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Q&A's on My Dream Range.

Years before we ever built our house I had one dream item. Well, not counting the chandeliers, because that was a given. I shopped for and purchased some of my lighting 2 years before we even broke ground, but that's another story for another day. Back to my dream item...

If you've ever shopped at the Williams Sonoma in Tulsa, OK you've encountered the range to end all ranges. It is massive, it's blue, it's French, and it's spectacular. For years, every time I went to WS, I stopped for several minutes just to gaze at the beaut. It was everything I ever wanted in a range and I had to have it. Well, not one that massive, but I definitely wanted a smaller version of that exact range.

So I started dreaming and socking away birthday and Christmas money so that when the time came to pick out appliances I would have at least some money to throw at it so my husband wouldn't shut it down completely. I knew I didn't want to blindside him or my dreams would become to a crashing halt, so I dropped hints through the years about "when I get my La Cornue".... 

La Cornue. Even the name is beautiful.

When I found out that La Cornue was the world's first convection oven, invented in the heart of Paris in 1908, it only sealed the deal for me. I don't even understand all the technology surrounding this oven, but I do know it's one of the best - tried and true.

We ended up fitting it into our appliance budget (our builder kept me on budget when I wanted to splurge in other areas by reminding me of "that pretty stove you have to have"), and after much deliberating on size and color, I finally decided on the most beautiful, perfect-for-me range. She came over on a boat straight from France, and when I saw her I gasped. 

The day she was delivered. Fresh off the boat!

My precious! (Spoken Gallum style, of course.)

When designing my kitchen I knew I wanted my La Cornue to be the centerpiece - the statement of my kitchen. It ended up not only being the statement piece, but it tied everything together better than I dreamed. I chose the timeless stainless with brass accents and ended up styling my entire kitchen in those same finishes. Everything feels so fresh and clean, with the pops of colors I love most. I absolutely adore it!

The day she was installed. I SCREAMED.

I get lots of questions on my range, so I thought I would talk about them here. 

What is the brand and style?

It is the La Cornue Cornufé series. Mine is the 90 Albertine in Stainless Steel and Polished Brass.

Where did you get it? Are there ever sales?

Unfortunately, these bad boys never go on sale. You can order through Williams Sonoma and they will deliver and install for you (white glove delivery: $1,000). We did not go that route! We ordered ours online from a place out of Texas and they had it brought over on a truck after it arrived here in the US. This delivery method was significantly less than the other route. Our builders installed with no problems. 

How many burners does it have? 

It has 5 burners. One large one in the middle, two medium size, and two small. I have hosted several large gathering in my home (including Thanksgiving!) and the burners were more than enough!

Tell us about the oven.

It has one large multifunction convection oven with 7 unique cooking modes. Yes, seven. Don't ask me how many I've used. (One.) I admit - the oven part still intimidates me almost a year later. I aspire to one day cook delightful French pastries to do my oven justice, but I'm not there yet. Baby steps!

Do you use your French oven or regular wall ovens more, and why?

I get this question all.of.the.time. When you friends are watching me do my cooking videos and I'm using my Kitchen Aid ovens, I get messages asking me why I'm not using my French oven. Simply put, I know how to run the wall ovens better than I know my French one so far. There are windows where I can keep an eye on things that need an eye kept on, so naturally I just use those more. Ironically, something I love the most about my French one is that it doesn't have a window. Because I don't have to clean it! Also, the French oven is French-sized, and although my baking dishes and dutch ovens fit perfectly, not all of my cookie sheets fit in there. I need to order French sized cookie sheets. And yes, there are times I have all 3 ovens going at the same time! 

My Kitchen Aid wall ovens.

Does it cook things the same as an American oven?

Better. It cooks things absolutely beautifully. I have found I don't really have to check on things. I just stick them in for the suggested amount of time and it comes out perfect every time. It cooks things quicker than my other ovens. You can open and close the door as often as you want though, it never messes with the temperature and things cook perfectly even. I haven't made cookies in there yet, but I have read from other people with the La Cornue's that the cookies are next level baked in these things. Like I said, I need to order some smaller baking sheets! I will report back.

The door is super heavy! I imagine me being 90 years old and pulling with all my might to get the thing open. 

How do you clean it?

I've never had a gas range before, and have rarely cooked on one until acquiring this one. So I will say that cleaning it is a definite change from what I was used to. It gets messy real quick. I have to remove the grates and wipe it down with a soft soap and water almost every time I cook. For a deep cleaning I sometimes have to use a stainless cleaner to get after some tougher burn stains. For the brass I use Seapower Marine Metal Polish and it sparkles and shines it right up! 

Do you prefer cooking on gas or electric?

Again, I've only ever used electric before this one and it has taken some getting used to. Something I love about it is how fast it heats up. I can get to a boil worlds quicker than I ever could with electric. Also, I love that when it's off - it's off. The heat doesn't linger. 

Something that was a little harder to get used to was just how hot it gets. Even on the lowest setting remains very hot - so I have to keep more of an eye out not to burn whatever it is I'm cooking.

What's the first thing you cooked on it?

I wish I could say Beef Bourguignon, but it was a pesto pasta. 

Is it worth it? Would you buy it again?

Yes X's 1,000! For the looks and functionality, it's hands down the best thing I've ever cooked on. It makes me love cooking so much, and I feel like everything I make now is kicked up a notch. I love it just as much today as I did the first time I laid eyes on one - if not more!

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


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