pretty) to have around!

Le Creuset Enamled Braiser Signature Cast Iron Shallow Casserole, 30cm, 3.5 Qt, Marseille

FAQ's about my Staub Pots:

Does it need to be seasoned?

No! Staub products use a black matte enamel cast iron so you don't need to do anything to it before cooking (unlike traditional cast iron). It naturally gets seasoned with each use. The beauty of them is they are cast iron that can be treated like enamel - so you don't have to worry about messing them up! Maintenance is a breeze. Also unlike traditional cast iron, you can prepare dishes using tomatoes with no worries. (Acid will eventually ruin regular cast iron.) 

How do you wash them?

We wash with Dawn dish soap and hot water (another difference from traditional cast iron). They can also go in the dishwasher, but I don't recommend doing it often. If it's an heavy cycle, it can undo your beautiful seasoning coat! We stick to hand washing to ensure a long life of use. Also, use a soft dish rag and avoid abrasive sponges. 

Are they heavy?

Yes! And that's exactly what you want. A heavy pot ensures a slow simmering process, giving your food a more intense flavor. It retains heat longer and keeps your food warm until it's ready to serve. When looking for a quality dutch oven, the heavier the better! 

What type of spoons/spatulas do I use with a Staub pot?

Wooden! Always wooden! Or plastic. But I prefer wooden. 

Is it non-stick?

Not naturally. When you first get one it will always require a little oil to get started, but the longer you have it the more the fat will embed into the pours of cast iron and will form a natural non-stick coating. 

Can it only be used on a gas burner?

No! They can be used on a glass top ceramic tops and all oven types including induction.

Other Staub Perks!

They are scratch resistant.

They do not discolor or rust.

The longer you use it, the more delicious your food becomes.

Staubs are used in restaurant kitchens from the very best chefs all over the world! (So basically you're on par with Michelin Star chefs when you cook with one.) 

I really hope this answers all the questions that have come my way concerning my pots and pans. I also own a couple 9X13 ceramic dishes that I recommend as well. They are heavy, quality, durable bakeware!

Staub Ceramics 4-pc Baking Dish Set, White

I think any of the products I listed here would be THE PERFECT Mother's Day gift. Snag one for your Momma or drop a hint by sending your husbands/kids on over to my blog! 

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I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. So glad to see this post. I have been debating between the two products for a while wondering which is best. Around here where I live, Lodge (with the manual seasoning) is the preferred cast iron. At this stage of my life, I want to collect three Staub pieces so that they can be handed down to my daughters at some point. Thanks for the review.

    1. Yes! Passing them down through the generations is so special!! I have several traditional cast iron skillets that I love too, including a Lodge! I think cast iron supersedes all the rest!

  2. I’m so glad you did this post! I got a Le Creuset several years ago and use it all the time, but I’ve been a little disappointed by its fragility. Word on the Paris streets is that they’ve changed the guarantee and no longer re-enamel them like they used to. And your experience with their customer service doesn’t surprise me-the French are working on it, but their CS is honestly terrible. Did I tell you about our friends who forgot to cook the meat when we came over? She threw it in her Staub and it was tender and moist in only 45 minutes! It belonged to her grandmother and she said it really does exceed the quality and construction of Le Creuset. She owns a fine foods boutique and I’ve come to really trust her opinion. One day I’d love to add a Staub to my collection, too!

    1. That is WILD! 45 minutes! I believe it. I love that they can be passed down and last forever. I don’t feel like LC has that option anymore, unfortunately. I hope you get one soon!!! You. Will. LOVE!

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