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An Easter & Birthday Celebration at Glamma's!

 Glamma hosted the whole family for an Easter Sunday & Birthday celebration last weekend. She pulled out all the stops with the most charming Peter Rabbit table and a balloon arch she and my dad made themselves. What a spectacular sight to walk into! 

Ezra was beyond thrilled his birthday fell on Easter, so with his friend party on Friday night and the family party on Sunday, we celebrated him all weekend long! He certainly deserved it since his party last year got cancelled right at the beginning of Covid. I think we more than made up for it this year!

Glamma had a fondu table with chocolate and cheese and I somehow missed grabbing a photo of that. It was delicious and Levi camped out there most of the day! We had an Easter feast with the works and everything was so delicious. We capped off the day with a giant egg hunt for the kids and they accumulated more candy than they could ever possibly eat.

We started the morning at 5am with one excited little birthday boy waking us up ready to get the big day going. We threw him between us and told us to let us sleep at least 2 more hours. Ha! He had the very best birthday!

I am a modern day homemaker with a passion for family, cooking, celebrating, decorating, travel, and memory making! The Lord has blessed me with the desires of my heart in my husband and our two sons. We recently built our dream home and cultivating a loving and happy haven for my family is where I find so much joy.


  1. Glamma is making me think I need to up my game in the gramma department. She is the best, isn't she?!


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