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The Sweetest Place On Earth.

On our Quest to Explore Every Inch of Pennsylvania in the year that we are here (ha!), there was one spot that was on the top of our list.  The Sweetest Place On Earth ... Hershey, PA!

Husby had Labor Day Weekend off, so we figured this was the best time to make the trek down to Hershey.  It is around 5 hours away, so he got off early on Friday, we closed on our house (Praise Jesus!), and we headed on our little vacay.  The boys were over the moon excited about the adventure ahead of us.

We stopped along the way for supper at a Dutch restaurant and had a super delicious meal.  It was probably the best we've had since we've been here.  Husby got this ham and bean soup that was absolutely to-die for.  Seriously, so good.  Something I have learned about this state is while they may not know how to do beverages and Mexican food, they've got SOUP DOWN! Some of the best soup I've had ever, I've had here.  I guess with all the snow and cold temps, they've had plenty of time to practice. :)

We hit the hotel late and got the kids calmed down (every one knows how children react to hotel rooms - PARTAY!), and in bed so that everyone would be happy and fresh for the fun day ahead of us on Saturday.

Picture_371_taken_on_2014-08-30_195604 10.30.47 PM

We grabbed breakfast in the morning and the first thing on our agenda was Hershey Park.  Oh, the excitement!  We got parked and made the hike to the gate and began our fun filled day.  The boys were so excited to see "who they were" as every person is dubbed a candy bar based on their height for rides.  Levi was a Reese's and Ezra was a Kiss.


photo 2

Sorry for no picture of Ezra with the kiss.  He has quite the aversion to statues and characters in costume.  Instead, here's Levi several of the candies!



The funniest thing happened!  When we walked in I was snapping pics here and there and everywhere and someone took my arm and said, "Hey Whitney!" I turned around expecting to see ... well, who knows who because I don't know many people here and certainly no one in Hersey.  Anyway, the loveliest lady with her husband and daughter introduced themselves and said she reads my blog!  I was absolutely taken aback, considering where we were, and was excited to meet her! (Hi new friend that I met at Hershey Park!!) Every single time I run into a reader I am amazed at how small this world is.  Seriously!  So small and so FUN!  She said she recognized Husby first and then saw me.  Ha!  Almost every single time someone comes up to us it's because they recognize Husby.  Makes me laugh!

We hit the park and immediately started riding rides, eating eats and laughing laughs.  Ezra, being the tiny little giant that he is, squeezed into the big kid category (most kids his age are Hershey Miniatures - cute!), and so he got to ride true and real big kid rides!  Like, roller coasters.  It was crazy!  Levi had THE time of his life, because I'm pretty sure he's the biggest roller coaster junky there is.  The faster and higher?  The better!  It was good that Ezra squeezed into that category because we got to ride almost all the rides together as a family.  Super fun.

photo 66

photo 17

We ate lots of yummy goodies, saw a sea lion show, took pictures with characters (well, Levi did.  Ezra was running off in terror and panic as if someone was kidnapping him.), rode lots of rides, and just had the best time having fun and enjoying each other.  Awesome day.

photo 6

photo 12

photo 51
(Ezra SCREAMING at Reese.)

photo 69

photo 37

photo 41

It's funny because I'm with my little family every single day - and all day every day with my boys.  But there's still nothing like being on vacation with them.  It's different.  It's magical.  It's good.

And I never, ever, want it to end.



Oh, and you guys.  The boys crashed, and they crashed HARD that night.  Sweetest thing ever!

photo 16

Stay tuned tomorrow for fun a Chocolate World!!

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  1. You were so close to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, which is one of my most favorite places!! It's a seasonal thing, but if you have time for another trip, your family would love it.

  2. We were there several years ago when roadtripping, and I remember how the streets smelled like chocolate! Amazing!!!! :)

  3. It's true! We do know how to make some great soup! Glad you had a great time at Hershey. If you get the chance, venture just a bit further into Lancaster County and make sure to get some Amish-made whoopie pies and bread. They are fabulous!


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